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Hundreds of Certified Reviews, Documented Cases, All the equipment, U.S. Board Certified Dentist. These are some of the reason Cancun Dental Specialists in ranked as the Top Dental Facility in Mexico and one of the Top dental tourism facilities worldwide.

Porcelain Veneers

Miss Burrow from England, UK


Review: “I’m here at Cancun Dental Specialists, they’ve been absolutely fantastic. The hospitality’s great, they take care of you as an individual. I’m staying in Riviera Maya, which is a little bit further away, about 25 minutes. They pick you up, and take you as when you’re needed without any charge. And yeah, they’re absolutely phenomenal. I’m really happy with my results. Lot of my friends are going to ask me about the place, and I would highly recommend it. I’ve met a few people here that come back for years. You know they won’t go anywhere else, they’ve been phenomenal.”

Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Mr. Thompson from Colorado, USA


Review: “I was pleasantly surprised at how clean everything was and how sophisticated and advanced everything was. It could compare with any dental office in America. I felt everybody down here is just amazing and they gave me this beautiful set of teeth and smile. I feel everybody in here’s gone above and beyond what they had to do to make me happy. I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend it to anyone I know. I’ll never spend another dollar in America again on my mouth. I’ll always come down here again. This had been an absolutely amazing.”

All on 4

Mr. Olson from Idaho, USA


Review: “I was diagnosed with substantial periodontal disease, including bone infection. I was having problems with loose teeth, I had trouble chewing. The cost was prohibiting. A U.S. friend suggested that I consider looking to Mexico, and I found Cancun Dental Specialists. Today I’ve just finished up, having a wonderful new set of fixed hybrid dentures, both upper and lower connected to the implants. They feel great, they look great, I could not be happier, everyone is very courteous, friendly, professional. It was a great choice.”

Full Mouth Restoration

Mrs. Ott from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

full mouth restoration before-2
full mouth restoration-2

Review:“I’ve been wanting to repair my teeth, but it was so expensive in Canada that I started to look for other dental work out of country. I did a bunch of research on the internet, and I ended up picking Cancun Dental Specialists. I cannot say enough how pleased I am with the work, and also as well as the clinic. I feel like I’m part of the family here. I’m going to get emotional because it’s been such a great experience. Everyone is just so wonderful, professional, friendly. And it’s amazing, the work that they’ve done.”

E.Max Veneers & Composite Veneers

Mrs. Dahl from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

veeners before
veneers after

Review:“I came to initially get veneers that I had 32 years ago replaced. The cost in Canada was astronomical, coming here it is a fraction of the price, but the service, the people that work here, amazed me. And look at my smile. I’m actually going to be able to smile with my mouth open for the first time in like years. So I’m grateful, highly recommend it. This is a good choice. Yeah. And I’m grateful.”

Root Canal Therapy

Mr. Gilberg from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

CDS - rootcanal after

Review:“I came down to Cancun from Canada, Calgary, Alberta, and got my teeth fixed here. These guys are unbelievable. I experienced 10 root canals in one day, absolutely no pain, three and a half hours. That meant I was eating lobster. I can’t tell you guys enough how grateful I am. And man, look at these teeth. And the people here are awesome”

Dental Crowns

Mrs. Clarke from Toronto, Canada

dental crowns before
dental crowns after

Review:“I’m very pleased to say that I’m happy with the results. I like my smile and I have teeth now where I didn’t have before. And yes, I can say I was treated very well. Everyone here is very nice and very professional, very clean. And I’m not disappointed. So I would invite anyone, if they want to come down to Cancun Dental Specialists, to come on down.”

Multiple Dental Implants

Mrs. Perry from California, USA


Review:“The work that they did is unbelievable. It looks natural, it’s beautiful. They did more than I expected, they took care of some things that…and they were just very generous to me and I made the right choice. And I have told my story already on Facebook. I chronologically every day, said what I was getting done and because of that, a good friend of mine is already booked here at Cancun Dental Specialists. I am so excited to go home. I’m very happy. And the cost of dentistry has changed my life.”

All on 4

Mr. Williams from Idaho, USA

all on 4 before 2

Review:“I figured I would go to a place that worked on a lot of hearts. I was getting my teeth done, so I wanted to go to a place who did a lot of what I had done. It’s called all-on-4 hybrid denture. And, you know, I looked into it. They said that they’d pick me up at the airport, they’d bring me and take me to all my things, and that was no joke. They did what they said, and I’m pleased with the way things happened.”

