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  • City: Cleveland

    From the very beginning when I first contacted Cancun Dental Specialist, they were the best. Mike Wilkes gave us all the information we needed to make a decision to go. Once my husband and I were there, the whole team of dentists, helpers and office staff were very professional, kind and very helpful.
    Benjamin went out of his way to make us feel at ease with all the treatments we needed. He thoroughly explained everything and answered all the questions we had. I really like that they have their patients best interest. The whole team from the drivers to the dentist were amazing.
    The after care communication from Marvilla Arjona in the couple of days following the treatments was much appreciated. I was able to file my insurance claim on time due to her fast response and, because she gave me all the information that I needed to make the claim. I would absolutely recommend Cancun Dental Specialists to anyone that needs any dental work.
    The Cancun Dental experience was the best ever!
    Thank you so, so much for everything you do!
    Do not hesitate to reach out to them for your dental needs. You will not be disappointed!:)

  • George Woods Baker
    January 23, 2023 9:34 am
    City: Santa Barbara, California

    Cancun Dental Specialists (CDS) are simply the best experience I have EVER had with a team of full service dentists.

    I needed a fair amount of maintenance and restoration work after years of my US dentists doing good, basic work. CDS takes holistic approach when they initially evaluate you and though I was surprised by their recommendations, I am thrilled with the entire experience, cost and outcome.

    I ended up replacing several crowns, adding two implants, including a sinus lift for one, and fixing my bite and the function of my teeth which I had thought were good before, but now realize were out of alignment for lack of a better description.

    Dr Oscar made the process of doing the sinus lift, bone graft and implants a pleasant experience. His demeanor and skill was very reassuring with something I was quite anxious about.

    Wendy Sainz, as my main dentist throughout, is a meticulous perfectionist. Her skill at bringing everything together and delivering a flawless result blew me away. I have the smile I have because of her.

    Everyone at CDS from the front office, to the back office, the dentists and their able assistants, to the drivers who bring you to your appointments and return you to your accommodations are kind, caring people who are there to make your experience the best it can be.

    The results speak for themselves. CDS is simply the best, bar none.

  • City: Zephyrhills

    When they say “the best” ? It’s True!! I was tormented and robed by Florida dentists for 10years! I looked everywhere for help. I also had large Tori “godfather” on bottom jaw. That alone was 20k from a local oral surgeon. So, with adding up everything it was heading to 50k + …… With no help with insurance/Medicare/ dental schools/ Anything!!!!!!I found CDS and researched them. So, got passport and ticket and picked up from airport. Did months later , done!!!😁 this place is beyond the best. They are Lifesavers!

  • City: Chicago

    About doctors – very nice communicators, they care a lot about the patient while doing a very good job. There are no complications with the front desk, very polite and helpful. Thank you very much Dr Paz and Diego Agvilar 👍 great job. thank you also for your help Janeth

  • City: Toronto, Canada

    I want to express my gratitude and thanks to the CDS team.
    Me and my husband came to Cancun end of November for nine days visit. Our cases were not easy and I was very nervous.
    Our first impression – everything was organized clearly and as scheduled: fast pick up in airport, trip to the office for first evaluation, drop to hotel – everything was done perfectly with no delays. Some delays happened during our stay in Cancun, but just because of heavy traffic in hotel zone.

    From first day of contacting CDS till last day of my appointment clinic staff treated us with a highly professional service. Best part was – no hidden price rises.
    I want to thank Dr Oscar Calvillo for highly professional surgery for my husband.
    Lots of thanks to Daniela Munoz, the denture and Prettau bridge are working just as well as my own teeth years ago. Daniela and her assistant were always very patient and tolerant to me, always taking my concerns into consideration and always answered my questions.
    Thanks to Mike for exceptional communication service.
    Thanks to the girls working in the reception and company drivers- all rides were comfortable.

    I wish to this clinic great success in business, you guys make people happy.
    Mila and Alex from Toronto, Canada.
    December 2022

  • City: Tyler, TX

    I was lucky enough to have Julian, Salet, Isabella and Thelma work on my mouth. I had lots of work done that would have cost a ton and been impossible for me in the US. The dentists were excellent, knowledgeable, and most importantly they care. Everyone there wants to see you leave with a perfect smile. They’re accommodating, skilled and professional. I have had extensive work done throughout my life in the us and Julian’s surgeries healed quickly while hardly even swelling or hurting. I feel more cared for here than I do with my family dentist in the US. If you are considering this, it’s worth it!

  • City: Pensacola

    Many thanks to all CDS doctors (Dr. Paz, Dr. Fernandez, Dr. Enriquez, and many others, Intra-oral doctors/specialists, and all CDS staff (including Senors– Luis, Abner, Lalo, and many others, Senoritas– Itzel, Laura, Sofia, Hanna, Lady, Patricia, and many others) — for excellent service and for always being tactful, patient, kind, and caring. (I love catching the smiles of Dr. Maria and Senorita Laura. If you have problems, I am sure you will forget them too, just by seeing them smile 🙂

    Many thanks to Alie Gasca of Carmen Del Playa for coordinating my initial appointment with CDS. Many thanks also for complimentary transportation with cheerful drivers (Senors– Alfredo, Guillermo, Abundio, Roger, Diego, Manuel, Soberamis, and others). They are all always ready to help transport patients to/from Airbnb or hotels, the CDS clinic, and even Cancun Airport! Just by observing other passengers, I learned to give driver tips too even without the drivers asking 🙂 Commendable drivers’ behavior and service indeed!

    If I may also share my sites too– and (Joy/Happiness now and forever, to God alone be the glory 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  • Patricia Landers
    November 2, 2022 8:33 am
    City: Melbourne Florida

    I just returned from Cancun Dental Specialists and Dr. Yoleni and her assistant Jossetti were the most professional and kindest people I have ever met. I had my entire mouth done with crowns bridges and implants and they are beautiful. I cannot thank CDS Enough for the professionalism and the expertise that they have in this field.
    I would highly recommend anyone who needs dental work whether it be little or major to contact CDS.
    The price was 1/3 what they wanted in the US for less work done.
    To say the least –

  • City: Miami, Florida

    I am so grateful to everyone at CDS! What an incredible experience. Dr Oscar Cavillo did my implants and he is awesome. Magical hands, with a touch like butterfly kisses!! I was so surprised that the whole procedure was finished – I did not feel a thing. My sincerest thanks, Dr Oscar.
    Mr. Eduardo Ramirez took such good care of me, driving me to and from the clinic, to the pharmacy, helping me out with such care. His attention to my every need was like having my family with me.
    What a spectacular experience after a life of dental trauma. Thanks also to Michael Wilkes for patiently answering all my questions before the trip. Peace and Love to all you wonderful folks.

  • City: Barrie, Ontario, Canada

    Further to a referral from a friend that was a patient of CDS, I contacted Cancun Dental Specialists to arrange to have all my teeth crowned. After great communication and a detailed quote from Michael Wilkes, we setup a two week treatment plan. When I had my first consultation appointment I was amazed at the quality of service, communication and state of the art equipment. It was better than most dentist clinics I have been to in Canada. The specialist who did my treatment, Dr Cindell was the most caring, professional and meticulous specialist I have ever met. Her attention to detail and skill to fit me with 25 crowns in a two week period was astounding and provided me with a wonderful smile that has changed my life. The treatment/schedule manager Ben was fantastic to deal with. They provided private transportation to and from the resort to the clinic as well as to and from the airport and every driver was terrific. Also, the after care communication from Karla Gonzalez and Abner Vallejo in the weeks and months following the treatment was above and beyond and much appreciated. I would absolutely recommend Cancun Dental Specialists to anyone here in Canada. Not to mention, my treatment which was completed in two weeks was 75% cheaper that my consultation quote in Canada, which would have taken 18 months to complete.

  • Amal Jamil Daoulabani
    August 31, 2022 7:50 am
    City: Boston, Massachusetts

    My dental journey from Boston to Cancun Dental Specialist for my “all-on-4 zirconia implants,” was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I’m truly elated with the final results and for the incredible cost savings! This can give anyone with a set of missing teeth a big reason to smile!
    For anyone who is considering dental tourism in Mexico, C.D.S. runs a transparent and highly efficient operation from start to finish. With their multiple facilities, quality of patients care and “state-of-the-art technology,” C.D.S. takes dentistry to a whole new level!
    For all the dedicated and hardworking professional’s at C.D.S., I express my deepest gratitude for your exceptional teamwork and for making my dental experience/journey a great success. “Here’s to you,” and “Viva Mexico!”

  • City: cumming, ga

    I just returned from another visit to CDS…hard to believe its been almost 2 years since receiving my new All-on-Five upper denture. I was very pleased to hear the dentist tell me there was absolutely no reason to remove the denture for any further inspection as she said that I had been taking great care of it between using my water pic and the regular brushing and rinsing I had been doing.

    The reason for this trip was much easier…I needed a couple of new mouth guards and a replacement for a now loose lower partial. I was able to share this trip with my wife allowing my bride of 23 years and I to celebrate our anniversary together on Saturday August 13th.

    As per usual, CDS held up their part of the bargain taking care of my needs this trip with minimal appointments. It seems that every trip I am greeted with some kind of new state-of-the-art technology. This trip it was the very cool 3Shape digital impression tool. Dr Irma always leads the way with new tools for her well-trained doctors to use.

    CDS, in addition to their 4 Cancun Hotel Zone clinics, now has opened two additional clinics down the coast in Playa del Carmen, which allows guests to also consider staying at the many beautiful resorts along the much quieter Mayan Riviera.

    The clinic lobbies are always full of returning patients. There is no other finer advertising for any doctor than to see the happy faces of past patients coming back for more work. Trust comes from those who come back over and over again…just like me!!

    Thanks again to all who made this another great trip!!! See you again soon…

  • City: Latrobe, PA

    Hi clinic and people considering using Cancun Dental Specialists. In April, 2022 I had phase 2 of my dental work at CDS performed–installation of 16 crowns and four implants. No problems at all as I write three months later. Living in the Northeast USA one of the great joys of summer is corn on the cob. I am thrilled to report my dental work has passed the “Corn On The Cob Test” with flying colors. Later in the year I’ll have my final four crowns installed on my four implants (two on upper left and upper right). This team is the group you can trust to give your mouth new life (and maybe discover a new vacation destination at the same time).

  • George Woods Baker
    July 21, 2022 12:55 pm
    City: Beverly Hills

    CDS is exceptional and that’s not hype. Everyone here from the drivers and coordinators to the doctors and assistants with each of their specialties is as good as they get. I am into my second series of work. The first to fix some old crowns, strengthen some old implants, rebuild a bridge. This second visit to place two new implants with a sinus lift. Every procedure has gone as planned. Outcomes exactly as predicted. The cost is extremely reasonable, fair and they never try to sell you something you don’t need. I’ll be back in 4-6 months and I’m really looking forward to it. If you’re reading reviews while considering your options I can’t recommend them enough. Make an appt and you’ll be writing your own 5 star review!

  • City: Asheville

    I had a total mouth restoration. Treatment took longer than planned for, but I am pleased with results.

  • Elva Driscoll
    July 10, 2022 3:35 pm
    City: Tuktoyaktuk

    HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommend CDS, I did a zirconia Bridge, I’ve been home to Canada 2 weeks and doing famously, I can’t began to thank the service beyond impeccable, from airport pick up, appointments etc… the drivers amazing a huge thank you to Alfredo and Diego the best. I’d like to thank Dr. Juan, Dr. Krishna Duenas, Leida, Sofia, Alejandra and especially nurse Miguel this kid simply AMAZING thank you. I’m going back in February 2023 to finish up and my husband will be getting work done as well. Sending an heartfelt THANK YOU…I’ve never felt so welcome and so cared for THANK YOU

  • Tammye O’Neal
    June 25, 2022 5:33 pm
    City: Canadian, TX

    Cancun Dental Specialists are truly the best on the planet for any dental issues. I just finished my treatment of a full mouth restoration that started with my first visit last Sept 2021.. After my implants healed, I returned for my second visit to complete the process.

    Dr. Karen Munoz, is the cosmetic dental specialist that I was lucky enough to have for this journey.. She is a leader in her specialty, a true artist when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. With her attention to detail, she was able to give me a perfect and natural smile. And above all, she made it as painless as possible for me. Her “numbing” injection technique is the best I have ever experienced.

    Dr. Karen’s assistant Shaila, took very good care of me too. She always made sure I was comfortable and warm during my treatment. Shaila also was on top of every need that Dr Karen required as she performed her magic.

    The receptionists, Laura, Itzel and Sofia were professional and awesome. They kept me on time for my appointments and coordinated my transportation needs during the process.

    After several years of researching my options for treatment, I chose Cancun Dental Specialists. I am so thankful that I did.

  • Timothy Mcavoy
    June 12, 2022 11:16 am
    City: Jensen

    Did my homework on Cancun Dental. One of most advanced dental labs I’ve been in. Super friendly and explained everything. Price was super reasonable. Will be back soon for more work. Love you people. Thank you again

    Ps. Appreciate the free transportation they provide.

  • Jessica Lunsford
    June 8, 2022 10:25 pm
    City: Arlington TX USA

    What an incredible experience! I was a bit nervous At first but am so glas I made the leap to come. The dentist and her assistant were absolutely amazing. I was so impressed with efficient they worked. Its very obvious they know exactly what they are doing and are extremely through. A huge thanks to Erica Ruiz for all my arrangements and answering all my questions and returning all my emails and phone calls. I would have never came if Erica didnt have the customer service she has. Thank you all so much and I will definitely be back!!

  • City: Arborg

    I’m the happiest man ever. I had my Implants done here. All on 5 in the bottom, Implants crowns and bridges in the top. Had remove able dentures for about the last 20 years before. These Implants are a million times better, just one step away from natural. Best money spent ever. Very professional place for a Canadian like me, very friendly and great service. If they give you my number feel free to give me a call. I do not speak any Spanish. Started November 2019 and Finished February 2022

  • City: Crysler, Ontario Canada

    First of all I am a cancer patient who needed dental work so I could resume a reasonably normal life. I didn’t know what to expect, but I can tell you CDS exceeded all my expectations. The experience at CDS was amazing. A very friendly atmosphere and a group willing to work with you. They did what I asked for, provided travel to and from my motel and airport. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Absolutely a fantastic group of professionals.

  • Billie Jo Sayers
    May 26, 2022 12:15 pm
    City: Dover, DE

    I was considering veneers for my top front teeth to improve my smile so I came to Cancun Dental Specialists for a consultation. They instead suggested doing crowns due to the. amount of dental work that had already been done in the States. I am soooo happy with my results!!! I literally had NO pain whatsoever during or after my treatment! My teeth are so pretty now!! I could have never gotten 7 crowns in a matter of a days back home. The dentists at CDS are so professional with the most up to date technology. If you are considering any type of dental work, please take my advice & plan a visit to Cancun!! You will not be disappointed with your treatment! And another reason to come here….The cost is appx 25% of what it would have been back home!! Thank you to all of the staff at CDS, especially Dr. Andrea Pichardo! You are the most compassionate dental professional I have ever encountered!!

  • Heather Brown
    May 18, 2022 10:10 am
    City: Rome

    We have been going to CDS for several years now. Why
    I have not written a review until now is beyond me! We love this dental practice. My husband and I recently had work done. Dr. Gomez was amazing as usual. I needed a root canal and come to find out my canals were calcified. My husband had a tooth that a dentist in the USA told us could not be saved. Well the tooth was saved. This dental practice has amazing prices, staff and facilities that are top notch. I cannot say enough good things about this dental practice except I am sorry it has taken so long to write a review

  • City: Londonderry, New Hampshire

    Dental, Eye, and Hearing care in the United States is designed for the privileged. As a child I went to a dentist when I had a cavity and the pain was so severe it interfered with life. If a tooth couldn’t be saved with a simple service, it was pulled. That happened a lot.

    As an adult I started getting root canals but only for the teeth that caused me severe pain. Then those jobs failed and eventually I had no choice but to get them pulled. Over the years I had two partial dentures made that gagged me and I eventually stopped trying to use them and my bite ended up being lower. That and due to high levels of stress I would grind my teeth constantly.

    January 2020, my youngest son died and the tooth grinding got worse and I ended up chipping my front tooth. I tried to repair it myself buying something off eBay but I failed. I’m not a dentist.

    I put up with the chipped front tooth for almost a year and didn’t really care because Covid was full blown and we all had to wear masks so that spared me the embarrassment.

