Do you know what is CAD/CAM and their uses?

In Cancun Dental Specialists we offer to our patients the best high quality in his dental work.  CAD/CAM is one of the techniques that we use. Efficiency, greater value creation and safety are some of the benefits of this technology.


CAD/CAM a new technology in dental care

CAD/CAM is one of the latest technologies that we use in Cancun Dental Specialists for the best treatments for you. This technology is vital in today´s dental travel work. The ability of this technology is amazing, it can design perfectly dimensioned crowns, manipulate shapes and guarantee the work.

This technology is an innovation in dentistry, but what is the meaning ? CAD (Computer Aided Design) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). Using this technology, we are able to reduce turn-around times on treatments and guarantee our work. It usually works in restorative procedures.

CAD/CAM was created to solve 3 challenges, the first one is to ensure adequate strength of the restoration.  The second one is to create restorations with a natural appearance. And the third one is to make tooth restoration easier, faster and more accurate.

CAD/CAM follow 4 steps to create the material with the high quality in the laboratory.

  • Scan
  • Design
  • Produce
  • Sinter and Glaze

Cancun Dental Specialists, experts in CAD/CAM technology 

We are the only clinic in the southeast of Mexico to have its own full scale CAD/CAM Laboratory and Milling Center. Our Lab techs work together under one roof to make sure that you receive the best quality and aesthetics results you came for.

We can create dental bridges, crowns, veneers and even titanium bars and prettau bridges for implants supported restorations.

In Cancun Dental Specialists we are experts in oral health and offer high quality in each treatment you need, please contac us and a dental coordinator will help you 1-800-278-3215

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  1. Root canal surgery los angeles-Root Canal Specialists LA 7 months ago

    You are providing such an amazing info because I know just names but now I learn completely from your article.Now, I have some idea of these technologies on dental care. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful article and keep going on and spread the awareness through technologies. Thank you.

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