Dentist Cheaper in Mexico

Looking to find a Dentist Cheaper in Mexico? At Cancun Dental Specialists getting a dental implant is, of course, the best option to regain your smile and confidence. Although this dental technology is available in the United States, most patients prefer to take a dental holiday to Mexico for a their dental implants. Whether for single dental implants or for a full arch All on 4 treatment.

Why is the Dentist Cheaper in Mexico?

While it is essentially the quality, efficiency and the sophistication of the dental clinic in Mexico that draws such a huge number of patients from the US, the affordability, and availability of Mexican dentist is obviously the number one factor for such a trip. Your question will probably be why is the dental care in Mexico so cheap compared to the United States.

Essentially, getting metal-fused porcelain in Mexico comes with a relatively lower cost of about $ 300 compared to $ 1000 in the United States. Cutting-edge Zirconia made the cost of a single tooth about $ 1500 in the United States. On the contrary, you can find a dentist cheaper in Mexico. By paying a visit to Mexico, you get the very same material in your mouth with just $525. Likewise, obtaining other dental treatments such as Veneers, Porcelain crowns, zirconia dental bridges, or even gold crowns are relatively cheaper in Mexico compared to the US. Why does the cost of the same time of implants, with the same materials, cost less in Mexico and is significantly higher in the US?

Dentist Cheaper in Mexico

As many dentists in Mexico will tell you, unlike in the U.S, where the student finishes their schooling with a lot of loans and debts, the Mexican government subsidizes most of the student fee leaving the young dentist with much fewer responsibilities. Obviously, when you have more debts to pay, not considering the common bills and the aspiration of life, one may have to charge relatively higher for the same product.

The other reason why Mexican dentists are quite affordable is that the cost of living including the rents and maintenance is much lower. With a dental clinic in the outskirts of the United States, the cost of the dental care may be a bit expensive, which is clearly due to the huge number of expenses the dentist is required to pay for.

dentist cheaper in mexico

The higher number of dentists in Mexico is another issue why the cost is so friendly. As the rule of economy states, ¨the more the supplies, the lower the price and of course the opposite will be true¨. Moreover, the estimated number of the dental specialists in the U.S is relatively lower than that of Mexico. Notably, there are more specialists serving in one dental clinic in Mexico.

Bottom line, Mexican dental services are much cheaper and offers more saving than you would expect. However, you will also need to compare the prices adn benefits before you finally settle on one dentist. You can get referrals from friends and family to find the best dentist in Mexico. Thankfully, you can just get online and do your search for the best dentist out there.


Cancun Dental Specialists offer a 70% savings service on dental treatments, as well as dental treatments for dental vacations.


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  1. Ried Beck 1 year ago

    My CBCT showed that I have substantial bone loss on my upper jaw, a sinus lifting & bone grafting is needed on the upper jaw, the lower jaw is ok. I am interested in 6 bio horizon implants on the upper jaw & 6 implants on the lower. I am interested in a fixed all 12 zirconia crowns (not on metal) for each jaw. Please quote me your price to compare between Canadian, Turkish & Mexican princess for the same work. Awaiting your reply. Thank you
    R. Beck

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