    Then I saw a local ad for complete X-rays and evaluation so I called and made an appointment. The dentist told me I needed 4 root canals and two fillings and my quote was over $7000. They suggested I apply for a loan but I did that a few years earlier for other dental work that failed, treatment for a severe back problem that I eventually had surgery on and at my age and all the failed attempts of previous dental work I wasn’t willing to take the chance of getting a loan. Oh and no local dentist even offered to help with the missing teeth on my bottom jaw. They didn’t offer any solutions because they didn’t care. All they wanted was for me to get a loan.

    An aunt of mine told me she had gone to Mexico on a few occasions for dental work and told me she was very happy with the work she had done. She didn’t go to Cancun because she lives in Idaho. So this is when I decided to research dental tourism and I came across Cancun Dental Specialists.

    I went to CDS website and started chatting with someone and told him my dilemma and the quotes I got here and he told me what they would charge for the same exact job.

    I’ve read several of the reviews others have written so I won’t repeat everything they mentioned like getting picked up at the airport and rides back and forth to appointments because that is all true!

    My first appointment was November 2021. Surprise! I didn’t need four root canals! I did need two and a couple fillings and the best part I was asked about the missing teeth and I told them I wouldn’t do another partial and implants were suggested. I agreed and had three done. In the United States for me that would never be an option. I’m retired and live on Social Security now. I could buya new Jeep for less than three implants here!

    So yesterday I returned from my Cancun trip after being there one week. I had the final phase of the implants done and I even got my teeth whitened while there!

    I forgot to mention I have a severe fear of dentist from having many bad experiences throughout my life. I told CDS of my anxiety and they all were wonderful and caring! The doctors that worked on me this time were Salet Cabanas for the crowns and the surgeon was Julian Guerrero this trip. I’m pretty sure I saw Dr. Oscar Calvillo my first visit. Everyone I came into contact with including the front desk and all the drivers were exceptional! The clinic is spotless and professional in every way. There is absolutely no need for any American to go without dental care because of not being filthy rich. My review here is my experience at Cancun Dental Specialists! I will be back for cleanings or whatever else I might need in the future. A huge thank you to CDS!!!

  • City: Tremont

    I chose CDS because of the reviews here and on Google. I had 10 crowns installed by Dr. Esquivel and the process went very well. We were in Cancun from a Saturday to Saturday and I was a bit nervous about having that much done all at one time, but the staff did a great job to keep me comfortable. The teeth were prepared on a Tues and the new crowns installed on Thursday. They look great and I couldn’t be happier! I had very little pain and only used over the counter pain relievers. The whole staff was more than polite and the transportation was awesome! They do have multiple facilities and you may be at different facilities during your treatment. The two I visted were clean and comfortable. (not every room has a view of the lagoon) I would absolutely recommend them and will use them in the future for dental work if needed. The cost of the work AND the stay at a nice all-inclusive resort was still far less expensive than the work alone would have cost where I live.

  • City: Martins Ferry, Ohio

    HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend!! From beginning to end, the entire team made the entire process seamless. Greg was in contact with us from the start and made sure we had everything we needed, from rides to and from airport/appointments, and was always very prompt in responding. The medical staff was courteous, professional, fast, and efficient. Dr. Jamie did my husband’s gold crowns and a staff member did my Zoom whitening procedure. All equipment was state of the art. When I got my Zoom treatment done, the dentist who was going to do it got backed up with a patient and they drove me to another office to get in quicker. You never see that in the states, they make you wait all day and not really care. Add into that the amount of money that we saved (mind-blowing amount, pretty much got a free vacation 😊) and we honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you CDS!!!!

  • Olvin Gonzalez
    March 13, 2022 6:00 pm
    City: Texas



  • City: Sunapee

    CDS runs a professional operation, from initial contact and intake visit (I had two dentists & an oral surgeon conferring on my case) to actual procedures. Janeth at front desk will take care of you and the dentists are thorough and careful. If you’re hesitating going to Mexico to get work done at a bargain price, wait no longer: book the plane ticket, the oceanfront hotel and set up your dental work. This is the place to go.

  • Natalie Gjokaj
    March 10, 2022 1:47 pm
    City: Thornwood NY

    My son was in Cancun for Spring break with friends when he started having pain in his jaw. We received a call from him which of course was a horrible one knowing your child is in so much pain AND outside the country. We researched CDS in the middle of the night and emailed them. We received an email return before the office even opened and they were able to see our son at 11:15am. The Dentist quickly diagnosed him and he needed a root canal, after multiple phone calls and sharing al the information with us they figured out how to get him taken care of that same day given the amount of pain he was in. My son said that the entire staff was so kind, helpful and professional. The root canal was a success and he was out of pain. The office provided him with car service to the Pharmacy and back to his hotel. He was so happy to be able to enjoy the last few days of his vacation. As a parent I am so grateful to the entire staff.

    My son came home and after being seen by his Dentist I want to report what an excellent job CDS did on his dental work.

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  • Dhundup Shrestha
    March 9, 2022 11:57 am
    City: Cancun

    Everything had been done very quickly and clean…the service was also great, brought me from the hotel and brought me back..and thanks again to Janeth…doctor was also super friendly…

  • City: Georgetown

    I was just going to copy what everyone else has written because honestly, I can’t think of anything unique that hasn’t already been said….AMAZING staff both dentists, front desk staff, dental assistance, financial staff, appointment registars, drivers etc etc!! State of the art and sanitary equipment and a very clean office every inch. I made the mistake of having one too many margarites the night before my consultation first visit not knowing it was going to turn into also needing a root canal later that afternoon. They did not scold me just helped me get rid of the nausea and put me at ease to be able to make it through the appointment. It was the most painless root canal I’ve ever had. I had a GREAT time with the gentlemen and his team Tuesday and Thursday that did the work of removing my old crowns I had and drilling down my teeth to ready for the new crowns and extracting any teeth needed and installing the implant posts. The Tuesday appointment to do most of this work took 9 1/2 HOURS!! That is dedication to put in that many hours and still smiling and pleasant the whole time, of course I was playing oldies music and we kept trying to guess which movie it was used in or came from LOL. I had that dentist again Thursday and again he and his team were amazing!

    As I have gotten older my teeth have gotten really bad and I even had to start wearing a partial which was very embarrassing when you are still single and trying to date:-) I looked into getting all this work done in the US and there was NO WAY I was EVER going to be able to afford it and that caused to me to be very depressed! I mean it would have cost me almost as much as TWO cars! I don’t know unless you are rich how anyone in the US can afford it unless they are rich!! I didn’t want to be the person one day laughing or doing something and my dentures come flying out! I would be mortified! They make it affordable and with personnel way more skilled than what I can usually find in the US! I LUV smiling now and my confidence has gone through the roof! It’s amazing what a nice smile can do for a person!

    I am a VERY difficult patient because I always have a ton of questions and they were very patient with me! They never got short with me they never asked me to not call or message so much they always answered and always told me to contact them as many times as I needed that they are there for me!

    I only had one gliche with a shuttle situation that they promise me they are looking into and will have resolved, and I have no doubt they will get it worked out to my satisfaction and probably above like everything else they do. I already have told everyone I know about them and also a few that I think have already contacted them to inquire. Plus can’t beat having to go get dental work done and vacation at the same time! I got ALOT of work done and was still able to enjoy myself! Very little pain and I have a VERY low threshold for pain!

    Anyways THANK YOU CDS and can’t wait to see you again in July!

  • Montgomery Ravenel
    January 27, 2022 6:08 pm
    City: Charleston

    Very professional, welcoming and kind staff. Love my teeth!

  • City: Devon, England UK

    The overall experience with Cancun Dental Specialists from the initial communication via the website to delivery of service and care was exceptional. The professionalism from the friendly administrative team of Ana , Lilly and Michael made the appointment process straightforward. Under Dr Salet and assistant Dori and their endodontist I had a successful root canal treatment, new crowns fittted, cleaning and whitening delivered all within a four day timeline. The expertise, care and procedures were relatively pain free with everything explained thoroughly and in a clear concise way. The cost was one third of what I would of paid in the UK. The technology, care and customer focussed approach by CDS by far also exceeded any similar experience I had done in the UK or Ireland. The ability to holiday and get this work completed was just perfect. I will be returning when I require future treatment and I highly recommend using Cancun Dental Specialists

  • Charles B Suthern
    January 13, 2022 9:46 am
    City: Sandpoint

    My experience was great. I’ve had trouble with my teeth most of my life.
    Ending up with full mouth extraction of my teeth. And dentures, which were cumbersome and uncomfortable. CDS was able to give me all on 6 implants top and bottom, and now eating is again a pleasant experience.
    They picked me up at the airport, picked me up for my office visits, and returned me to the airport at the end.
    The staff was great, even having a little birthday celebration for me on my birthday.
    Great people, great experience.
    Thanks CDS.

  • claire roberts
    January 3, 2022 8:22 pm
    City: NORWALK

    I have flown down three times already for dental work at CDS and consider them my only ever go to dentists here on in. Yes this is a sizable operation with 3 dental clinics very conveniently situated within the hotel zone of Cancun. They have an incredible, knowledgeable and trained staff that are meticulous and make you feel comfortable. It always starts with a consult, giving you the options that you have. I can honestly say they are there to give you the best and most affordable options, and not to rip you off, hence they really do care. The location here is unparalleled along with the convenience and scheduling done by the staff. I would highly recommend the NYX hotel, as its across the street from the main location and its a nice, not too big boutique hotel! I have to give a big thank you to Alejandra, she was such a pleasure to work with and second but last, Abner. He made EVERYTHING work well for me. transportation, scheduling and aftercare. He is an incredible hard working person. When I came back to the states after my first treatment he called me at least every month to check in and see how my recovery was going. Abner is so professional and truly is the epicenter in my opinion and one of the reasons I return! X

  • City: International Falls, Minnesota

    Due to having bad depression in my early twenties, I neglected my dental health along with being ashamed about the condition of my teeth. I have not been to the dentist in well over ten years. After I graduated from college and got a well paying job, one of my priorities was saving up for a dentist in Mexico. I looked at getting dental work done in Los Algodones but decided against it. I googled dental tourism in Mexico and came across Cancun Dental Specialists.

    Scheduling was easy because it was by chat. As a heads up, even if you stay at an Airbnb, arrive before your appointment, or stay a week after you complete your treatment, Cancun Dental Specialists drivers will provide transportation.

    On my first visit, I had a lot of high tech diagnostic imaging done along with speaking to the dentists about to treatment plan. I had mentioned in my initial message that I would need 2-3 dental implants, so they also asked if I wanted cosmetic dentistry as well. As dentists, Cancun Dental Specialists really listen to what their patients want.

    On the second day, I had a couple of filling done. One tooth that they thought needed a crown, they did a filling instead because what if I wanted veneers or cosmetic dentistry in the future. They double checked the imaging to see if a filling would work for that tooth. That blew me away with how much they cared. I then had two teeth extracted, two bone grafts, and one implant placed. So instead of having three implants, I will have two implants and a bridge. This all happened in a day. Two fillings, a tooth cleaning, two extractions, two bone grafts, and one implant placed. That was fast. The pain was mostly inflammatory and lasted for a couple of days. It felt like somebody punched me in the jaw. The pain was not as bad as I expected it to be. I was given a local anesthesia.

    On my last visit, I had more diagnostic imaging done and spoke with the dentists about my next visit and answered my questions. I wanted to come back in May because of semester break, but they wanted me to come back later like in June when I have my clinical internship and college classes. So I get to come back in August to get a couple of cavities filled along with my bridge, dental implant crown placed, and last implant abutment placed.

    On my first visit, I split the bill between days only for my first visit. I was given the price for my second and third visit. I was blown away by the prices. I thought that I would easily pay ten thousand dollars for everything, but all together my dental treatment is between five thousand and six thousand dollars. That alone is the price for one dental implant in the United States.

    The dentists are wonderful. No judgement. They even mentioned to me to keep taking good care of my teeth. Their English is also very good. I had many coworkers skeptical and naysaying about getting dental work done in Mexico, but I have absolutely no regrets. If you need major dental work done such as dental implants, you cannot go wrong with Cancun Dental Specialists.

  • City: Latrobe, PA

    My fellow Americans. Think about that mess of dental problems you can’t even bear to look at any more and can’t afford to fix at your local dentist or university dental school. Some how you ended up here, at the Cancun Dental Specialists website. During my week in Cancun I saw there were many dental offices in the area but can’t imagine any of them could match the attention, care and skill you will receive from CDS. In a week they will transform your mouth. First, A professional you need to handle any dental problem works in their office. I’ll describe my six days of treatment. Pickup at the airport. When you arrive at Cancun airport there are hundreds of people offering rides. No need for them or to worry about their reputation. CDS has arrangements worked out to get you to your accommodations without any hassles. They provide transport in very nice vehicles to and from each appointment and escort you to and from the beautiful office. On my first day they took X Rays and photos. Next was individual evaluations by a dentist, restorative dentist and an oral surgeon. They huddle up and draw up the treatment plan. You’ll then meet the financial department and discuss what needs to be done and what it will cost. I made a 50% payment and left for the day. Day 2: Two root canals in about 75 minutes and then impressions. Day 3: 6 hours in the chair in a day that included another root canal and five extractions. Day 4: Five implants and core build ups. This was a long day, about five hours. Day 5: Five temporary crowns put on. Day 6. Final exam for this phase. Still afraid of my before, they coaxed me to open my mouth and see what happened. Wow. The front top and bottom teeth looked great. All were bright white. The temporary crowns filling in the holes. Very pleased. After a week in Cancun I was meeting 40 people at an all-inclusive resort for the first time and could do so with a normal looking mouth. One member of the group is a dental instructor and was impressed with the volume and quality of the work and the reasonable pricing in comparison to USA dental offices. It’s been two months and all is fine. In another four months I’ll go in for Phase II where the temporary crowns will be replaced, implants will be crowned and other crown work will be performed as well as another implant that couldn’t be done on this visit. After Phase II I’ll go back one more time for one more crown, In less than a year a full rehab will have been performed. A note: As requested I had sent them copies of recent xrays and amateur photos and they came up with a plan and I made my travel arrangements. . Once I got there for their in-person evaluation they modified the plan and Phase I was cheaper than originally projected and Phase II will be more. This place is plenty busy but take the time to get it right. I think I read they’ve taken care of 15,000 Americans in 13 years. Other places in Cancun and Mexico will also do dental work for you. I originally was considering another place but when they asked for $3,000 before arrival I got nervous and luckily discovered CDS. Please give them your consideration if you are ready to deal with your dental problems. They’ll take care good care of you. CDS can recommend local accommodations though I was happy with an Air BNB option. During these COVID times, I must admit I felt a lot safer in Cancun than I did in my home state of Pennsylvania, so don’t worry about that. The website has a chat and it seems like someone will answer questions 24 hours a day. They are the real deal, before, during and after treatment.

  • City: Round Rock, Texas

    To anyone thinking of coming to Cancun for your dental needs, I can’t recommend Cancun Dental Specialists enough! They go above and beyond to make you feel welcome, taking care of you every step of the way.

    Transportation is taken care of from beginning to end; they will pick you up at the airport and transport you to your hotel, as well as transport you to and from your appointments from your hotel.

    The staff and doctors are all top-notch professionals, and they work very hard to see that you are comfortable and listened to. All of them speak English fluently, so if Spanish is not your native tongue, it’s not an issue at all. The clinic is multiple levels, with state-of-the-art equipment in every room.

    My recent visit (December, 2021) was no different than a visit I did six years ago – the same high level of attention and care, and the same high level of work and professionalism.

    Thank you to Tony, Hector, Luis, and all the staff for making my trip absolutely worth it!

  • City: Frederick, Maryland

    CDS is the best of the best. My husband and I traveled from the US to get dental work done. I had implants and bridges. PERFECTLY MADE. the doctors there are professional, kind, courteous, experienced. The entire staff was amazing, from the drivers to the receptionist. Prices are very reasonable, a breath of fresh air from the overpriced dentists in the US. I am so happy with the results. I highly recommend this place. We had a great experience. Vacation /high quality dental treatment.

  • Brian Moncaster
    November 13, 2021 8:45 pm
    City: Canada

    It’s very rare that I feel the need to post reviews but when you come across exemplary service and dedication to customer care I feel the need to pass the word on. CDS exceeded all my expectations and more on a complete mouth restoration.Every person that I dealt with was extremely polite and professional.I should make special note of Dr Gustavo and his top notch dental technician,,they were both amazing throughout the entire process.Highly recommend CDS to anyone that requires any dental work..10 star status all around.Thank You

  • City: Elizabeth

    Everyone at CDS contributed to a great experience. Drivers, receptionists, doctors and nurses I cannot thank you enough. Special thanks to Doctor Galvez who was not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, but also very kind and showed that he really cared about the work he did and me as a patient. His work was even better than what I expected. Gracias!!!!

