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Here at Cancun Dental Specialists we are incredibly proud of our stunning Clinic and we’re pleased to be able to offer you a virtual tour of our facility from the comfort of your own home! We have a transparent approach to Dental Tourism and want you next Dental Vacation to be with us. Please stay and browse through our site to find out why we have the best options for your dental procedure in Cancun.

Cancun Dental Specialists have invested heavily in our State of Art Clinic in Cancun, Mexico. As well as the very latest in surgical instruments and patient-facing equipment, we’ve also built a best in class Dental Laboratory staffed with Highly Trained Technicians who can work with the very latest dental products like titanium and zirconium. We’re also proud to be pioneering the use of 3D and CAD/CAM technologies here in Mexico. This Lab and our State of the Art Treatment rooms are perfectly designed to allow us to offer the very latest in Dental Procedures such as Dental Implants, All on 4, Dental Crowns, Full Mouth Restorations and much more.

Please take the Tour through our Clinic and if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in contacting one of our Patient Coordinators.

CAD/CAM Mexico

Using CAD/CAM Technology allows our Technicians to complete cases in minimal time and reduce chances of open margins for Crowns & Veneers or even Implant Supported Restorations. Great advantage when we are dealing with patients who have limited time with us.

CBCT 3D X-Rays Mexico

Cone Beam Computed Technology (CBCT) is vital for the planning and diagnosis on surgery. CBCT gives our Surgeon the ability to see a complete 3D image of the patient’s dentition allowing for an accurate and thorough planning for Implant placement or other oral surgery.

WATERLASE i-Plus Laser Mexico

This hard/soft Tissue Laser is used to provide less invasive treatments to our patients. Which means, painless procedures, less bleeding, quicker healing time, reduced post operative pain & swelling, and less risk of fractures in the teeth.


We recognize that embarking on Dental Procedures can sometimes be daunting, and we worked with some of Mexico’s top interior designers to make our Clinic a relaxing, calm and beautiful place to be. Our treatment rooms are simply stunning, with color-change lighting to set a peaceful ambiance and specially-commissioned photographic wall-art featuring some of Mexico and Cancun’s most beautiful beaches.

Dental Clinic Mexico
Cosmetic Dentistry Mexico


This is also important for our Team of dedicated staff. We wanted their workplace to be light-filled, beautiful to look at and ergonomic, allowing them to do their best work in comfort and with everything at hand. As you’ll see from the images of our Dental Lab, our patients aren’t the only ones who can admire the beauty of Mexico’s finest beaches during the day!


Often an appropriately hygienic medical-grade floor suitable for treatment rooms is rather cold and sterile. At Cancun Dental Specialists we engaged specialist contractors to floor the whole clinic in a beautiful wood-effect finish that is hygienic and clinic-approved and yet warm and inviting for patients and staff alike.

Hygenic Medical Clinic-Grade Mexico
Dental Clinic Mexico


Light and space were the key elements of our design. The wonderful double-height reception area is flooded with sunlight. Individual treatment rooms use cleverly designed recessed lighting to bounce turn what are typically rather cold, austere spaces in other Clinics into airy and elegant rooms filled with soft light.

So please take a look around at your leisure!

We believe you’re about to visit one of the best dental clinics in Mexico – not only for the quality and experience of our caring staff but also for the beautiful ambiance we have created specifically to make your time spent with us as pleasant as possible.


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