Curiosities about your mouth

Your mouth: A big world 

Most of the time, we don´t know what is the real function about the mouth and the importance of take care of them.  It is the beginning of the digestive system, so is a very important part of your body. You need to have a dental hygiene if you want to conserve healthy. In this article you read more about the curiosities of your mouth.

Do you know your mouth?

  • Teeth are like your bones. They have their own blood supply and nerves. Teeth form inside the jaw and the gum protected them. The top of the teeth is called crown.
  • Kids have about 20 teeth. These are just temporary and are called milk teeth or baby teeth. By the age of 5-6, the permanent teeth appear. Adults have about 32 teeth.
  • The mouth has other parts, such as the uvula, the tongue, the tonsils and the palate.
  • Your mouth has three pairs of salivary glands who are responsible for putting saliva in there.
  • Only the 85% of the people can curl their tongue into a cube.
  • Your tongue print is as unique as a fingerprint.
  • Your tongue can say a lot about your health.
  • In your tongue, you can find between 2,000 – 4,000 taste buds.
  • We have different types of teeth, Incisors, Premolars and Molars, to cut, tear and grind their food.
  • A person spends 38.5 days brushing their teeth over their lifetime.


Your mouth is a big world, is one of the first thing that people see, if you have a lot of problems, like bad breath, gum diseases, lost teeth or another problem you need to go to your dentists. The importance of a good healthy can prevent a different disease such as heart issues, osteoporosis and diabetes.

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