  • Michelle L Tierney
    November 6, 2021 7:19 am
    City: Panama City Beach

    I was shockingly surprised at the level of professionalism and care given to me by every single employee I came in contact with. From Carlos who initially sold me on the idea of even using dental cancun specialists to the front desk ladies, the shuttle drivers, Maggi in finance and of course all of the wonderful dentists, periodontist, technicians and everyone involved in my dental care. I received way better care here than I have ever received in America. I am actually looking forward to returning in 6 months to finish my treatment plan and who ever says they look forward to a dental visit. Lol. Absolutely 100% satisfied customer here 🙂

  • City: New York / Tri-State Area

    Dr Brenda and Dr Julian G are amazing, professional and friendly.
    My experience with them was great.
    Roger one of the drivers was super friendly too.
    The doctors were honest about the treatment and what was convenient for me to do .
    Dr Julian did the extractions and I felt no pain at all afterwards.
    Dr Brenda placed my crowns and also fixed some other issues I had like cavities. Her assistant was super nice as well .

  • Sharon Clements
    November 5, 2021 3:21 pm
    City: Toronto

    I was hesitant to try an out of Country dental service but was convinced by a friend who has used CDS for the past few years that this was the only way to get my implants. This was by far the best decision I could have made. The price in Toronto was out of my price range but CDS did a great job for less than one third of the price. Not only that but the service was amazing from a pick up at the airport to our hotel, drives to all appointments by friendly, professional drivers, great front desk staff and of course amazing doctors who did excellent work from start to finish. The communication from before my arrival and follow up calls and e mails showed how much they care for their patients. As a bonus I also got a few days vacation for both my stays. I highly recommend CDS for anyone needing any dental work.

  • Alex Vinnitsky
    October 1, 2021 12:43 pm
    City: Sarasota, Florida

    I’m happy with my new smile!
    First I did Xray and estimation on local Florida clinic:
    each e-max porcelain veneer about $1150 + 6 month job, sent by email everything to Cancun for another estimation – $390/each veneer + 7 days job! (I like this plan much better) + Hotel Riu Cancun all inclusive&flight $1300.
    Service at CDS is impeccable: super professional stuff, especially Dr. Andrea Pichardo, high technology equipment, pick you up and drop you off back-and-force. ​
    ~ 20 pcs in 7 days (6 bottom and 14 top veneers)
    ~ yes, it was hard experience for me as well – couple days lied down on the dental chair for 6-7 hours ​ ​I’ve got done more than I expected and I highly highly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists

  • City: North Bay

    In Canada I think that my dentist just liked to cause pain.
    I’m convinced of it now.
    I had all my bottom teeth pulled here and implants put in… pain free. Even the needle to put me under semi to sleep I hardly felt.
    In Canada I could not wait to get outa the chair.
    Here in Mexico, I just can’t wait to go back….
    So professional, mostly women, the guy that gave me the needle was so easy to talk too.
    I’m going back tomorrow n looking Forward to it. I would highly recommend this to anyone….

  • City: Miami, FL

    Impressed, impressed, impressed.
    I had a full mouth restoration replacing over 20 years of crowns and retreat the root canals. First I had an evaluation in June and was impressed with the High-end technology and equipment, dentist services, evaluation, and of course the cost of the dental plan. When I came back in September, I had only 6 days, which is really hard to restore over 22 crowns, retreat the root canals and extract the necessary teeth. Dr. Irma Gavaldon greeted me in the office and wished a pleasant painless procedure. Dr. Gustavo Mareno was taking care of no other dentists back home in my entire life. Dr. Javier Paz extracted 5 back teeth including 2 wisdoms, installed the bone graft, and sew, I didn’t even feel anything. Had dinner after one hour after extraction and had no pain, no inflammation. All medicine they prescribed; I didn’t even use for no need reason. Dr. Guillermo Gomez retreated my root canals, using the latest technology and spending a lot of time under the microscopic and many Xrays by Genoray sensors until the canals were done extremely perfectly. If you’ll look on a panoramic xray, even the blind can find the difference between the work he’s done and previous. Now I have to return back about in 6 months for the implant work. They installed temporary single crowns which look like expensive zirconia material, and I feel it my own teeth. Coming back home, my neighbor highly experienced dentist with a high-end practice in Aventura, FL noticed my excellent teeth and didn’t even notice that is temporary teeth and highly complimented the work. I would like to thank the whole crew of CDS including assistants, technicians, administrative staff, and drivers who never were late and highly punctual like Swiss. Some days due to my lack of time, doctors were working with me 10 hours with huge patience. And I’ll see you all soon again and happy I’ve chosen you.

  • City: Winston-Salem

    CDS is amazing, they have changed the way Dentistry is done. Everyone is very professional, caring, highly skilled and at your finger tips. High tech equipment and treatment. Totally unlike any dental experience I have ever had. The treatment and care is 10 levels higher than anywhere else. I was just very impressed how everything was done on such a high level. Before and after photographs so we will never forget. The prices are 1/4 of the states if not more, the care is quicker and better. Thank You so much for my smile CDS and Dr Wendy!

  • City: Painesville, ohio

    I arrived in Cancun on 9/6/21 had 4 appointments, awesome staff, they picked my wife and I up from our Resort for all appointment. I had major dental work completed and have to return for my implants. My experience was fantastic, not near what they wanted to charge here at home for the same work. Top Notch facility and Staff. Thank you

  • Rabeeh Neshati Mehrizi
    September 14, 2021 4:31 pm
    City: Houston, Tx

    Hi, we got very great service, clinics were so nice and very professional.. special Thanks to Mr CRYSER at the main office. for all he has done for us us..defently recommend.

  • City: Washington DC

    My second visit and three implants later and another to be finished in January 2022 and I am thrilled with my teeth. The place is spotless, everyone is a perfectionist, caring, warm and friendly. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my major dental work, and the fact that it’s less than a third of the US price doesn’t hurt either. Being able to lay on the beach while the novocaine wears off is pretty good too!

  • Rosemary Jeter
    August 31, 2021 12:36 pm
    City: Huntsville

    I was very pleased with the way everyone help me around and made sure I was always comfortable. The driver’s were also great help, please remember to tip the driver’s. I look forward to my return visit in six months

  • City: Edison nj

    I am very happy with the work I got done with CDS. I am from New Jersey,I did four crowns and restore two implants with them . I did not have any type of pain .The staff and dentist are very professional and truly care about your needs. The equipments are advanced.I would definitely recommend my friends and family to go to them . Thank you guys for making my smile beautiful .I would return for future work .My husband got a deep cleaning with them and he told me it was the best cleaning he have ever got.Thank you !

  • Tatiana Kolesnikov
    August 6, 2021 7:56 am
    City: New York

    My name is Tatiana Kolesnikov and I live in the United States.
    A year ago, a friend of mine told me about the dental clinic, where doctors completely changed her teeth.
    She looks great with them.
    I followed her example and went to the clinic to have my teeth fixed.
    All the people in the clinic work flawlessly, but my doctor Gustavo Moreno did a great job working on my teeth for many long hours.
    He works with high professionalism, care, attention and kindness.
    I will definitely recommend doctor Gustavo to all my friends who come to the clinic.
    I want to sincerely thank the doctor and once again admire his work.
    He has hands of gold.
    Im 64 years old and I have seen many dentists, but I never seen such a wonderful doctor as Gustavo Moreno.
    Thank you, Doc!!!
    My Cell: 1-718-915-0879

    For Russian speaking people:

    Меня зовут Tatiana Колесников и я живу в Нью-Йорке.
    Год назад моя знакомая сделала себе зубы в клинике и я последовала ее совету. Она была очень довольна.
    Мне 64 года и я видела много дантистов, учитывая, что имею проблемные челюсти.
    Но такого доктора, как Густаво Морено я не встречала никогда.
    Великолепный мастер своего дела!
    Внимательный, заботливый, аккуратный, отличный профессионал своего дела.
    Золотые руки – никак иначе я не могу сказать о нем.
    Я от всей души и всего сердца благодарна доктору Густаво за его работу!
    Мой телефон: 1-718-915-0879

  • Kalica Rahim
    July 30, 2021 7:08 pm
    City: Edison New Jersey

    I am very happy with the work I got done with CDS, I am from New Jersey,I did four crowns and restore two implants with them . I did not have any type of pain .The staff and dentist are very professional and truly care about your needs. The equipments are advanced.I would definitely recommend my friends and family to go to them . Thank you guys for making my smile beautiful .I would return for future work .My husband got a deep cleaning with them and he told me it was the best cleaning he have ever got.Thank you !

  • City: Missouri, USA

    I’ve had nothing short than a great experience here! From root canals to veneers, I’ve received great care. Much better than what I have found back in the States.

  • City: Winter Park FL

    I am very happy with how things went in the first of the 2 phases of the treatment.

    All the staff is very professional, kind and helpful and immediately put you at ease.
    I explained my needs and we decided together on the most appropriate treatment.

    Although 7 implants were placed, I did not have the slightest pain and everything went as they told me they would go.

    Of all I want to thank Julian G. who operated me and Dorada for her support.

    Cleaning is just perfect.
    All machinery and furnishings are new.

  • Michael C Clark
    July 19, 2021 2:49 am
    City: Deland

    I am from US FL and everyone. Will hopefully listen. And understand that I had been thru lots of hack shop chain dental places. Genetics worked against me .And I have clef lip and Palit. So any procedure in U.S. anywhere. Was gonna be basterdized and very very expensive….Really one place wanted 75000.For snap in dentures. I was really not even able to imagine. What to do…Well I really really did my homework very thoroughly. And At any rate Everyone…the whole staff was very very professional and honestly so kind and informative…And would and have always.been very helpful. ReEnded up with 8 implants 2 bone graph. And really the final teeth r absolutely amazing So much better than my original teeth. Toothache (( NEVER AGAIN))…. And even the surgery part. Was amazing as well…had very few teeth . In bad shape 16 roots I remember…after Dr Pez ( Oral Surgeon).. as well …but I was in 0 pain …. absolutely was so confused. No pain at all… At any rate ..I would not even imagine going back to some of the 1970’s Dental practices I’ve seen in past…Your Dental knowledge can be improved with internet…But I can definitely see myself taking a weekend and flying back to Mexico…When the time comes.But I want to thank everyone at Ocean Dental and CDS…For being so on point and giving me my teeth back and they look great and I can eat anything I want…and I can even speak better now…I’m very Grateful and thankful once again..

  • City: Missouri, USA

    I’ve been coming here for 2 years and have loved the results. The treatment is exceptional and the patient care is the best I’ve had!

  • City: Texas, USA

    As an American from Texas, its a little scary coming to Mexico for dental work. I mean its your teeth were talking about! With that being said, I am VERY happy with my decisión. I originally came in to have 20 Veneers done in my mouth but after speaking to the team they recommended I only need 10. Saving me a few thousand dollars. I thought this was great considering they easily couldve just agreed with me and charged me for the full 20 Veneers. They are very busy so my advice would be to ask any question that comes to mind and they will answer it for you. The facilty is very clean and I didnt once ever question the sanitation. They pick you up and drop you off to the hotel as well. This is a real review and I love my teeth. Not once did I ever feel pressured to make a decisión I didnt want to. ASK FOR BENNY his english is great and hes very informative and Will walk you though the entire process. Also Veneers come with a 5 year warranty as well.

  • City: NY

    Cancun Dental specialists is the only destination you need for your dental cosmetic needs. As soon as you walk in you are welcomed and tended to one of the most beautiful, accommodating,receptionist I have ever met! Her name is Janet and she along with the expert surgeons will make your trip worth while. I can’t wait to come back for my follow up!

  • City: NY

    First and foremost, I’d like to thank the entire staff for there perfect hospitality and state of the art service. From the warm welcome at the front desk to the stellar outcone that was promised from the beginning, Cancun dental specialists is the destination for your dental needs.

  • City: Escanaba

    Had 8 implants and several root canals. Been 3 months and all is good! Love a full bite and grateful for the work I had done!

  • David Midgett
    June 29, 2021 5:46 pm
    City: Pinellas Park, FL

    Thrilled Just Isn’t Praise Enough!

    I have never met finer, more personable and professional people in any business, much less in a dental office. Every step of the way they were helpful, informative and comforting when it came to my dental needs. I have been plagued with difficult dental problems all my life, and in just a matter of months, since I was having a total remake of my dental work done, my problems are gone. Dr. Irma and her staff, especially Cryster, Dr. Tony and the support staff listened to my worries and concerns and eased my fears. The result is I now have a smile that I share with everyone and I can eat anything! For those who may be concerned about traveling abroad to have dental work done I would say to you, talk with these wonderful people. I could not have asked for a better outcome and I have referred several people since my first trip to Cancun in Nov 2020. If you are undecided or wary, based on what your dentist at home in the USA has told you, take a quick trip and visit Cancun Dental Specialist. You will be pleasantly surprised

  • George Woods Baker
    June 8, 2021 1:29 pm
    City: Santa Barbara, California

    I cannot express my gratitude enough for the extraordinary care and skill everyone at CDS has shown. I worked with three dentists to replace several crowns, a bridge and prep for an implant. During the process Wendy, Thelma and Oscar all found and corrected mistakes and problems that other top-ranked dentists here in the states (Beverly Hills!) have missed or completely ignored for many years.

    I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

    I want to thank everyone at CDS.. Each and every one of them from the drivers who picked me up and took me back to my hotel after each appointment, to the front line staff who managed the logistics, to Maggie who handled the billing and insurance coordination, as well as the dental assistants and every dentist who work so hard over long hours to provide an exceptional service in a world where we have many choices but few who can match the claims.

    I highly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists to anyone looking for a modern, cost effective solution to their dental needs. The location is a bonus. You just can’t beat it!

    • City: Canton, OH

      After reading the reviews I am more inclined now to call and perhaps decide to go to this dental specialists. Your review greatly influenced what I positively thought would be the only the option for my dental needs.

  • Helene Brown
    June 2, 2021 1:29 pm
    City: Santa Clara

    I am so pleased with the work that Cancun Dental Specialists/Smile Makeover have done. They are the best! Far better than any dentists I have had in the United States. This is my second trip and I like the fact that they have several dentists specialized in various areas to handle and treat any type of dental work. The dentists are so gentle and the process was as painless as possible. I am super happy with the results. My implant looks fantastic and so are my new 2 crowns. They listened to me but gave me an unbiased diagnosis and a treatment plan based on what I needed without trying to sell me up, which ended up being less of a treatment plan than what my US dentist had prescribed. I highly recommend Cancun Dental Specialist/Smile Makeover! Their work is impeccable and the prices are fair. Great value for your money!

  • City: Somerset

    I love CDS!

    I just returned from my second trip. This time I had a little problem down there, I think some of the beer is counterfeit and not safe to drink, so, beware of that. Because I was sick one day I missed my second appointment. That threw off my whole schedule and I had to add 2 more days to my trip. The financial specialist helped me change my flight on Expedia but I could not extend my hotel on Expedia. When I talked to the hotel front desk they would not give me the Expedia rate for the additional two days. I had to pay $386 for one more night in the hotel and then I decided that was just too much to pay again for another night so CDS got me into a nice Air BNB for free for my last night.

    If you’ve never been to CDS and you’re not sure about going to Mexico to get good, fair priced dental work, don’t worry. My first time I had 2 teeth pulled, a bone graft, 2 implants put in, 2 crowns, and 2 old silver fillings replaced with resin for $3,100. This time I had 2 teeth installed, 1 crown, and 1 old filling replaced with resin for $2,900. CDS does good work for a fair price and they are not out to do more work than necessary or over charge you.

    All of the dentists and most of the assistants speak English well.

    They have drivers (Discovia) pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel. Then the drivers pick you up at your hotel and take you to your appointment and then they take you home after you are done. The drivers are usually on time but they can be 10 minutes late sometimes because, at times, the drivers can get over tasked.

    My advice if you are going down for the first time, make your trip at least 1 day and probably 2 days longer than you expected. CDS is very busy so if you need more work done than you expected, which can happen, it can be difficult to fit it in their schedule. CDS is open 6 days a week, closed on Sunday. The dentist and assistant will even work late to finish something if they have to.

