The 5 Most Common Dental Diseases

Dental diseases originate from a neglected dental health, personal habits such as smoking and consumption of harmful products for our teeth that affect our smile.

These are the 5 most common dental diseases we can have and not realize. Take note!

dental diseases

Enjoy good oral health is the absence of bad breath, orofacial pain, oral infections, periodontal diseases or loss of dental pieces. There are many risk factors that affect your dental health, for example:

  • Unbalanced power supply.
  • Tobacco consumption.
  • Drink alcoholic beverages.
  • The lack of oral hygiene.

The 5 most common dental diseases

  • Decay. Cavities are the most common disease among us. The molars are the ones that are mainly affected and can go as far as the loss of dental pieces. The first symptom of cavities is the sign of pain at that time you should visit the dentist.


  • Gingivitis. This disease consists of inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria or the buildup of plaque or tartar. The symptoms of this disease are bleeding, inflammation, redness, sensitivity to cold and bad breath.


  • Periodontitis. It is the progressive infection of the gums and bone loss, it is the next stage of gingivitis. It is caused by the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth. The symptoms of this disease are: inflammation of the gums, swelling without pain and bleeding when eating or during brushing.


  • Halitosis. Poor oral hygiene and smoking are the cause of bad breath in adults. It is important to attend the dentist for your diagnosis and to prescribe a good treatment.


  • Oral cancer. The most dangerous disease is cancer, which was provoked by the consumption of alcohol and tobacco in high consumption rates, in addition to the acomulucaciĂłn of bacteria as previously mentioned with other diseases. The cancer manifests with the appearance of sores in the mouthor lips that do not heal quickly, bleeding appears, problems when chewing or moving the tongue, numbness of the lip or mouth and continuous sore throat.


dental diseases

It´s  important to see your dental doctor ifyou have any of these symptoms. With the visit you can prevent or detect this disease.

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