Curiosities about your mouth

Your mouth: A big world聽 Most of the time, we don麓t know what is the real function about the mouth and the importance of take care of them.聽 It is the beginning of the digestive system, so is a very important part of your body. You need to have a dental hygiene if you want to conserve healthy. In this article you read more about the curiosities of your mouth. Do you know your mouth? Teeth are like your bones. They have their own blood supply and nerves. Teeth form inside the jaw and the gum protected them. The top of the teeth is called crown. Kids have about 20 teeth. These are just temporary and are called milk teeth or baby teeth. By the age of 5-6, the permanent teeth appear. Adults have about 32 teeth. The mouth has other parts, such as the uvula, the tongue, the tonsils and the palate. Your mouth has three pairs of salivary glands who are responsible for putting saliva in there....

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Do you know what is CAD/CAM and their uses?

In Cancun Dental Specialists we offer to our patients the best high quality in his dental work.聽 CAD/CAM is one of the techniques that we use. Efficiency, greater value creation and safety are some of the benefits of this technology. CAD/CAM a new technology in dental care CAD/CAM is one of the latest technologies that we use in Cancun Dental Specialists for the best treatments for you. This technology is vital in today麓s dental travel work. The ability of this technology is amazing, it can design perfectly dimensioned crowns, manipulate shapes and guarantee the work. This technology is聽an innovation in dentistry, but what is the meaning ?聽CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). Using this technology, we are able to reduce turn-around times on treatments and guarantee our work. It usually works in restorative procedures. CAD/CAM was created to solve 3 challeng...

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Bad Breath Troubles? Causes and Prevention

Most of the people have bad breath troubles thanks for different types of food or substances like cigarettes, alcohol or coffee. In this note you will know more about the causes and prevention to stop this problem. Bad breath affects my life? The answer is yes, but not like a disease. Bad breath medically called Halitosis as a result of poor dental health habits and sometimes is a sign of other health problems.聽 Bad breath also made worse by different types of food and unhealthy lifestyle habits. All that you eat affect your breath, if you eat food with strong odors 鈥搒uch as garlic or onions- and then you brushing and flossing, merely covers up the odor temporally. The odor just goes away until the food have passed through your body. Have an excellent dental hygiene is important to your health. If you don鈥檛 brush and floss your teeth daily, all the rest of the food can remain in you...

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Dental Tourism in Mexico: A new alternative for dental health

Dental Tourism in Mexico Dental Tourism聽in Mexico is a great alternative for patients from US and Canada who are looking for the best high quality treatments, qualified experts and affordable Prices. You can save 70% on your treatments and at the same time you will enjoy the benefits of a dental vacation in one of the many beautiful dental destinations in Mexico.   Why Mexico for Dental Tourism? In the last years, Mexico has grown economically, politically and socially, not to mention in technologies. This is important to note, as the Dental field has seen many quilified clinics using the advanced dental technologies on the market today. Mexico has become one of the most popular places for tourists and not only for vacation. Alot of the forgein visitors come to Mexico for dental treatments which has become known as聽dental tourism. Mexico counts with experts in dentistry, and stick...

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Benefits of Dental Tourism in Mexico

Can you imagine enjoying your vacation in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean, and at the same time take care of your dental health? This is a possibility for you with聽dental Tourism. Mexico offers the best quality Dental Clinics, Specialized Dentists and treatments that can be completed with the latest technologies, assuring your treatment.   Mexico, the best Dental Tourism Destination.   As everyone knows, Mexico has a lot of beautiful places to visit, where you can do activities and enjoy a good time with your family and friends. 聽Mexico has a very diverse culture and many beautiful traditions, making it a great option to enjoy a relaxing聽dental vacation. Many patients recommend Mexico for聽dental tourism聽because it鈥檚 very accessible for Americans and Canadians to travel to, and the level of 聽expertise in oral health is very advanced as well as the latest technologies for...

