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At Cancun Dental Specialists we are a Team of Dentists in Cancun passionate and specialized in Dental Health. CDS is the leading facility in Dental Tourism in Mexico with the expertise of Dr. Irma Gavaldon (D.D.S. M.S. A.E.G.D.) and the Latest Technologies we can perform treatments accurately in short time frames (5-14 days depending of Treatment).

Cancun Dental Specialists is devoted High Quality, fast turn around Dental Tourism treatments.

Cancun Dental Specialists was founded in 2014 by U.S. Board Certified Dentist, Dr. Irma Gavaldon D.D.S. M.S. A.E.G.D. Cancun Dental Specialists has been recognized as one of the Top Dental Clinic in Cancun and Dr. Irma Gavaldon like one of the Top Dentist in Mexico.

Contact our Dental Coordinators and find out how our Cancun Dentist Prices can save you up to 70% from the treatment prices quote back home. Find out how over 5,000 Patients have saved Millions in Dental Work in Cancun. U.S. Quality Dentistry at Mexico’s Price.

We have over 100 video testimonials of patients who have come for complex treatments from all parts of the U.S. and Canada. Contact our Patient Coordinators for phone referrals, be careful of fake reviews and complaint web pages, trust Certified Reviews. Check Reviews!

We offer you the best Dental Assistance for planning your next Dental Vacation in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Please Call Toll Free at 1 888 231 8041 or contact one of our Dental Coordinators and start planning your Dental Vacation in Mexico.

We will provide Free transportation for you and your party of up to 4 people. In order to schedule an Airport Pick Up on your arrival to Cancun, we must receive your full flight details, please fill up the following form to request your transportation service.

Rated one of the Top Dental Facilities in Mexico and the Top Dental Facility in Cancun. Our Clinic proudly shares to it’s patients the investments it has done in Technology & Equipment in order to provide high quality dental treatments.

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Cancun Dental Specialists Reviews

Best Dental Clinic in Mexico

Dental Tourism and Complex Treatments under the right hands and management provide outstanding results, Best Dentists in Cancun for Dental Implant Treatments at the best cost in town
Dr. Irma Gavaldon

D.D.S. M.S. A.E.G.D.
Head of Medical Tourism

Dr. Omar Lugo

D.D.S. M.S.
Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Thelma Esquivel

D.D.S. M.S.

Dr. Guillermo Gomez

D.D.S. M.S.

Dr. Oscar Calvillo

D.D.S. M.S.

Meet our Clinic

Relaxed Atmosphere

We recognize that embarking on Dental Procedures can sometimes be daunting, and we worked with some of Mexico’s top interior designers to make our Clinic a relaxing, calm and beautiful place to be. Our treatment rooms are simply stunning, with color-change lighting to set a peaceful ambiance and specially-commissioned photographic wall-art featuring some of Mexico and Cancun’s most beautiful beaches.

Dental Clinic Mexico
Cosmetic Dentistry Mexico

Comfortable and functional environment

This is also important for our Team of dedicated staff. We wanted their workplace to be light-filled, beautiful to look at and ergonomic, allowing them to do their best work in comfort and with everything at hand. As you’ll see from the images of our Dental Lab, our patients aren’t the only ones who can admire the beauty of Mexico’s finest beaches during the day!

Hygienic medical – grade

Often an appropriately hygienic medical-grade floor suitable for treatment rooms is rather cold and sterile. At Cancun Dental Specialists we engaged specialist contractors to floor the whole clinic in a beautiful wood-effect finish that is hygienic and clinic-approved and yet warm and inviting for patients and staff alike.

Hygienic Medical Grade
Dental Clinic Mexico

Light and space

Light and space were the key elements of our design. The wonderful double-height reception area is flooded with sunlight. Individual treatment rooms use cleverly designed recessed lighting to bounce turn what are typically rather cold, austere spaces in other Clinics into airy and elegant rooms filled with soft light.

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