Zirconium Dental Implants

Zirconium dental implants are pieces that replace dental pieces lost by dental disease, old age or accidents that end up affecting your smile. Speaking correctly, eating and a perfect physical appearance you can recover if you get this treatment with us.

Zirconium dental implants are a solution to regain your smile. Learn more about implants.

zirconium dental implants

To rectify such problems, dentists developed the conventional dentures. Although dentures were a significant breakthrough, it came with numerous setbacks including occasional falling off, stickiness and unpleasant adhesives. Such, dental implants were developed. Such dentures are commonly implanted into the jawbone then a denture mounted on them. Titanium was the main material used to make the dental implants for a very long time. Titanium too was not without its problems as it was sensitive to some people while to others, it gave a metal taste and an electric feeling in the mouth. Currently, Zirconium dental implants are the most common implants utilized today.

Which are the zirconia dental implants?

They are non-metal implants developed as alternatives to the titanium dental implants. Zircon is the precursor naturally occurring mineral. It was discovered in the late 1700s in Germany but first isolated 30 years later. It was studied and discovered to be biocompatible in the 1960s.These dental implants are made from oxidized Zircon, Zirconium oxide.

The holistic dentists highly regard zirconium dental implants because of their biocompatibility. They are not toxic to the body and do not stimulate any immunologic response in living tissue. Similarly, this implant does not cause any sensitivity or allergic reactions to patients as the case with titanium dental implants. Titanium implants are implicated in oral galvanization, a feeling of electrical currents in the mouth upon usage of metallic utensils. There are no such adverse effects with the usage of the Zirconium implants.

zirconium dental implants

Zirconium Dental Implants are known for their strength and long durability. Zirconium is an extremely hard metal-free substance, which retains its strength for a very long time. They have thus acquired the name ‘all-ceramic’ implants. They also have a naturally bright white tooth-like color, which blends well with the adjacent teeth giving them a cosmetic advantage. Zirconium dental implants retain less plaque compared to the titanium dental plants and thus promote healthier gums around the implant. Another addition to the zirconium dental implants is their Osseo-integrative nature with the jawbone.

Besides, fixation of dental problems, holistic dentistry is greatly concerned about the total well-being of the whole body. As a result, Zirconium dental implants are gaining wide acceptance in the field of dentistry because of their ability to fix dental issues without altering the biochemical reactions of the body. However, your dentist’s opinion and other factors such as cost will always come into play in your choice of the dental implant.


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