    Without a doubt I will go back to CDS for any future dental work.

  • Ernest Castellano
    May 2, 2021 2:11 pm
    City: North Carolina

    I recently booked vacation in Playa Del Carmen and had always wondered about having dental work done
    in Mexico. I contacted Cancun Dental Specialist about
    setting up a cleaning and a consultation for possible
    aesthetic work. I was contacted by Mr. Cryster Arriaga, who helped me every step of the way. Since I was staying in Playa Del Carmen, he arranged for my visit to their affiliate office there. Transportation from the airport was provided from the airport to my hotel and to the office. The entire experience was excellent. The receptionist, Jovana, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. I brought a friend along and he was so impressed, that he had a teeth
    whitening treatment while he was there. I was very pleased with the experience and I plan on returning for
    the aesthetic work as soon as my schedule allows.

  • City: Maryland

    I’m from the Unites States and like others who would probably think twice about having medical treatment done in another country, I did as well. I did my research over some months and found many rave reviews about the costs, service and quality of treatment in Mexico. I was still nervous, but ready to have my dental work done, so I contacted Cancun Dental Specialist, did a virtual consultation and booked a flight to Cancun Mexico. From beginning to end the service was impeccable. My first point of contact was Ana. She was always available, patient and knowledgeable about the cost and type of treatment needed. She was an amazing liaison between myself and the dental specialist. In addition, Ana assisted with locating housing while I was in Cancun for my procedures. She provided several options from a list, but I chose Sam’s place. The apartment was amazing and beautifully decorated in a quiet residential area, and it has a swimming pool with 24 hour security. My stay at Sam’s was so peaceful and relaxing, because it was coupled with the wonderful service from Cancun Dental and Sam’s place. The dental service made sure I was picked up on time, taken to my appointments and comfortable every step of the way. Sam made sure I had meds, great healthy food to eat and a comfortable environment to relax in after my treatment. And he’s a good cook. I am so thankful that I made the decision to have my dental work done at Cancun Dental Specialist and grateful that Sam’s place was there to assist me alone the way. Sam’s place was a budget conscious stay that exceeded the value of any price I could have paid. Thank you Cancun Dental and Sam for a wonderful dental experience. I returned home with a healthy amazing smile that I love. I will be returning to Mexico for a couple of minor finishing touches and I’m looking forward to completing my dental work and getting a few days of rest and relax vacation time in too. Don’t be afraid go, the cost and service exceeded anything I could have received at home!!!
    Gail. T

  • Carol LaMonica
    April 28, 2021 3:56 pm
    City: Hayesville

    Once again I write to express my satisfaction with the care I received from CDS. Over two days Dr. Alvarez with Andy Mendez and Isabel Ortiz assisting completed 10 crowns. The results are amazing and I plan to return for additional dental work in the near future. Anna Achurra was very professional and completed my x-rays and molds with gentle hands. Definitely a pleasant way to begin a dental procedure. Benny Gonzalez managed the office proceedings with patience and understanding and the customer service team in the front office made sure everything ran smoothly, always pleasant and smiling. I must not forget the transport drivers who were always a pleasure to talk to. We had many good stories to share resulting in much laughter and good wishes. And finally congratulations to Dr. Irma Gavaldon on your success with CDS and the incredible staff you have assembled. Job well done!

  • Kurt Schildhauer
    March 19, 2021 6:59 pm
    City: Chico

    This was the best decision I’ve made in years. 5 stars
    The staff is wonderful, the results are beautiful, the price was great.

  • City: Cancún

    Excelente atención en recepción de las señoritas Maggie y Ana.
    También excelente atención de la Dr. Andrea

  • Rocca L. Gros
    March 10, 2021 9:40 pm
    City: US

    Dear Dr. Irma Gavaldon:

    I would like to say a big “thank you” for assigning Dr. Krishna as my dentist when I came to your clinic.

    As you are aware I was somewhat a nervous patient, exacerbated by unpleasant experience I had with my previous “All on Four” Zirconia Denture. Wich the margins were totally off. It resulted in me avoiding going out to dinner with friends and family with the fear that my “All on Four” would just collapse in public. I have been dealing with this problem for two years. Searching for a solution, I finally came across your website and decided to give you a try.

    However since coming to Cancun Dental Specialists I have always found Dr. Krishna and your team to go out for their way to make the experience as stress free as possible for me. I was so impressed that she took the time and effort to talk me athough the precess and explain each step in detail. Everyday I had follow up appointment to ensure that my new “All on Four” would be ready in time. Although the procedure was quite involved, I can genuinely say it really was pain free!

    I am thrilled with the end result, form my “All on Four” it fits beautifully and having shown my family and friends the can’t even tell that a switch was done! I am also really pleased with the color she chose for the teeth. When it was over, I broke down and cried with joy. Dr. Krishna gave me a big hug. Whay a great experience it was 100% worth it!

    Thank you so much for having Dr. Krishna as part of the team at Cancun Dental Specialists, She is truly a great dentist and prosthodontists.

    With so much appreciation and gratitude,

    Rocca L. Gros

  • Julia & Steve Davis
    March 6, 2021 2:25 pm
    City: Navarre, FL 32566

    Cancun Dental Specialists

    Are the best in the world.
    How do I know?

    $18k total cost CDS
    $58K total quote USA

    My husband and I have been to many dentists in the USA from coast to coast.

    The USA doesn’t have dentists this good.

    backed with the best technology- $1mil “3-D” panoramic xray machine.

    this machine finds infections in the gums that cannot be detected another way. Therefore, the USA can’t match up!

    They found 4 major infections in my mouth- 1 went back 3 decades to a root canal under a bridge in Cambridge, MD- another one was on a front bottom tooth from a root canal performed 7 months prior from Navarre, FL

    …btw the head girl in that dental office was aghast when we told her we were going to Cancun for dental work.. She insisted they fix botched mouths from MX all the time..

    … I didn’t bother to call her back to tell her CDS found an infection they left in my mouth- etc. etc.

    The USA sends you away to different doctors for different procedures like root canals- spreading dental completion time over several months.

    At CDS you sit in one chair and every specialist needed or surgeon is coordinated to come to you while you sit in the same chair.

    All employees are expert at their role- efficient- fast and very nice- not like the dental stuck-up crowd that give you that elitist aire in the USA.

    CDS’s offices and treatment rooms are so nice you actually look forward to going back.

    I referred a traveller I met in Cancun and he was going to get 27 caps- restoring his entire smile by the time his plane was due to take off in 6 days.

    We flew in on American Airline travel points (Aadvantage credit card accumulation) and set up a 5 night all inclusive resort from for $647… stayed in a great Airbnb at Cancun Plaza water view 4 nights $91/n all up

    this is a non-paid advertisement- we were paid with terrific smiles.
    Julia Davis

    • City: Zephyrhills

      Great honest review! I’m headed there when passport arrives. Florida dentists have tortured me for 10years! Paying out-the-A__ there shake-down prices! Beyond Pissed.

  • City: Tinley Park, IL

    Hello my name is Erin ( and I am in the process of having an “All on 5” procedure with the amazing people at CDS in Cancun!!! Phenomenal Doctors/Specialists! And a wonderful and caring staff!!! Excellent drivers that go extremely out of the way to help you! Such a GREAT experience! I’ve recommended them to everyone I know with Dental issues! I Can’t wait to go back!!!

  • City: Hanford

    I had a great experience I had my teeth cleaned and everyone was so nice special thanks to our driver Diego de la cruz for being so reliable

  • City: Hanford

    Diego de la Cruz our driver to the clinic airport and hotel was an absolute blessing we will forever be grateful for the clinic and Diego for being such a person to be trustworthy

  • City: Troy NC

    Maggi and the girls in the front are very friendly, they make one feel welcome and always have a smile on their face.

  • City: Modesto

    I am certain I will not have enough positive words or room to elaborate on the excellent overall services we received from the staff at this amazing state of the art establishment. Cancun Dental Specialist made my dentist office in the States look like it came from another time era. From the initial email communication with Carlos, to the pick up at the airport to the drop off, we received excellent service. I had already visited my dentist in the states a few months prior to this trip so I initially only wanted a whitening. My husbands mouth was the main reason for us going. In the States a full mouth of implants run $57,000.00 however at Cancun Dental Specialist is was a fraction of that cost. After my exam they suggested the following; removal and replacement of 5 filings, 4 additional filings, a deep cleaning, whitening, 1 implant and a bridge for a little over $3000.These additional items certainly weren’t on my list of things to do in Cancun but My Husband insisted. Again, my work was done for a fraction of what I would have paid in the States. I am a happily blessed woman with clean teeth and an even happier blessed husband!! We will see you in 6 months!!

    • Shari Verstraeten
      February 28, 2021 11:13 am
      City: Carmichael, Ca

      Did your husband get dental work done here? I am from Sacramento, Ca and I need a full mouth dental implants, but the price in Ca, is only for the wealthy. I would appreciate any negative or positive feed back, please.

  • City: scottdale, ga.

    These are the best dental care professionals in North America. You can read all about them here:

  • City: Houston

    This was my third visit in 3 years. @nd time to do major dental work. I had a surgical extraction, implant and a crown done in a day and a half. They had me come back a 3rd day to double check everything. They called a week later to see if everything was OK. They picked me and my friend up at the airport and for each visit. Sent us a driver at 4am to catch our return flight home. Price was exactly what the web site shows. I am so satisfied with this dental company. I will not use anything else! Great service, great work and treat me like they appreciate my business. Thanks Cancun Dental Specialists!

  • City: Edmonton AB

    I seriously am having a hard time deciding where to start, I’ll summarize my experience with one word “AMAZING”. I totally refurbished my entire mouth, my teeth were horrible, I was scared to call at first but my lord am I ever happy that I did call. Very first day, got picked up from the airport (free of charge) to the clinic, that’s where we met Magola Ayala (front desk), she was nothing short of spectacular. She took care of me and the wife so gracefully it’s almost indescribable. I ended up getting 5 implants and 3 root canals my first visit, the facility was incredible in comparison to our Canadian facilities, we were very impressed from day one, not to mention the fraction of our Canadian prices.
    On my second visit, I didn’t have much time off as work would not allow it due to COVID-19 rules and regulations, Magola worked magic for me and my wife. She lined me up with Doctora Maria Salet (hands down the best dentist I have ever had the pleasure of working with) she was beyond incredible and so was her helper Dorita, they made my experience amazing, we did so much work in so lil time and the end result was spectacular ( I cannot stop smiling, I get complimented on my teeth daily and hourly). Thank you Dr Salet and Dorita, you will never be forgotten.
    The facility is ran by great staff, our driver (Isai Morales Ramos) deserves the recognition as well, a gentleman by all means.
    I CANNOT find the right words to express how happy and grateful I am for choosing CDS Cancun for my dental needs. I will forever be a returning client. If you’re scared to call them? DON’T BE!! I AM BEYOND SATISFIED

  • Mohammad Imran Zaheer
    November 3, 2020 2:53 pm
    City: Brampton, Canada

    I needed dental implant to get done, been looking around for quite some time and contacted tons of dentist but either due to cost or distance nothing worked out.

    This clinic worked within my budget and their customer experience team helped me a lot to decide and gave me several options.

    The experience at clinic was very impressive as their hospitality, ease of transportation to/from airport was seamless. On the first visit I booked my hotel which was little far and don’t have a choice other than wait for their taxi (free of cost), 2nd visit i booked my hotel within walking distance which was a plus.

    Overall, I won’t hesitate to recommend anyone to Cancun dental, staff is very friendly and doctors are very experienced.

  • City: Tampa fl, USA

    This reviews is for everyone at the clinic , Dr. Gustavo and Dr. Rafael who both work on the design of all my crowns and bridges you were both excellent thanks for your dedication and taking the time necessary to do an excellent job. I who’ve each one of you 5 starts. You answered all my concerns. Let me not forget your assistant very knowable . Sorry the young female doctor who did my cleaning , and. My surface filling . All I can say excellent staff , from your dental coordinators and the drivers. Thank you. All for making my less stressful . Oh let me not forget Ana Paula she was always nice on the phone and helped a bundle.

  • City: Tampa, USA

    I had my Gum Graft done by doctor Oscar Calvillo, he was very gentle, explained the entire prices and how I should take care of my gum after the procedure. It was done oct 22 2020 , today but I have no doubt he did and excellent job. Great dental facility with great doctors. They are all perfectionist . Thank you doc you were excellent.

  • City: Churchville, United States

    We came to this clinic many times. They did so much work for me and my family.It is wonderful the doctors Did a good job The service was Great . I definitely recommend this place.

  • City: Hines Creek AB, Canada

    Let me say Ronald and I are so thrilled with our dental work you have done in our mouths. We want to thank you.

    We are so pleased!

  • City: Hayesville, United States

    My wife and I recently were patients of C.D.S.
    We couldn’t have been happier with every aspect of our encounter.
    We began with Joshua Diaz as our coordinator who worked from start to finish every logistical aspects of our visit, pricing, and after care.
    My Dental care was accomplished by Dr. Abrego.
    He carefully and gently prepared me for 6 crownes and several fillings.
    At no time was I in any discomfort and his many assistants tended to my comfort and calmness.
    Truly a great experience and rest assured you will not be their first patient encounter.
    They simply have EVERY aspect of your care covered.
    Transportation coordinator Luis ensured our pickups were on time and was readily available to dispatch transportation if needed.
    The ladies who attended the desk at the main office were kind and polite.
    At no time was language a barrier as they were multilingual..and good at their jobs.
    In the finance department..Maggie..(May) was there to help solve any financial questions or circumstances that may arise…
    Simply…EVERYONE was great..and we expect to return for more CARE..!
    As a footnote..we are seniors well into our 60’s and were treated like royalty.

    Thanks everyone at C.D.S.
    A fond farewell for now..

    Paul and Carol.

  • City: Fort myers, USA

    I too was reluctant to travel to Mexico for dental work but the cost at home motivated me to at least explore. I’m glad I did. I found a world class (not an exaggeration) clinic with the latest technology with very skilled Doctors and fees 1/3 of customary costs at home.
    Original need was cosmetic and eventually they corrected a over closed bite condition and a dental implant.
    I’m over 70, with years of dental services experience, and can not be more pleased CDS.

  • City: Hayesville, United States

    Went for a cleaning and found out I needed a crown in order to avoid a root canal! This turned out to be a blessing and I had the pleasure of meeting endodontist Dr. Guillermo Gomez. His work was painless and professional as he explained each step of the procedure. My second appointment was to cement the crown and Guillermo Diaz was very detailed and precise as he made sure the fit was perfect. I found the staff to be very supportive and helpful as well. All were wonderful and I would highly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists.

  • Kathleen Malarkey
    September 15, 2020 12:22 pm
    City: White House Station, NJ, USA

    I had dental work completed at CDS and recommended them to my family.

    My brother-in-law was at CDS last week. The dentist there discovered an infection in his sinus that was deteriorating his sinus and could have eventually caused damage to his sight and potentially have infected his brain. The US dentist missed it! Thank goodness for the wonderful staff at CDS!

    Kathy Malarkey, CDS patient in 2018 and 2019.


    I’m beyond grateful to have found this amazing clinic. Dr. Guillermo Gomez saved my tooth by doing apicoectomy surgery, root canal and I got two zirconia crowns. All the endodontists in US told me that I need to pull my tooth in order to get rid of the infection. The clinic has breath taking views of the ocean in every room with great equipment. In addition to that the staff were very helpful and friendly. I trust this clinic and definitely will be back for any dental work I need in the future. I would definitely entrust them and recommend them to all of my family and friends.

  • City: USA

    1st I will say I waited almost 1 year to write this I wanted to make sure every thing would work out ok . well it did ! The entire staff was wonderful ! ! The girls behind the counter greeted me everyday with a smile and made sure I was comfortable. The professional dental staff were thorough and explained everything in great detail so I would understand all aspects of my treatment. I had extensive work done on my teeth over several days. Some of those days were very long because of my involved dental issues however the staff was aware of this. They made sure I had the appropriate amount of breaks. I was also impressed with the drivers who took me back and forth from my hotel. They were prompt, courteous and friendly. My family and significant others were concerned about my decision to go to Cancun for dental work. My significant other accompanied me to Cancun and she attended my initial appointment and she was totally impressed. She praised this experience to my family and others. I was totally pleased with Cancun Dental Specialist. I highly recommend this office.

