Dental Tourism in Mexico: A new alternative for dental health

Dental Tourism in Mexico

Dental Tourism in Mexico is a great alternative for patients from US and Canada who are looking for the best high quality treatments, qualified experts and affordable Prices. You can save 70% on your treatments and at the same time you will enjoy the benefits of a dental vacation in one of the many beautiful dental destinations in Mexico.

Dental Tourism


Why Mexico for Dental Tourism?

In the last years, Mexico has grown economically, politically and socially, not to mention in technologies. This is important to note, as the Dental field has seen many quilified clinics using the advanced dental technologies on the market today. Mexico has become one of the most popular places for tourists and not only for vacation. Alot of the forgein visitors come to Mexico for dental treatments which has become known as dental tourism.

Mexico counts with experts in dentistry, and stick to strict guidlines when attend to international and national Patients. Patients can feel assured that they will receive quality care, from the experience of the dentists and the latest technologies that they use. The clinics offer not only the services and attention in your language, in your position you will enjoy the benefits of dental vacation in the best places in Mexico, you can relax and come back to your home with a perfect smile If you came to Mexico as a dental tourist, you can obtain savings of up 70% in dental procedures compared to the same services in your country with the same quality.

The president of Mexican Association of Dental Industry and Trade (AMIC) Raquel Tirado Perez mentioned that this year is expected the arrival of about 56 thousand of patients from US, Canada as well as Central and South America that come directly to complete dental treatments. In the south of the country, Quintana Roo, has become in one of the most beautiful places for dental tourism in Mexico. The 98% of the patients that visit the clinics are foreign.

Dental Tourism

Cancun Dental Specialists, one of the best clinics in Cancun for dental tourism 

Cancun Dental Specialists offers the best dental services thanks for the latest technologies they use and the certified doctors that specialize in different branches of dentistry. We work to give you the best dental experience youve ever had in Cancun, you just need to enjoy your dental vacation in the Caribbean paradise.

In Cancun Dental Specialist we are worried about your safety and comfort, that’s why we offer different services

  • Free airport transportation
  • Free transportation to and from your visits
  • Bilingual staff
  • Travel assistance
  • Insurance claims
  • Clinic Wifi

Everyday, patients from other countries come to Mexico for dental work thanks for the high quality in the services and attention that the clinics offers to their patients. If you want to read more about the benefits to be a dental tourist, please read our note “Benefits of dental tourism in Mexico”

Mike LaRochelle talks about his experience when he visited Cancun, Mexico for his dental work. He was very satisfied and happy during his dental vacation. Check the video for more information about his experience in Cancun.

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