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Mr. Hilder from Australia

full mouth restoration before 2
full mouth restoration after

Review:“I got on the internet and I did a lot of research and read lots and lots of reviews and found Cancun Dental Specialists and was pretty happy with everything that I read. When I got here, everything was very streamlined and organized. I got picked up from the airport and I came and we shaved down all of my teeth and we did a sinus lift and some bone grafts, and put the temporary crowns on for the first part of the procedure. And then, six months later, I came back and this time they’ve restored the crowns for the implants and I’m really happy. I’m really happy with my teeth. So overall it’s been an excellent experience and I really recommend the Cancun Dental Specialists. Bye!”

Smile Makeover

Mrs. Demko from Canada

Smile makeover after

Review:“I would definitely recommend Cancun Dental Specialists to my friends back home because I know a lot of them are very curious about having dental work done down here. And because I’ve gone through the procedure, I’m happy with the results. I would have no problem telling anybody to come. I think they did a wonderful job, and I would recommend Cancun Dental Specialists to anybody who was wanting to come to Cancun for any kind of dental work.”

Restorative Procedures

Mr. Smythe from Wisconsin, USA

full mouth restoration before
full mounth restoration

Review:“I came down here to Cancun and now I have this beautiful smile, and I couldn’t be more thankful. They are all very attentive, they go above and beyond, and it’s like family here. They treat you like family. It doesn’t matter, some patient… it’s like a family business, it’s really great. So I recommend anybody who wants something done right, and be treated very nicely you should come here.”

Zirconia Superstructure

Mr. Jones from USA

zirconia superstructure before
zirconia superstructure

Review:“I had the zirconium superstructure, upper and lower, on the full mouth reconstruction. I’m very pleased. I can’t say enough about the staff, very friendly, very professional. The first time I came, I had all my teeth removed, and eleven implants upper, and lower. If you have a problem with your teeth, I’d highly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists.”

Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Mrs. Horocki from Florida, USA

fixed hybrid dentures after

Review:“The people are very patient, very helpful, caring, and loving. They have excellent doctors, topnotch, topnotch, cream of the crop. And the clinic is busy, but I guess busy is good because they do a good work and I am very happy with the final results. All the doctors, great doctors. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate their work. I would recommend them very highly to everybody and if everybody wants to know someone, they’re welcome to contact me. I got my hybrid dentures, which are wonderful. They feel good. They look good. They’re comfortable. So, overall, I’m very happy with the results.”

Smile Makeover

Myles from Seattle, Washington, USA

smile makeover before
smile makeover after

Review:“It was an incredible experience. To be honest, I was a little scared at first, not really knowing the area or what I was getting into, but I read fabulous reviews all over the website and on the Facebook page, and I couldn’t be happier with the overall experience. The dentists here are incredible, the assistants are incredible, and overall, it’s just a great experience that I would recommend to anyone, and now I got this great smile. Yeah!”

Bridge, Crowns & Veneers

Adelle from Florida, USA


Review:“I was researching Cancun Dental Specialists, and I decided to go forward with it. For almost the same price as just doing my bridge (in US), I was able to do the bridge, my implant crown that was cracked, several other crowns, plus a full set of veneers. When I left the airport, I had someone to pick me up and take me directly here to the clinic, and the clinic even set up my hotel, which is directly across the street. So it’s absolutely beautiful, I felt 100% comfortable the entire time. I cannot be happier with my new teeth, and I’m very excited to go home and share my new smile and my new experience with Cancun Dental Specialists, and I will most certainly return to Cancun, hopefully soon.”

Root Canals & Crowns

Mr. Urban from Houston, Texas, USA


Review:“This entire experience has changed my perception of Cancun, of Mexico, of the doctors and dentists in this environment. After meeting the doctors and the dentists and discussing my plan, they came up with a Ferrari level package for me. I had a complete mouth replacement. They were very kind and polite and patient with me. They took me through the entire process. I would definitely recommend this to anybody else in America who wants to come down and check out Cancun, not only for the experience, the nightlife, the beautiful scenery as you can see behind us. Another example of Cancun’s beautiful nature. But also to get an excellent, first class, world level, dental surgery placement.”

Emax Crowns

Mrs. Satringer from Florida, USA

Dental crowns after

Review:“I said okay, I’m going to take a chance and because this way we can have a vacation, at the same time get my teeth done, and and have it still be less than if I did my work at home… at my dentist at home.I got twenty seven crowns and it’s a long experience and it’s a little frightening, but I had a very good doctor and I had a very good assistant with me. I called him my guardian angel because he just has a calming effect, soothing effect. Everything he does feels right and, you know, comforting, so that was good.”

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