  • City: Gulfport, USA

    Cancun Dental Specialists were such a blessing to me! From the moment I walked into the office, I had a great experience. The office has state of the art equipment and I was very impressed with their sanitation and safety measures.

    The entire staff were so accommodating, and did everything to be sure I felt comfortable and safe. I am happy to be returning in a few months for another procedure. Much gratitude for the entire staff.

  • natalia chinea
    July 20, 2020 11:35 pm
    City: Miami, USA

    From the first point of contact to returning home after my procedure my experience was great.

    The coordinator Greg Sanchez stayed in constant communication with me the entire time. Providing me with all the information I needed to make my choice with confidence, book my appointments and travel.

    I was provided with transportation, kind attention and wonderful care every step of the way.

    The process was easy, painless and exceeded my expectations.

    Very grateful for the entire team that listened to my concerns and my goals and made sure that I at ease, comfortable and happy.

    My results…a great big beautiful smile that I wear with joy and pride.

  • Angela McClintock
    June 4, 2020 3:07 pm
    City: Waite Park, United States

    Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude to the entire team at this amazing clinic. I had previously had composite resin veneers done somewhere else and I was not happy with my results and my experience there was also not the greatest. I came across Cancun Dental Specialists whole doing an online research on affordable and great dental clinics. Once I filled out an online consultation form I got a call back the next day from Greg Sanchez. Now Greg has been beyond amazing, he not only helped calm down my initial doubts, but was extremely helpful in getting me set up with the procedures I was looking to have done, right down to transportation. Once I decided that I was going to them (Cancun Dental Specialists), Greg Sanchez remained in constant communication with me up until my travel date. I had a lot of questions and he always got back to me in a very timely manner. His professionalism stood out to me. Once I arrived in Cancun, I was met with the driver Daniel, who was super kind and funny. I got to the clinic and the first day they did an in person consultation appointment just to get an idea of what exactly I wanted done or fixed. After the appointment I went back to my hotel and the next day they did the first phase of my procedure which was to fix my original composite veneers and the dentist Dr Guillermo Gomez not only fixed my imperfections, but gave me the exact beautiful smile I was looking for to begin with. I also got filler under my eyes again as the original filler had already wore off. Dr Pazz did my under eye filler and was very gentle and did an amazing Job as well. This was on a Saturday. I came back Monday for my final procedure which was an upper lip lift and was done by Dr Omar Lugo and he was super amazing! I felt absolutely zero pain and he made sure to constantly check on me and make sure I was ok as I was under local anesthesia so I was awake throughout the whole thing. Initially I was nervous but soon relaxed when I realized I couldn’t feel anything. Dr Lugo also made sure to explain everything he was doing at each step of the procedure. Also the same day, prior to my lip lift surgery the dentist checked my teeth and tweaked a minor thing on my upper right lateral. The entire team made sure I was satisfied with everything before I left Cancun. They also organized my transportation back to the airport as well. I have honestly never received this level of care and commitment to a clients well being and happiness anywhere in the US. I highly highly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists and to the entire team : Greg Sanchez, Dr. Omar Lugo, Dr. Guillermo Gomez, Dr. Paz, Maggi, Carolina, to all the amazing nurses and staff and the amazing drivers as well, I just want to say Thank You!!! May you be blessed and I look forward to seeing you all in the future again.

  • City: Steinbach, Canada

    I went to Mexico not knowing what to expect. I was nervous and scared. But all I can say is I’d recommend everyone to go here who needs dental work. They’re super professional and friendly. Absolutely nothing to worry about. Highly recommend.

  • City: Parker, US

    Beyond Excellent! Super friendly and professional staff.

    Guillermo Diaz and Anita are amazing people and exceptional dentist and assistant! I completely trusted them. They were better than any dentist/assistant in the US, by far! I’m pretty sure I can’t begin to say enough good things about Guillermo Diaz and Anita. Dr. Gavaldon is more than lucky to have these two awesome and extremely competent human beings as employees.

    Dental work turned out GREAT as I was a difficult situation having been in a car accident many years ago. I was missing a lot of bone in my upper gum and my palate was reconstructed many years ago. They had their hands full and they pulled it off. I was not an easy case at all. My teeth and mouth look AMAZING!!!

    Greg, who initially mailed back and forth with me on the CDS site was so engaging and very helpful. Greg made me feel very comfortable about traveling to Mexico during Covid for dental work and also on the dental work itself! He guided me through from start to finish and was always at my service when I needed him. Greg works very hard and aims to please all while making you feel like an individual and not just a number for the clinic. Again, Dr. Gavaldon is very fortunate to have such a hard working employee who puts the clinic and the patients first!

    Overall a super wonderful experience. I highly recommend this clinic and especially Guillermo Diaz, Anita and Greg.

    Estoy muy agradecida !!!

  • City: Atlanta, USA

    A hearty thank you to Dr. Irma, Dr. Andre, Master Lab Tech Andy and the amazing staff at CDS.

    I received my new Crystal Ultra All-on-5 permanent denture a week ago today and so far couldn’t be happier with all that transpired during my recent Cancun visit. I was extremely impressed with the kindness, compassion and drive for excellence demonstrated throughout my series of appointments Leading to my new smile.

    The best suggestion I can offer is for you to set aside the obvious cost benefits and consider first the cumulative volume of procedures this team performs each month and the experience it brings to them. Now ask yourself if your dental alternative back home could possibly offer similar hands-on experience? The CDS facilities are also top notch with all the latest and greatest dental technologies available to aid your dental procedures.

    Do your research and look at your options like I did. Call CDS and talk to one of the dental consultants (like my new friend Joshua). Let them map out what can be done for you by the CDS team.

    I am so grateful for all that happened to make this such a unique experience – with skilled dental work done at a great value and performed in one of the world’s most beautiful beach locations.

    Can you say DENTAL VACATION?!?

    Cheers to all!

  • City: NYC, USA

    I too was a tad apprehensive – not only b/c dental work can be scary in itself, but the whole traveling aspect too. However, the entire team from the get-go was super helpful with their guidance, it was a great way to get my necessary work done for a fraction of what it would cost me here in the states. Not only everyone was kind and helpful, they were so meticulous with their level of care and workmanship. I greatly appreciated and will recommend and will return!

  • City: Edmonton, Canada

    I’m one of the biggest sceptics when it comes to leaving Canada for health care or dental but, it seem Canada is only interested in their own personal gain without any concerns for Canadians. This is my second visit to CDS over the last 6 months and the the quality of service puts all Canadian doctors to shame. They strived for perfection and legitimately care about their patients unlike Canada, that is only on the get rich now program. Everyone I’ve talked with in the waiting rooms, shuttles to and from the hotel, have always had something great to say about CDS. I’ve talked with people that have been continuously coming back for all their dental needs for 2-8 years (but I’m sure a lot more years) because the personal at CDS stand behind their work. My personal experience has been the same as all these people and as dental work is required for my family, I will be booking flights back to a place I can trust is looking out for their patients best interest. Thank you all at CDS for your superior service, Canada could learn a lot from your personal.

  • Jennifer Millen
    February 13, 2020 9:11 pm
    City: Hull, United States

    I am truly grateful for finding CDS. I had spent countless money and time at dental offices in the US with less than satisfactory results. I was very hesitant of the unknown. I decided to visit for a consultation first. I was immediately impressed with the technology and sanitation of the clinic. I was given a plan to reach the goals I had. I was shocked at how affordable a total smile makeover was for me. I needed crowns and bridges for 24 teeth. I needed an surgical procedure to correct a root canal done previously and two extractions. I planned my trip for later that year. In 2 weeks time I had a brand new smile. I did however run into a problem after returning home. My gums had been swollen at the time and now had recessed and I had sensitivity. I sent pictures and was advised to return. I returned and to my surprise they 100% warranted their work. They decided to replace all of my crowns at no charge. The entire staff were more than accommodating to me during both trip. All concerns were addressed and I could not be happier with my results. My teeth look and feels so natural. I have been smiling ear to ear since. Thank you Cancun Dental Specialists.

  • City: New York, USA

    I arrived in Cancun three weeks after a filling in New York , that was starting to cause immense discomfort. We were on a short holiday, however the pain increased to ‘emergency dental’ level and after the concierge recommended the CDS group, I was collected by car and they accommodated me immediately. Over days, with two visits, X-Rays, car service, I had a major extraction of a fractured molar, requiring bone graft and stitches, followed the next day by the removal of the New York filling (decay had been left inside the tooth) with a root canal and filling. These two procedures, one by the oral surgeon and the other by the Endodontist Dr. Gomez were both the best dental procedures I have ever had done. My thanks and gratitude to everyone at CDS.

  • City: Vineland, USA

    Two years ago, I first became a patient at Cancun Dental Specialists. I had a periodontal treatment to help save some teeth that were loose and bonded together. I also had my teeth whitened and had one implant in a blank space where a crown had been but had become lose and taken out. My dentist at home said I could not get an implant as there was not enough bone to do the job.
    Dr. Oscar said that there was enough bone and we decided to do one implant. I came back 10 months later to get the crown. I was so happy with the results. Everyone at CDS is so professional and all of their equipment is State of the Art.

    This year, I had the privilege of working with the team Dr. Salet Cabanbas and Odelia Perez. They cleaned my teeth and did whitening. They even called in Dr. Irma to check my implant and after X-Rays, she was not happy with the crown and ordered a new one free of charge. I was overwhelmed with the professionalism and care given to me as a patient.

    I will and have been recommending CDS to everyone, I know who needs dental work. Thank you all for your patience and intense devotion to your profession.

  • City: Amherst, United States

    I would highly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists for all of your Dental Needs.

    They are technologically advanced and professional. What makes them superior, is their exceptional level of patient care. They are kind, compassionate, and empathetic to your needs.
    The well trained staff are truly concerned about you as a person, and make every effort to help you, every step of the way.

    I met wonderful people, especially Greg Sanchez, who made sure every detail was covered in the most cheerful and efficient way possible. I will always be grateful to CDS for the help they gave me.

    Thank you.
    Halina Jawor

  • John and Hannah Service
    November 29, 2019 9:34 pm
    City: Ottawa, Canada

    I had my implants and then the crowns all done with CDS Dentists. They were wonderful! They picked us up at the airport brought us to our resort and transported us each day we needed to go to the dentist. when we moved resorts the took us there and when time came took us to the airport amazing service. I return six months later for my crowns. Much cheaper than Canada. they do a wonderful job. We will get all our dental needs done in Cancun from now on. It was the best dental care I have ever had. They have the best equipment and newest .Very experience staff Ill be back for sure. The best decission we made.

  • City: Florida, USA

    I’m a mom of a adult son with many dental issues from years of smoking Costs to repair his teeth without losing them was astronomical.

    On the recommendation of a friend we came to Cancun Dental Specialists with many fears and concerns – we left with a wonderful new bridge , top quality work and kindness for less than half the cost in addition , I was so impressed that I also had a new crown and laser teeth whitening while there.

    The equipment was State of the Art , very competent doctors, especially Dr. Andrea and Dr. Irma, clean , safe and professional clinic – we will be back.

  • Gene Cerniglia
    November 7, 2019 9:52 pm
    City: Durham, North Carolina, US

    An excellent way to vacation and get some dental work done at the same time. I’ve been a CDS patient for many years and find the staff knowledgeable and very experienced. I’ve had implants and bridge rework done all with no issues. Thanks CDS!

  • City: Fayetteville, USA

    I had a full mouth restoration done last December. I was afraid to go but mustered up the courage and followed through. I’m 57 and it is the best dental care that I have ever received. After I arrived home I lost my night guard and wanted to have another made. I misunderstood some things and there was a bit of static between us and I became frustrated. I want to clarify….that there were some misunderstandings on my part and even tho…I have never regretted my decision to use them and a very happy with my teeth. I have friends that need dental work and I plan to accompany them to use CDS. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you CDS.

  • City: ORLANDO, United States

    I had a great experience here. The clinic is clean and state of the art. They picked me up at the airport, drove me to and from my appointments daily and brought me back to the airport at the end of my trip. All discussion of services and pricing went well and I felt comfortable there. The idea of getting dental work in another country can be daunting, but this place is top notch.

  • City: Gulf Stream, United States

    Examination was very professional, their staff made a restorative recommendation, together with rational permitting an unknowing person such as I to understand and agree on a plan of action.

  • City: Charlotte, United States

    My family and I could not be more impressed!
    I had 4 root canals and a large bridge replaced. My dentist in North Carolina wanted 24,000 dollars to do the work and they did it for 4,900. You can’t beat these prices.
    Not only that though. The work was top notch and they had much better equipment than my local dentist.
    They were professional and couldn’t have been nicer to me and my family.
    I was at first very sceptical about going to Mexico but the reviews on here are correct. This is an incredible find and I will be telling everyone about it.
    I highly recommend this to anyone who needs dental work. 5 stars!

  • City: Port Colborne, Canada

    I went to Cancun Dental Specialists in September 2019 and had 8 crowns and 2 bridges done in one week. The level of skill, courtesy and professionalism is second to none. I am completely thrilled with the final result. Thank you to my entire team.

  • City: Dallas, US

    I went to CDS by Ocean Dental 10 years ago and had 2 crowns replaced by Dr. Irma Gavaldon. Fantastic experience at a great price. I recommended them to several friends and they also gave her 5 stars.

    Last week 9/2/19.
    We went back to have several more crowns done by Dr. Gavaldon. They are now Cancún Dental Specialists, with 2 offices. Dr. Gavaldon was here in the states with a family emergency, I was told during my through “evaluation” that I basically needed a full mouth restoration due to my grinding my lower teeth. Then l was told Dr. Gavaldon was not there to do the work! I was upset and nervous that I needed extensive work. After flying down and paying for a expensive hotel, I almost walked out.

    I’m glad I didn’t! I was introduced to Dr. Rafael Aspirilla who was filling in and is now permanent staff. He put me at ease that he and “his team” would do a great job and consult with Dr. Gavaldon before any work was done. All scans are digital and information was sent by email. They did and she confirmed this was the right course of treatment. After multiple appointments, which they provide transportation to and from the hotel, my initial concerns were unwarranted.

    Dr. Aspirilla and his assistant Dr. Salomon Mendozo exceeded my expectations. By the way, who ever heard of an a “assistant” having a D.D.S. Degree. They are professional, skilled and caring. They go over the top to make sure you are happy with the final work. I’m writing this review back home and it was money well spent.

    I highly recommend them!

  • City: GREAT FALLS, United States

    READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO, my wife and I just got back after having a lot of work done by Cancun Dental Specialists, WE COULD NOT BE HAPPIER, this is the best dental experience I have ever had, AND No one is paying for me to write this. The work they did is first rate bar none, and totally painless, best of all they really care about you, I know that sounds hard to believe, but it is really true. I had just been to 2 dentists in the US and was told that I needed a dental implant and a crown on my lower molar, due to a crack in it, both US dentists said it split the molar in half, it needed to be a the very least crowned and they both wanted to pull the tooth and replace it with an implant. The VERY PROFESSIONAL dentists at Cancun Dental Specialists took complete x rays and showed me that the crack did not split the molar in half and in fact did not even need a crown, THIS IS HOW I KNOW THEY ARE VERY HONEST, the repair was way less than the crown. My wife was informed by her regular US dentist one week before we went, that she needed 6 crowns, and again after a complete examination this turned out to be more than she really needed. After our visit I have complete confidence that they will only recommend what you need and not try to perform work that is not needed. There prices are EXACTLY what are posted on there webpage, not extra surprises. Dr. Imra Gavaldon runs an excellent operation with the latest equipment and a extremely competent staff, you do really get her, she was in my room more that 8 times during the consultation and when the work was being performed, carefully overseeing all the work. The office was extremely clean and in a very safe part of Cancun. They will arrange pick up and delivery from wherever you are staying. I will give my name and contact information with the office and I will be glad to speak to you, try them you will be glad you did.

  • City: Richland, United States

    Good morning everyone,

    I called to get information on their full on implants, it’s Sunday and one of the Dentists still answered the phone and took the time to answer my questions and give me the information I need; and without any attitude, hesitation, or irritation.

    He was genuinely excited and happy to assist me, which is really a relief because I feel like my teeth are really bad and am embarrassed to talk about it. I just want to say thank you and  I am extremely grateful for your time. I look forward to working with you and your staff !!!

  • City: Burleson, USA

    I have been to Cancun Dental Specialists 4 times now and it has been a great experience every time. I had a full smile makeover as far as my smile and gum health. Dr. Irma Gavaldon is a great dentist as well as her team. My hat is off to Dr. Oscar and Anita they are experts , kind and gentle. Never have a had a dentist as gentle as Dr. Oscar. Janet always welcomes you with a smile and courtesy and Alex is a great addition. I know I’m the best hands at CDS. Thanks guys for the confidence you give us.