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The most common gum disease

Bad hygiene, personal habits and the consumption of different types of substances canlead to lots of dental health issues. Some such as like bad breath, Cavities, loss of teeth and聽gum disease. These are the most common gum disease that you need to know.   In your mouth exist an infinity of bacterias. Without proper hygiene the bacterial plaque buildsup and can cause the聽gums聽to become inflamed and irritated causing bleeding when you brush your teeth ore at certain things. This is known as early signs of聽Gum Diseases. It is important to know about the two types of gum disease and how to prevent bigger problems. The first one is known as聽Gingivitis. What is it? This is an inflammation for the聽gums聽and is the first stage in gum disease. Gingivitis is possible to treat with good higiene habits. Gingivtis is caused by plaque build up. 聽If the plaque is not removed by daily brush...

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Dental Services | Cancun Dental Specialists

Cancun Dental Specialists It offers Dental Services for your stay in Cancun is the best we have the transport services for your arrival to our destination and the hotel to the clinic we also have the advice for you accommodation adjusted to your pocket with the best quality. But why choose thisDental Services? When you choose Cancun Dental Specialists not only choose a clinic you choose an entire experience which will make you recover that smile and security that we can return you have a highly qualified staff who will be advising you in your language from the first time you get in touch with us even after you have finished your treatment are some of the services we offer that in more detail we will see   Located in Cancun, Mexico, one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world, you will feel safe and at ease while having your treatment performed with us. Whether it is a...

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Cancun Dentist Reviews

Cancun is one of the leading dental tourist destinations with a high rate of patient reception and at Cancun Dental Specialists聽we are the # 1 clinic in dental care. Here you will find Cancun Dentist Reviews, so you can read more about the opinions of our patients of Cancun Dental Specialists. At Cancun Dental Specialists we are leaders in Dental Tourism in Mexico with more than 10 years of experience in the middle. Our team is made up of specialists who are 100% qualified to solve your dental problem. The experience of Dr. Irma Gavaldon D.D.S. M.S A.E.G.D makes our clinic the best in our country. We have the latest dental technologies including surgical guided surgeries, Cad / Cam restorations, digital x-rays, 3D CBCT X-rays, Biolase Waterlase Iplus Minimally Invasive Dental Lasers. We perform treatments with precision in short terms of 5 to 14 days depending on the treatment to be per...

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Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Sometimes it is confusing to know what type of treatment to choose for the restoration of our smile. Here we explain one of the treatments that we have in our clinic called Fixed Hybrid Dentures. A Fixed Hybrid Dentures聽or otherwise called the “bridge” is a dental prosthetic. Fixed Hybrid Dentures are a metal structure covered with acrylic, which supports the artificial teeth by holding them fixed in one position. You are a complete arcade of 4 to 8 dental pieces depending on the need presented by the patient, This is a good option for dental rehabilitation for patients who want to have new fixed teeth recovering their aesthetics and their way of eating. The implants are connected with the help of a metal rod, where they are used using acrylic or resin prostheses. This bar will have holes that will help us screw the prosthesis into the bone. Fixed Hybrid Dentures are designe...

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Dental Clinics in Mexico

Mexico is the best聽Dental Tourism Destination聽for Americans and Candians. You will find very affordable prices to complete many dental treatments and recover your smile.聽We are one of the leading聽Dental Clinics in Mexico聽that offers oral reconstruction treatments. We are one of the best Dental Clinics in Mexico, welcome to Cancun Dental Specialists The clinic is located in the caribbean paradise of Cancun Mexico. Located in the state of Quintana Roo, has been a main tourist destination for years and is one of the safest places in Mexico. Cancun is characterized by its crystalline waters that variety in colors form an emerald to a turquoise blue that provide its beaches. It麓s 聽the main Tourist Destination in Mexico, where we take care of offering our visitors the best experience in the Riviera Maya. At Cancun Dental Specialists we will restore your smile and share a great vacation ...

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