Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Sometimes it is confusing to know what type of treatment to choose for the restoration of our smile. Here we explain one of the treatments that we have in our clinic called Fixed Hybrid Dentures.

A Fixed Hybrid Dentures or otherwise called the “bridge” is a dental prosthetic.

Fixed Hybrid Dentures are a metal structure covered with acrylic, which supports the artificial teeth by holding them fixed in one position. You are a complete arcade of 4 to 8 dental pieces depending on the need presented by the patient, This is a good option for dental rehabilitation for patients who want to have new fixed teeth recovering their aesthetics and their way of eating.

fixed hybrid dentures

The implants are connected with the help of a metal rod, where they are used using acrylic or resin prostheses. This bar will have holes that will help us screw the prosthesis into the bone.

Fixed Hybrid Dentures are designed through a program called CAD / CAM. First the metal is made, depending on the material to be worked, on which the artificial gingiva and the prefabricated teeth will be placed. The prosthesis is screwed onto dental implants that previously performed an analysis of the patient. Fixed Hybrid Dentures can no longer be removed, unless you require an adjustment, this adjustment is done by your dentist who can easily remove the prosthesis.

This is the case of our patient Michael Battah, who visited us to perform a process of Fixed Hybrid Dentures, which for reasons such as neglect of dental health Michael had to resort to correcting his problem with this dental treatment.

Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Who can use this prosthesis?

All that patient who has moderate losses of bone, becoming a very comfortable, comfortable and very esthetic prosthesis. With Fixed Hybrid Dentures you will be able to regain your masticatory function along with a favorable aesthetic result.

At our dental clinic, Cancun Dental Specialists offer up to 70% savings on your Fixed Hybrid Dentures Treatment.

How much Fixed Hybrid Dentures? 

At Cancun Dental Specialists we always think about our patients. The costs we handle are up to 70% less than in the United States and Canada. This type of treatment costs $ 5400 USD in our clinic. It is one of the most important treatments for replacing your dentures.

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  1. Max Jones 10 months ago

    I’ve been helping my grandpa find a dentist that could help him with some dentures. I think the idea of finding a dentist that is willing to help him with hybrid dentures like you talked about would be great! I’ve heard a lot of good things about hybrid dentures, and I think that they would be great for my grandpa to use practically and aesthetically, so we’ll have to see if we can find him a good dentist to help out!

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