  • Stephanie Stevens
    July 29, 2019 9:44 pm
    City: Tampa, United States

    I just returned back to the US after full mouth reconstruction including implants, extraction, crowns, root canals, crown lengthening, bite adjustment and bone grafting. I had multiple specialists working on me all of which were 100% knowledgeable and competent with excellent bedside manner. I was treated with compassion which was important to me during these extremely extensive procedures. I felt like a VIP patient the way I was treated from the moment I began discussing with an online representative until the time I left. They made me feel like family and took care of my family just as good as they took care of me!

    I now have a fully functioning gorgeous reconstructed smile and mouth! I waited a long time due to costs here in the US before I found CDS I’m glad I did when I did because I was losing the function of my teeth quickly. Everyone here thought it was risky to go out of the country for such extensive work, but to be honest it put the US to shame. Of course the prices are extremely reasonable but the technology, cleanliness and friendliness of all the staff was extremely impressive.

    I recommend CDS to anybody considering dental tourism. My daughter will eventually need braces and I found out they offer these services as well we will definitely be back for her dental needs in the future! Thanks to everyone there at CDS for all your hard work and dedication to patient satisfaction. All the professionals working at CDS went completely out of their way to make sure I had what I needed and all my needs were met. You guys are truly above and beyond what I expected!

  • City: Cancún, México

    From the first day I’ve been there (4 years ago), all the staff treat me very good and I still go there every time I need. They keep the place very clean, they have a good transport, they pick you and leave you where you need, they are respectful with their patients and the doctors are very professional.

    I recommend 100% Cancun Dental Specialists !

  • Darrell Kueltzo
    July 29, 2019 9:24 pm
    City: Raleigh, NC, US

    Thank you for the wonderful service I received from Dr. Irma Gavaldon and her staff. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I have been afraid of dental treatment for a long time. I apologize for being a difficult patient under anesthesia. The experience at CDS clinic has made me less afraid of dental treatments, I can now get procedures done without conscious sedation.
    Because some surgeries ran over on time, procedures were delayed, however the staff made sure that the work was done before I had to leave. The last night before I was to leave your the stayed until I am making sure I had exactly the right fit to my crowns and performed a last-minute root canal on a tooth that could not be saved. The experience while not pleasurable was certainly a painless one. I received the root canal and crown all in one sitting. Never have I had such great service, and one of the assistants was actually singing softly to the music playing. I found that to be very calming.

    I would certainly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists to anyone wanting quality dental work in a clean modern facility at affordable prices. I saved enough money to cover the airfare and hotel and still be $5,000 USD under what my dentist in the States wanted.

    My bite and mouth feel better than they have in years and I am totally happy with the results. Muchas gracias !!!

  • Jennie A Altstatt
    July 27, 2019 6:17 pm
    City: Brighton, United States

    This was the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist office. The front desk staffer the drivers and the dental staff all treated me with respect and dignity. I cant wait to come back and finish the process and see my new life long family. Thank you guys so much for everything.

  • Daniel Carmichael
    July 25, 2019 7:05 pm
    City: Vancouver, Canada

    Here are all the positives

    1) Most amazing call center staff (ever)
    * Better english than myself.
    * Follow-up calls and emails to clarify the estimate and how everything works.
    * Game plan was set in stone.
    * Taking off from Canada my depression reduced that I was going to have all my dental work up to date from years of trying to slowly do it in Canada with dentists that kept failing me with absurd prices, strange quick fixes and even failed work.

    2) Most amazing shuttle staff
    * Recommended tips of things to do.
    * Pointed out attractions.
    * Always on point.
    * Safe rides to and from my Airbnb which was in Cancun.

    3) Most attractive and on point front desk staff
    * Kept you 100% in the loop.
    * Always checked in on your current physical / emotional state.
    * Went out of the way to bring me my glasses when I forgot them.

    4) State of the art imaging equipment
    * Secret weapon.
    * Nothing gets missed.

    5) Most attractive top of the line female dentists
    * You can feel their intelligence as they approach the chair.
    * Gentle.
    * Artists.
    * Mastered each and every procedure.
    * I’m still holding my hands together and bowing down to these creations of mother earth.
    * Best of the best.

    6) Met the LEGEND behind the master plan
    * Calm so calm you will be calm.
    * Caring fully open heart.
    * Explains in precious detail.

    7) Top of the line dental assistants
    * Each relationship between assistant and dentist was smooth and flowing.
    * Lacked the negative vibration most relationships in Canada have around you while you sit 1~4hours.
    * Caring.
    * Gentle.
    * Suction always on point.

    8) Facility cleaned like it should be

    My scope of work was: 3 root canals, 8 crowns, 3 fillings, 1 apicectomy (finishing a root canal done in Canada that left 5 mm of the root causing infection), option in Canada was to re do it which would weaken the tooth. Got a top of line install and service that will leave me with longevity. Based on multiple options in Canada that fell out of my price range.

    I’m happier than I have ever been. They have earned the Dr. in front of their names. Service to others. Passionate.

    Thank you so much !!!

    Love Daniel

  • City: Lavergne, United States

    I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism. I got a lot of work done for half the price I could get it done for in the US. All the equipment was state of the art. The staff was excellent! I would strongly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists to anyone for anything that needs to be done. I had a 5 post implant procedure. Minimal pain and healed great! No complications. I’m more than happy with the results! Thank you CDS staff.

  • Robert H Brown
    May 28, 2019 4:08 pm
    City: Bradenton, USA

    Great group of dentists and support staff. I cant say that enough – coming to CDS versus US is not giving up any sort of expertise.

    The people in Cancun are sweet hearts and make you feel very welcome.

    Going to Cancun for major dental work not only saved me a bunch of money, the work done on me and my family was first rate. Because of the radical price point differences between here verus the US we were able to afford to do whatever was needed in the best possible way.

    My group of four people got root canals, single implants with crowns, cleaning, scaling, bridge work and an all on 4’s. All the work was done well.

    My all on 4’s basically gave me bionic teeth – they feel more like real teeth than dentures did. I can eat anything. the only problem I have is learning how not to bite myself – which is getting better daily. No pain, they look great, its almost like getting real teeth again. Not quite but almost.

  • Edward Chin
    May 2, 2019 5:51 pm
    City: New York, United States

    Best dental visit in twenty years. No pain, excellent work !!!

  • Mark Alan Schultz
    May 2, 2019 5:47 pm
    City: Fargo, United States

    My wife and I have vacationed in Cancun for the last 30 years and about two years ago we were visiting with a man in Cancun who we had known for a few years who was also on vacation, he shared his dental experiences in Cancun with us and explained that he was there for another dental visit so I started asking him questions. When we got back to the states, I researched numerous dental clinics in Cancun and made a few calls after getting a quote for $18,000 USD at my regular Dentist. I found CDS very professional, they spoke very good English, prices were very reasonable, excellent transportation and my wife and I will go back to CDS whenever we need any dental work done. Nothing better than a “Dental Vacation”!

  • City: Gardendale, United States

    The experience could not have been better. The concierge Alex made my experience so comfortable and welcoming from the moment I was pickef up from the airport. I pray when i go back I see the same loving people. My teeth and gums are healing just like my wonderful dentist said it would.

  • City: Ottawa, Canada

    My two adult daughters and I went on a vacation in Riviera Maya and decided to look into getting some dental work done while there. After reading reviews and getting price quotes by phone, we booked our appointments at CDS. From the free shuttle back and forth, the concierge who greeted us at the door (answered questions, made us feel at east), the super friendly receptionists that spoke excellent English, excellent prices, and especially the quality of the work done, I would HIGHLY recommend this place. The money you will save will pay for a wonderful all-inclusive vacation and then some! We enjoyed our mornings at the resort, and then around 2pm, when we had enough sun (avoiding sunburns), we got picked up, had our work done, and then back to the resort for our A la carte dinner reservations. Wasn’t how we envisioned spending 3 days of our 7 day holiday, but we’re all so so pleased that we did. Worked out perfectly! Thank you CDS!! We love you all and are looking forward to our next visit.

  • City: Vineland, USA

    Excellent service I received from my initial call with Gabriel to completion of my dental work.

    My first consultation was with Dr. Irma the head of the clinic, along with several other doctors. Doctor Oscar put the initial implants with very little discomfort as that was my worst fear. Doctor Irma kept involved through my procedure from beginning to end with excellent results. I followed with a Dr. Aandrea who finished the implants putting the crowns on and fitting my bridge. A very very excellent doctor, very compassionate, very gentle and precise. All in all I have sent about 25 of my friends at our condos to CDS with everyone expressing how happy they were and would come back, as the service met all their expectations. Also another great feature is the you do not have to wait long time for dental lab fixtures as they have an in house lab. Great combo for quick service and great care, who could ask for more!

  • City: United States

    I had extensive dental work done at Cancun Dental Specialists and overall very happy. It was a lengthier process than anticipated and there were some setbacks but I would still do this again. On the first visit I had many of the dentists including Dr. Irma review my case and strategize what would be the best course.

    I originally had a 9 tooth bridge that was failing and needed to be replace. I had the bridge about 30 years and it had reached the end of its life. The plan was to remove the bridge and create a 4 tooth bridge along with 3 implants to anchor and create the remaining 5 teeth. After the bridge was removed several remaining roots were removed and additional bone and 3 implants were added. On the first visit the 4 tooth bridge was completed. The remaining work would be completed on the second visit. A partial denture was made, but did not fit well due to the swelling at the time of the impression. It was explained that the least amount of time that it was worn would be better for the bone graph and implants. Since it did not fit well I did not wear it which was not a problem. I had to wait until the bone and implants stabilized before the rest of the dental work could be done and was expected to come back within 4-6 months. Upon my second visit I was not able to complete the process because some of the bone graph did not take and a sinus lift procedure done to add more bone. Again, I had to wait 4-6 months but there was enough bone in one of the areas to support a temporary 4 tooth bridge rather than a partial denture. On the third visit it was determined that the sinus lift did not work and another one would be necessary. I had the sinus lift done again at no expenses to me other than the anesthesia (they have someone from the hospital administer this which is not covered). At this visit I decided to have a total restoration in two stages and half of my old crows were removed and the rest would be completed at the next visit when the implant would be finished. On my fourth visit I had the 5 tooth implant completed. This is like a denture but is not removable. At that time the remaining teeth that had not been restored where completed. Unfortunately, the two front lower teeth bridge that was placed on a previous visit broke and I ended up going back to Cancun for a 5th visit. At this visit they created a 6 tooth bridge to provide more stability at no cost to me. I also had a root canal done. The additional air fare and hotel does add up to the overall expense but had I completed the process in the United States it would have been substantially more expensive than the airfare and hotel.
    Even with all of the work I had done and travel expenses for myself and husband I still saved a significant amount of money having the work done at Cancun Dental Specialists. I have used their transportation services many times and everyone was very nice and helpful. There were times I just walked because it was close to my hotel. One of the down side is waiting, you do get an appointment time but sometimes you wait. Bring a book to read. The Staff work many late hours and there were a couple of times I did not get out until 9PM and then went back the next day for additional work. My husband has also received services such as root canal and crowns. There are so many people we have meet from around the United States, as well as Canada.
    While my case may scare some away because of the number of trips I made I would not be concerned. I have not been blessed with good teeth and have had a long history of dental problems. Given my age and recently diagnosed health problem that impacted bone loss, which has been corrected I don’t fault anyone with the additional trips. They do guarantee their work.
    I was very selective and when I did my research I notice that Dr. Erma practiced in the United States and went to the University of Michigan Dental School. Dr. Irma did not directly do the work, but oversees the work of others much as they do in the United States Dental School Programs. They have the latest equipment and in fact more than what my dentist has. The waiting room is always filled with patients. That is also a good sign. The majority of people speak English and I never had a problem communicating with the Dentists or Oral Surgeon. I will be going back in a year to have them remove my dental implant and check to make sure everything is ok. If they find anything else, I will have them complete the work while we are there. I have received excellent dental care and have also enjoyed the sun, sand, great dining and a few side trips to experience the culture.

  • Robert Marofsky
    March 11, 2019 7:00 pm
    City: Fort myers, USA

    I am very pleased with all the work I had done and I am looking forward to returning to complete the implant process… The dentist’s I worked with were very confident and did a through job!

  • City: Okotoks, Canada

    Although we. Felt we. Had a wonderful experience at the dental office, the staff all being so friendly and. Helpful . We were taxied back and forth which was a very nice gesture and made going back and forth very convenient. I have to say when I did my many many hours of research I felt very strongly that I was going to insist Dr Irma was the only person I would let. Work on my teeth . I had checked her credentials and felt confident that all seemed to be in sound order. However once we were there she did introduce herself but that was The last we seen of Her until the end of the last appointment. It was immediately a whirlwind of activity . I was taken from room to room with many “ specialists “, seeing over my care. I was having 12 crowns,3 root canals and crown lazer tooth lengthening.. so a lot of work . My husband was having three crowns. In my heart of hearts I still wanted Dr Irma to do my work but they assured me of their experience and said I was in the best of hands . Once we both had Temporary crowns on we both felt relief that we were near the end . We both lost a.Temporary crown but had read in heir handouts that this May happen . My entire top teeth were crowned in Canada 20-25 years ago , I never lost temporary crowns ( which stayed in for two weeks and looked totally like teeth ) I have never revisited the dentist in all these years with any problems. Once my crowns were in place and we were at our last appointment going over any issues, I kept insisting my bite was not right. The dentist did try to correct it but it just didn’t feel good. I convinced myself I probably just needed to adjust to it . I also had a. Crown that didn’t feel at all normal. It had a missing tooth beside it and the dentist said it had to be.That way ?? It feels Round like a barrel and doesn’t really look like a natural tooth.
    So….. to update to now . We have been home 14 days and a crown has snapped off. I am so scared and so disappointed. We went to Mexico looking for a soloution and have come home with likely a bigger problem . Thirteen thousand Canadian dollars spent on our teeth, plus flights and accommodations . I question if we are going to be ahead or are we in for huge problems. I have contacted both our coordinator and the dental office. It is Saturday so I understand why i haven’t heard from them . Come Monday i sure hope they reach out to me as quickly as they did when they they were looking for our business.

  • City: Lacombe, Alberta, Canada

    Hi there, I waited to do a review a couple of months after having my dental work done mainly as I was burned in the past and had to make sure the review reflected my results. First I recommend Cancun Dental Specialists for any of your dental needs. Customer care and service has been great, all staff I interacted with were wonderful, work long hours, aim to give the best of patient care and are very professional. Pricing too was quite affordable. Secondly, the outcome of my work is amazing. I’ve had a number of compliments of my smile, all from those who knew how badly the previous work was from a different clinic. I love my smile, my teeth are gorgeous and smiling now with confidance has finally been restored. I am not noticing a place to upload before and after but trust me, what a difference. Thank you to all who made my experience a positive one and I will for sure recommend Cancun Dental Specialists to anyone looking. Thanks again!!

  • City: St-Hubert, Canada

    I called to book a treatment one year subsequent to having 27 Crowns installed. The response to my request was warm and extremely professional. The actual subsequent treatment was professional and exceptionally well done. Thank you Cancun Dental Specialists for your honesty and professionalism. I recommend your service to everyone.

    Thank you very much for increasing my quality of health and living !!!


  • City: Eugene, United States

    I have been hesistent to leave a review because, let’s face it I was scarred. I made the decision a year ago to travel to cancun to get my smile fixed. I did a ton of research and decided to go ahead with Cancun Dental Specialist. I arrived in cancun and was greeted with a friendly driver from the practice. I went into my first appointment and felt much relief. The office was nice and modern. Still a bit weary because we have all heard the horror stories. I continued with the treatment plan to get my upper front 6 teeth corrected with veneers. After the process was completed I was very pleased. I had the smile I’ve wanted my entire life , took the vacation I’ve needed for years and recieved amazing care from the team. They made it a streamline process. Even when I stayed half the time on Isla Mujeres they still made the drive to pick me up and take me back to the port for my appointments. The reason I haven’t left a review for now almost a year is because I wanted to make sure everything healed fine and I didnt run into any complications. One year later I can say with confidence that I will be returning to them for anymore serious dental work I want done.

    February 8, 2019 7:45 pm
    City: Mexico

    Splendid world class service. I was operated on 2 back implants. Due to my business responsibilities I had a very short time for the treatment. CDS planned a fast track tretament that started on February 1, 2019 Friday morning and was fully completed on February 4. Besides the fast track approach I was attended in the most professional way. Results are unbelievable and right today I feel like having new teeth. Highly recommended clinic, specialists and organization.

  • City: Big Pond, NS, Canada

    Hi. It has been 2 weeks since my final examination after having 19 crowns, 2 bridges & 2 implants performed at Cancun Dental Specialists. I knew no one personally who had work performed at any clinic outside of Canada so I was very nervous about selecting any work outside of Canada. This decision was very hard to make but now after treatment I have determined it was one of the best decisions of my life. I would not have afforded to have this work at home. Hopefully there is room here to share an ode I wrote to the great folks at Cancun Dental Specialists.


    Should you have an opportunity,
    To take a little time.
    Maybe you’ll get a chance,
    To read my little rhyme.

    Never thought I would,
    Write about teeth in such a way.
    But let me tell you what happened,
    Long ago back in the day.

    At the age of twelve years,
    Back in a coal mining town.
    My teeth were a mess,
    And my parents they did frown.

    No money was available,
    To keep them in tact.
    The only answer was,
    Just to extract.

    For years and years of wearing,
    Partial plates and such.
    All the pain and suffering,
    Of which there was much.

    Now at this time,
    Fifty years have passed.
    I have decided to act,
    And get a solution at last.

    Plenty of research,
    For a team I could trust.
    And of course these days,
    Affordability was a must.

    After weeks of research,
    I decided to trust.
    The pros at Cancun Dental,
    And now I know my decision was just.

    From day one on,
    They took great care of me.
    I was very confident,
    And felt it was meant to be.

    Now down at the clinic,
    Dr. Andrea and Brenda are put to the test.
    And in my humble opinion,
    I believe they are the best.

    Dr. Irma comes by,
    Because she cares so much.
    She’ll make you at ease,
    With a smile and a touch.

    There are many more names,
    I could add to this list.
    And I truly apologize,
    To those I have missed.

    All I’m trying to say,
    Is that it has been quite a while.
    But the experts at Cancun Dental,
    Have finally given me a reason to SMILE.

    Dan Leslie
    Big Pond, N.S.

  • City: Antioch, United States

    I cannot say enough good things about this Dental practice. They have changed my life. Their prices are awesome, the staff dedicated and super friendly! They stayed at the office until 2am so that I could catch a flight!! What American dentist would do that! PLEASE NOTE, to my knowledge the drivers are not paid and are doing their jobs solely for our tips. Please try and be generous to them.

  • Charles J Myers
    January 17, 2019 9:32 pm
    City: United States

    I arrived 1-7-19 and they picked me up at the airport and drove me to the clinic. After a evaluation, they drove me to my hotel. Then I was driven to the clinic and to my hotel for the surgery. All the doctors were excellent. The equipment looked new and modern. I need to return July 9th for my bridge. Every employee I had any contact with was just excellent. I recommend them very highly.

  • City: Fayetteville, USA

    I hit the jackpot with is one. I had a FULL MOUTH RESTORATION, airfare, 2 week vacation in a resort with beach-front, scuba diving, snorkling, para-sailing, submarine, jet skiis, lagoon tours, island hopping to Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and I could go on and on, all for $10,000 USD less than I would have paid in the states with no vacation at all! I am so happy with my teeth! I am a horrible patient and they are all so patient, gentle and kind. My teeth are beautiful. My expectations were FAR -EXCEEDED! Do not hesitate for a second, you are in the best hands possible here!

  • City: Dallas, USA

    Best dentist experience I’ve ever had. I honestly can’t wait to come back. Everyone is sooooo friendly and better than any dentist in the states.

  • City: THE VILLAGES, United States

    Was there all last week! Amazing so professional and nice and saved me Thousands!

  • City: Chicago, USA

    I’m in LOVE with my new teeth!! Very pleased with professionalism of the staff, they are all very welcoming and they know their craft very well!!

  • City: Grand Isle Louisianna, USA

    Very professional would recommend this facility to everyone with Dental needs, also very clean and modern facility.

  • City: Saskatoon, Canada

    If you are thinking of going to Mexico for dental treatment. This is the place to go, here they place your dental health above all. Beside a great support staff, the dentists that work there combine their skills to give you great care and the treatment you need. Making you feel relaxed and comfortable with your experience.

  • City: Vancouver, Canada

    Hi I just received 4 implants from Cancun Dental Specialists. I was nervous about travelling from Canada to Mexico to receive treatment. I was warned not to do so. However, I’m completely happy I did. I don’t believe I could have received treatment any better. The hotel and airport pickup/ drop offs make things oh so easy. One week out and problem free. I will return to get the crowns placed.

    Happy customer!!!

  • City: Rockaway, NJ, USA

    I’ll start by saying “Excellent experience & the patient is #1.”

    Last week I was at Cancun Dental Specialists. Being my second trip to CDS, and it was as wonderful as the first. I contacted the clinic and Chris Macias called me very quickly. I sent some pictures and we had a phone conversation about my treatment plan. Excellent customer service! He recommended some local hotels to stay and set up the transportation.

    When I arrived at the clinic I was greeted with smiles and every person at the clinic was helpful, and had my best interests in mind. Dr. Irma and her staff explained everything to me, answered all my questions, and performed excellent work. I experienced no swelling or pain. The facilities are state-of-the-art. You can never go wrong with CDS.

    By the way, Cost savings were incredible!

    Thanks to Dr. Irma and her Staff!!

  • City: New Jersey, U.S.

    My husband and I just came back from Cancun. The planning alone took almost a year, but thankfully my Dental Coordinator Sheri Ross is awesome! She was so patient with me and getting me to the right place and never once faltered so kudos to her first.

    My husband needed work done, but once we had an estimate from his dentist we knew it would be a long process since insurance barely covers anything. Needless to say, our trip to Cancun Dental Specialists was something to write about. The entire staff is patient, nice and helpful. The facility is clean and updated. We were impressed. My husband had a Root Canal, Resin Fillins, Crowns and Braces! He was never in pain and the job the doctors did was great. We have to go back for his adjustments and I will be getting work done as well.

    I can’t say thank you enough to Sheri, the Dental staff and even the drivers who brought there safely and back. It was a great experience!

  • Meredith Osani
    October 25, 2018 5:40 pm
    City: Houston. Texas, US

    Last year I was searching for a reputable, affordable dental solution to have extensive work done to my teeth. I searched everywhere online, from Thailand, to S. America, read endless reviews and noticed a dental office in Cancun kept coming up highly rated. The place, Cancun Dental Specialists (CDS), offered the procedures and prices I was looking for. I reached out to them with questions. Chris Macias, promptly replied with answers to every question and concern I had. I sent pictures of my smile/teeth, told him what I was looking to have done and received an estimate for the work (which was way less then I was told in the states). His english was excellent too, as he communicated with me via phone & email (they also have toll free numbers to call them from the US). I wanted to go immediately for treatment, but had prior obligations, however Chris still maintained constant communication with me (in a courteous, not annoying way).

    While planning my trip to Cancun, I continued my due diligence on CDS. My husband and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to get scammed or have a horrible dental outcome (after all…these were my one and only teeth). We looked up the fb reviews on our own and individually messaged each of them, asking about their experience with CDS. 80% of them got back to us and ALL had nothing but amazing things to say about CDS. They each had work ranging from minimal to extensive, had very little pain & recovery time and months later, were more than pleased. I did a background search on Dr. Irma too. I wanted to make sure her bio was accurate and it was.

    In early October 2018, I was finally ready to go to CDS for treatment. I coordinated my schedule with Chris and booked my flights and hotel. My teenage son and I were off to MX (he was getting braces). CDS offers complementary shuttle service to and from the airport and your hotel. The drivers are all contracted by CDS, prompt, and courteous (heads up- don’t forget to tip them, it’s not required, but a couple of notes go a very long way with them and their families).

    The airport pick up was very easy to navigate, we had confirmation emails and contact numbers, along with the meeting point at the airport. We arrived early afternoon in Cancun, and were off to CDC for the initial exam. The office was a large, clean 2 story building that stretched back to dozens of treatment rooms. My exam took about an hour to complete. It involved several X-rays (the 3D X-ray was cool), before pictures, and conversations with Dr. Thelma and the dental surgeon. My treatment was discussed with me and set to begin first thing in the morning.

    I had a broken upper molar from long ago that was getting extracted and prepped for a bone graft. I was offered gas, along with my local anesthetic (full anesthesia is also an option, but I opted out). The dental surgeon was did my extraction and bone graft perfect. I had no discomfort and he closed my incision with dissolving stitches and medical glue. Next were my front teeth. I ended up getting 7 crowns (one in the back), 5 veneers, and 3 fillings. My Prosthodontist was Dr. Alejandra. Again, their english was second nature to them. She explained everything to me and was constantly making sure I was comfortable. She was conservative in her prep work and VERY thorough. Her personality was professional and personable, making me feel relaxed and confident of my outcome. Because my time in MX was only for 4 nights/5 days, she stayed until almost 9pm each night making sure the work was properly done. The lab made my porcelain teeth in house and they were gorgeous! It took about a day to make them. I chose a natural white, as I didn’t want a fake smile. The shape of my new teeth mimicked my real teeth and I couldn’t be happier.

    Throughout the shaping and fitting of my teeth, Dr. Irma came in with Dr. Alejandra as a second set of eyes. She was so sweet and professional. They bounced back different angle ideas for shaping and conturing each tooth, so it would look the most natural. They are truly artists and the mouth is their canvas. I’m not going to lie and say I had no discomfort. My teeth were a little sensitive after the numbing wore off, and I had the temporary teeth on. It was something new in my mouth, and I technically had a lot of work done in a short amount of time. The discomfort was minimal though and lasted maybe a day (I also had antibiotics and pain medicine to take if needed). I was still able to eat and drink at my hotel and go about my business.

    Throughout my experience at CDS, Ricardo Miranda was there to help. He was the office coordinator that offered any assistance we may need. He would go get our prescriptions for my son and I, make sure we got our drivers to the hotel, answer any questions, and overall make sure our experience was nothing short of amazing.

    Marci, in accounting was also knowledgable with everything at CDS and made sure I was taken care of. She was honest and personable too. 🙂

    My son, Dominic’s, orthodontist was Dr. Ricardo Ovando. He discussed a couple of different treatment options for him and ultimately we decided to have his premolars removed and braces applied. His procedure went smooth and with minimal pain, as he was also given pain meds and antibiotics after his extractions.

    Overall my experience with CDS was a success. I was initially concerned about the safety of being in Cancun, along with my dental procedures being done right. I can assure you that both concerns were nothing to worry about. Cancun is a tourist destination that is full of security and vacationers. Like any place, there is crime, but in certain areas and CDS isn’t one of them. They are located next to a huge shopping mall and close to the hotels. I was comfortable enough to let my teenager travel with the drivers back and forth to the hotel without me (and I’m an Italian that worries, if that tells you something, lol).

    I will be going back in 6 months when my bone graft heals for the implant. My husband will also be getting treatment, along with our friends (I was the guinea pig in this). I, personally, think the dental attention I received at CDS was far more than I would’ve gotten in the states for a much better price point. I also received all of mine and my sons medical records via email.
    If you are looking to finally get your teeth done how you want, then I would suggest giving Cancun Dental Specialist a try. I have no regrets!

  • City: Greensboro, USA

    I am so thankful I went to Cancun Dental Specialists. I went thinking I needed an implant, but their 3D images showed that I only needed a crown, so they saved a tooth. Everyone is very professional, knows what they are doing, and get it done quickly. Staff is friendly and helpful (and speak English very well). I didn’t expect work the same day, but they did the work on Monday, and I got the permanent crown on Tuesday! I would recommend CDS to anyone.

  • City: Montreal, Canada

    Had a life changing experience last week in Cancun. This clinic is very clean, up to date and it has extremely qualified professionals. The technology is top notch and the people are warm and welcoming. I felt I was in very good hands during my visit and trust me, I am not one of the easy to deal with patients. They lived up to their promises and the service was impeccable. Just to mention a few people I dealt with, Dr. Irma Gavaldon for cementation and lab screening, Dr, Omar Lugo and Dr. Javier Paz for implant and extraction surgery, Dr. Wendy for initial evaluation, Dr. Gomez for root canal procedures, Dr. Ernesto for adjusting and placing temporary dentures, Ricardo Miranda for in clinic coordination and assistance and Carlos Montes for initial/remote patient coordination. These people changed my life! I will never do dental work in Canada again, I prefer my money to go to to people who actually care about my health, not only about my money. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone having any kind of work to be done in their mouth.

    PS: Not to mention having some fun on the side while doing your teeth… what more could you ask for?

  • Robert Fitzgerald
    July 6, 2018 11:55 pm
    City: Barrington, IL, USA

    To all who may have reservations about getting your dental work done in Mexico… I to was a bit concerned about this process, what I found was that this office was more advanced then my dental offices in USA (trust me, I have had Implants, Bridges, Crowns, Extractions, etc.) in the USA and this office had the latest in Technology (even more advanced). In addition the whole staff was professional, friendly and efficient on all aspects of their business. All went 100% of plan and was perfect. I met many people from USA and Canada who were also very happy and SAVED MONEY. As far crime and other concerns about Mexico, Cancun was very safe. A must do if you are considering any amount of dental work!!!

  • City: Carbondale, IL, USA

    I have built my life around the saying “If it sounds too good to be true – it is”. That was my attitude when I first started exploring Dental Tourism. I explored several countries then, through a second hand recommendation I checked Cancun Dental Specialists. I contacted their office through email and Josue contacted me back very soon afterwards. I did not have X-Rays so they requested pictures. I have them a written discription of my main concerns and they sent me an estimate. Their estimate was 1/4 of the estimate I receive from dentist’s in my area so I decided to take a chance on them. I made my reservations and gave them that information. Nelson contacted me and arranged my transportation from the airport to their office and then to the place I was staying. All of ones transportation is provided concerning Dental Appointments. The actual contact with the dentists is relaxing and fluid. From my initial evaluation to createing a plan; through extractions, bone grafts, caps, etc. I have been very pleased. Dr. Galvadon and her team all make you understand that your health and comfort are their main concerns. The staff is courteous and extremely friendly. When I received the billing statement I was shocked to discover that is was even less than their original estimate. If you are looking for a modern, professional dental experience with a company who is on the cutting edge of the latest technology, then I would highly recommend that you try Cancun Dental Specialis. You will not be disappointed.

  • City: Davidson, Canada

    My experiance was life changing from my painful canadian cleanings and botched root canals, leading to abseths and wanting to do non needed implants. Cancun Dental Specialists found and fixed the issue and the waterjet cleaning was amazing . HEAVEN! The no cost in chair X-Rays, constant consultation and concern of comfort is a nice needed change in dentist industry. Dr. Irma Gavaldon is highly trained in Canada and U.S. and is like mother hen checking on all patients in all chairs and even did my crown. Had 2 friends that needed lots of work, they enjoyed all major work and are happy still. Less money and beach experiance, professional drivers to do airport pickup and drop off and appointment transfers is a classy touch! I won’t do dental in Canada again and would highly recommend it.

    P.S. If your someone who’d never looked after your teeth or not been to dentist in 10 years, don’t blame the great people here for your lack of care . They can do anything but not much worse than tooth pain and can only do so much when your mouth is wrecked .

  • City: Caribbean

    Buenos días. Tuve una tremenda estancia en Cancun Dental Specialists. El personal muestra un verdadero profesionalismo. Siempre allí para ayudar y asegurarse de que están cómodos. Recomendaría Cancun Dental Specialists a todo el mundo. Te vas con una sonrisa en la cara porque hacen que tus sueños se hagan realidad!

    Good day. I had a tremendous stay at Cancun Dental Specialists. The staff displays true professionalism. Always there to assist and ensure you are comfortable. I would recommend Cancun Dental Specialists to everyone. You will leave with a smile on your face because they make your dreams become a reality!

  • City: Hiawassee, Georgia, USA

    This was a very intense visit. I had 13 crowns put in. Most of the procedure went as planned. The care and treatment is unsurpassed. I will definitely recommend Cancun Dental Specialists to all my friends. Thanks.

  • City: Czestochowa, Poland

    I am European and my treatment here was rather complex. We had to do implantology, correct my bite, think about crowns and consider variety of options. What I found is a very supportive, flexible and going out of their way clinic staff, customer relations team as well as financial services team. This dental clinic is most likely one of the best in the world! They have modern laboratory attached to the clinic thus enyone coming here to Cancun Dental Specilialists, will be amazed at what they can do for them right on the spot. Variety of implants, colors, crowns, range of options for additions and corrections. It’s just amazing how quickly very complex issues, new crowns, new colors, adjustments can be worked out! Thank you to all clinic staff for your hard work! Adios Amigos!

  • City: Eel River Crossing, Canada

    Cancun Dental Specialists and Ocean Dental Cancun are very professional in all aspects of their work. I am satisfied with their service from the taxi personnel, the office reception accounting nursing and all the doctors who specialize in all aspects of dentistry.

  • City: Virginia, USA

    I left a very supportive review after our last visit in June of 2017. What I offer here is just go and talk with anyone in the waiting room (the waiting room is always busy). You will find: this is not their first visit, they all agree the dental skills and materials are superior to that found in the U.S., the procedures are commonly quite profound – implants, root canals, veneers, crowns, etc. There is no doubt my wife and I will be returning.

  • City: St-Hubert, Province of Quebec, Canada

    A couple of months past, my Wife and I planned a 10 vacation at the Riu Dunamar resort for the week of the 16 th Jan 2018. I required dental work on most of my teeth, so we scouted the internet and found two different clinics that we found acceptable. After conversing with over 75 e-mails to the two clinics and extensive telephone discussion with both, I choose to go with Cancun Dental Specialists.

    The three things that made me feel very comfortable with my decision:

    1. Honest and detailed discussion with the initial contact at Cancun Dental Specialists, Greg!
    2. Discussion with one of their contact references in my local area who had work done similar to that which I also required. This person had also sent me photos of his smile.
    3. Very competitive pricing.

    The work is done and I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results. Two thumbs up for this very professional team of dental experts. My dentist (Cindelle) is a true professional.

  • City: Shelton, United States

    I researched several dental implant facilities in the United States and Mexico over a one year period and quickly learned that Mexico pricing is far less expensive than the United States (30% – 50% of U.S. prices), while offering equal or superior quality in many cases. Cancun Dental Specialists was selected for several reasons:

    1. Best-in-Class Customer Service; second to none. My patient Advisor, David Lambarri, patiently and promptly, answered every single question over a ten month period. Their online chat personnel are available instantly to answer all questions. Their website is very informative and professional.
    2. Transparent Pricing: I was completely clear on their pricing on every procedure and they adhered to that price after my first visit.
    3. Reasonable Pricing (30% – 50% of U.S. pricing).
    4. Cutting Edge Technology: On-site laboratory enabling rapid and less expensive, chairside, point-of care dental services.
    5. Modern Facility: Well-appointed, comfortable clinic at two locations in Cancun.
    6. Excellent Patient Reviews: Hundreds of positive testimonials on their website and verified, neutral sites not affiliated with the clinic (Placid Way, Real Self, etc). I spoke, personally, to current/former patients who all lauded their service.

    My treatment plan includes an All on 4 or All on 6, on the upper arch. This requires preliminary bone grafting and sinus lifts. The lower arch includes two implants and several crowns. Together, this represents a Full Mouth Restoration. The restoration will occur in three, 5-10 day visits spanning a one year time frame. My first visit was completed on 01.16.2018. This included extractions, bone grafting, a sinus lift on my right maxillary sinus, disinfections in my anterior, upper arch and removal of a cyst in my left maxillary sinus. The lower arch included two implants, a wisdom tooth extraction and root scaling and planing. It was a delightful experience! No pain, significant swelling or facial bruising were experienced.

    All procedures were clearly explained and all questions were answered. Each appointment proceeded like clockwork and there was minimal time spent in the waiting room. I was provided with prompt shuttle service from the airport and car service for every clinic appointment. The staff was warm, attentive, attractive, friendly, hospitable, competent and professional.

    I highly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists. They are customer service oriented, warm and friendly, honest, prompt, competent and professional. They provide cutting edge technology in a warm, comfortable clinic in Cancun which offers low cost hotel accommodations in a pleasing environment accessible via a relatively short, inexpensive flight from NYC. I hope this review helps others to select the best dental clinic for their needs.

  • Andree La Boissiere
    January 24, 2018 10:38 pm
    City: Delray Beach, Quebec, États-Unis, Canada

    Living in Canada, I am very satisfied with the treatments. The dentists in Canada, specially in Quebec are not so perfectionists and not so advanced than in Mexico. I am very happy!

  • City: Omaha, Nebraska, USA

    In Cancun Dental Specialists have a great team of professional, empathetic dentists with a GREAT team leader. You can’t get better care for your money. Don’t think twice about getting on the plane… Its a totally safe, well orchestrated experience you won’t regret.

  • Dr. Linda Salmon
    January 24, 2018 10:10 pm
    City: Chicago, United States

    Dear Dr. Irma Gavaldon and her office manager:

    Thank you for giving me a wonderful tour of all of your facilities in Cancun. I was very impressed that all of your equipment, your doctors, your lab equipment and your materials were state of the art. I think your website is really top notch and would recommend anyone who is there and needs dental treatment to see you and your office. Good luck to you and I hope to visit again sometime. If you are ever in Chicago, please come visit us.

    Thank you again, Dr. Linda Salmon.

  • City: Thorne Bay, US

    Living on an island in Alaska with only one dentist means that there is no competition and pricing does not need to be competitive. Since I had several time share weeks available to use, I started exploring the possibility of having my work done in Mexico. Wanting to be away from the border areas, I looked at Cancun and found the CDS Cancun practice. The fact that Dr. Gavaldon is U.S. Board Certified helped me make up my mind to have my work done there.

    All you need to do is make your initial appointment, obtain lodging and buy your plane tickets, they will do the rest. They will have a driver pick you up at the airport and get you to your hotel, they will pick you up and deliver you for every appointment and get you back to the airport at the end of your stay. All you need to do is tip the drivers!

    Once in the office you will have a complete exam with full X-Rays. Expect impressions, pictures of your teeth before and after. To say that it was thorough would be an understatement. My work involved removing four crowns and replacing them with one new one and a three tooth bridge, All of them zirconium. It took several appointments and I saw several different dentists, all with specialties. My fractured tooth removal by the maxfillofacial surgeon Dr. Lugo was as easy as it could be, not that it was easy for him, but I felt no pain, he was very good at explaining what he was doing and got it done.

    My bridge and crown were done at the lab that is part of the business. I was told that the practice consists of about 150 employees right now. Coming back from a tour one evening we drove by the offices and the lights were still on as they were still treating patients. They get the work done and get you out to enjoy Cancun while you are there.

    I have no problem recommending this group. The bottom line is that I was going to have to pay $4,000 USD to have a tooth removed, a graft and an implant. Instead I have the tooth removed, three old crowns removed and received a new crown and a bridge for $2,150 USD. Go for it!

  • City: Goldsboro, USA

    Went to Cancun Dental Specialists for Dental Implants and had to make 2 trips. Everyone was very accommodating. Dr. Irma Gavaldon made my experience first class. I will be back and bring friends as they were impressed. Thanks for the great service. Hola. William Rose.

  • Marie-Claire Thauvette
    January 23, 2018 3:55 am
    City: USA

    Superlative experience! I was scared that this would be a money grab. The opposite was my experience! They gave me an honest evaluation and told me that the work could very easily be done in my home town. I had a regular dentist look at my 3D Imaging and he offered me his original evaluation and in as little as 5 minutes he had 3 specialists in the room (I think they were also all US trained). They conferenced together and unanimously decided it was a nerve issue and that I could be treated there or if more convenient at home.

    Also I spoke to a police officer that had an accident in the lobby and he had to have all his implants done. He was very happy about the work and said it cost a fraction of what it would have cost in the United States. I will be going back to get my daughters implants there soon.

  • Michele Millane
    January 23, 2018 12:06 am
    City: Canton, USA

    I cannot say enough good things about Cancun Dental Specialists and Dr. Irma Gavaldon. I have had teeth whitening, teeth cleaning and 2 crowns and the care has been excellent. The staff is professional but put you right at ease. The office has state of the art equipment, soft lighting and TV’s mounted on the ceiling. When I had a temporary put in before the crown, Dr. Gavaldon insisted the fit had to be perfect even though it was only going to be in 24 hours. My husband also has his teeth cleaned there and raves about how thorough they are. We highly recommend this dental practice. Wonderful care at a wonderful price!

  • Theresa Cegelski
    January 19, 2018 12:48 am
    City: Alva, United States

    I’m amazed at all the dental work I received from CDS Cancun and Dr. Irma’s staff during my vacation to Mexico. I received great care. I had two bridges, a crown and the start of three implants.. All completed within a weeks. The pain was minimal so I was still able to enjoy my vacation, I even golfed. I returned 5 months later to have my 3 implants uncovered and the teeth placed. I also had my teeth whitened. It’s anazing, transportation to and from the my resort was included, all X-Rays and exams. Everything is done at one place. There is no running around from dentist to specialist. I highly recommend the service. The price is unbelievable too. I couldn’t be happier. This would have taken many months in the US and the cost would have been 4 times as much.

  • City: Melbourne, USA

    This was my second visit and I brought a friend with me she was in love with Cancun her first time there she is now thinking of moving there Well we all love Dr. Irma Gavaldon and her lovely staff we are looking forward to seeing them come March 2018.

  • Deborah Salvatore
    January 19, 2018 12:23 am
    City: Tampa, United States

    Loved my experience at the CDS Clinic, Dr. Irma Gavaldon is awesome and a perfectionist. I recommend them and have referred my friends and family !

  • City: US

    I could have gone to several places to have my dental work done and I am so glad I chose Cancun Dental Specialists. I just came back for a 3rd time. My Full Mouth Restoration gets compliments all the time and I am so happy after going so long with terrible teeth. The doctors and staff although from a different country and culture are so nice and work hard at their job trying to do their best. I have been to many dentist in Georgia that I paid money for more problems. I would highly recommend you try them out to anyone, although there is always unexpected problems they work with you to get what you expect when you are paying to be able to be comfortable with your smile and most important a healthy mouth!

  • City: Canada

    I was so fortunate that my husband found this Dental office online. I needed three crowns and the price quoted here in Canada was extremely high. Planning a vacation to Playa Del Carmen we decided to try Cancun Dental Specialists for my dental work. I cannot praise. Dr.Irma Galvadon and her staff enough. From our first inquiry with Carlos to Jenny the receptionist, Maggie, the assistants and fellow Doctors to the drivers that picked us up in Playa Del Carmen we received nothing but first class service. Dr. Irma made me feel so comfortable, I have to say I have a phobia about dentists, not the case anymore. Dr.Irma and her staff are like one big family and they make you feel like part of that family. Her location at Flamingo Plaza has state of the art equipment and her treatment rooms are so relaxing with soft lighting, beautiful full wall photos and videos on the ceiling,you almost feel like you are at a spa. I had no problems with any of the work done, my crowns are great, I will definitely go back if any further dental requirements are needed. We had met so many people from all over the country in her waiting room, all so happy with her work and repeat clients. I cannot say enough if you need an excellent Dentist you will not go wrong with Dr. Irma Galvadon and CDS. Love you all , Muchas Gracias! Livia. Professional, exceptional service and all at a fantastic price.

  • Ana I Cruz Dominicci
    January 18, 2018 11:39 pm
    City: Fredericksburg,VA, USA

    I had never experienced such professionalism and service with a dental office. This year, my partner needed two implants, and we went to CDS in Cancun. They picked us up at the airport, from that same day, they started to treat him. My partner had extractions and screws for future implants and never complained of any pain. We were able to enjoy our vacation at the same time that my partner had his visits to Cancun Dental Specialists. The staff is extremely nice and helpful. At all times, they explain exactly the process of your visit. Personally I am considering making my complete implant with them, not only because of the trust they give, but apart from that the prices are much cheaper than in the USA.

  • Kimberly Pratt
    January 18, 2018 5:42 pm
    City: Seattle, USA

    Cancun Dental Specialists really take care of you! The pricing, thorough planning and follow through, high tech treatment, responsiveness, friendly staff, and lovely setting all impressed me beyond my expectations. They not only treated my dental problems, but took steps to prevent future issues. They are awesome!

  • City: Ft. Lauderdale, US

    This is my second visit to Cancun Dental Specialists. I consider Dr. Irma Gavaldon a great dentist. I can tell she loves her job and it shows. The whole staff is very professional. As soon as I walked in I knew I was in great hands.

  • City: Eden Prairie, US

    I visited the clinic for a tooth that was missing for years. I received three crowns and the bridge and also had a root canal. Dr. Irma was great, she made sure I was kept comfortable during all my procedures. Her staff are all very nice. I stay in Cancun every year for the month of February. Cancun Dental Specialists is now my new dentist for all my needs.

  • City: Wellington, US

    This was my second visit to Dr. Gavaldon’s dental clinic CDS in Cancun. In June of 2016 I had a sinus lift and a root canal done at this clinic and I had left an excellent review at that time. This review is of my second visit to get implants uncovered and crowns placed.

    All I can say is everybody at this clinic from the front office staff to the doctors to even the drivers that pick you up did an excellent job. It is now little over 2 months since I had my crowns placed and I am extremely happy with the outcome. If I need any more dental work I will definitely go back to Cancun Dental Specialists. My overall experience at this facility has been 5 stars.

  • City: Hendersonville, US

    This was my third visit to Cancun Dental Specialists. I consider Dr. Galvadon like my “regular” dentist now, she truly is a great dentist! You are in good hands here people. You may have to wait a bit, but just bring a book or enjoy talking with others. Also I traveled alone and was perfectly safe. I can’t complain about any of the work I have had done there, bridges, fillings, tooth pulled, root canals, cleaning, whitening.

    I consider it a privelege to be there having dental work and vacation for the same cost, versus paying what they want around here! My only complaint, I didn’t find out about Isla Muerjes until this last visit. What a wonderful place to escape for a few days. Check Spirit airlines! Cheap! I cant wait to go back for my checkup! Vacation! Thanks Dr. Galvadon and to your professional staff. Always friendly and helpful. No language barrier here folks. Amanda.

  • City: Mantorville, US

    Just got back from my fourth visit to Cancun Dental Specialists. Now all my upper have crowned, bridged and pegged as needed will go back for bottoms but not for a while, I hope staff is virtuous, well trained, and friendly. But all of Mexico is friendly. Due to many time shared having Saturday to Saturday week; expect some delays on Monday. A fine place and a fine time.

  • City: Cambridge, US

    These folks are pros!! When my front tooth was kicked out by a bull (aaah, Mexico!) we had the great fortune of being connected with Cancun Dental Specialists through our Air BnB host. What luck!! The place is clean, the technology cutting edge, the people friendly, and the work done promptly and professionally. Why have your implant done at your local dentist when you can come here to have it done, and return home with tequila, trinkets, and a tan?! And for 1/3 of the cost!!! I trust my teeth to CDS in Cancun and you should, too!

  • City: US

    I had an excellent experience at Cancun Dental Specialists. They were great with communication, airport pick up and the best dental work. So glad to have found them. Thanks CDS!

  • City: Nevada, US

    Due to poor Dental Work done in the USA, I had a dental emergency that was going to need at least 3 crowns replaced. I did my research and found Cancun Dental Specialists. Within 3 days we had flown to Cancun and I was in the dental office starting on the replacements. Cancun Dental Specialists did a great job, using the very latest technology, explained their recommendations and talked about some preventative care they could do at the same time. I found the doctors to be well educated, the staff to be friendly, the office to be clean and welcoming. Most employees spoke English. I would recommend going to Cancun Dental Specialists where you can save lot of money and have a wonderful experience in Cancun. I will be going back when necessary.

  • City: Ancaster, Canada

    Many Canadians who have never been in Mexico still perceive it as a third would country with lots of crime, keeping them from even considering this country. In fact Mexico is a modern country, with a friendly and welcoming population with strong ties to its history, be it Maya or Aztec or its colonial heritage. You will not encounter crime unless you get involved with the wrong things yourself. Not having any dental insurance, I found the cost of treatment in Canada unaffordable. Then I discovered Cancun Dental Specialists.

    I am their patient for awhile now and have the impression of that the welfare of their patients is more important than profit. It begins arriving at the airport where you will have a voucher for free shared transportation to either the clinic or your hotel.

    You will find a modern facility with the latest equipment, staffed by competent dentists, supervised by Dr. Irma Gavaldon. Treatment starts with a panoramic X-Ray and special pictures of the areas of concern, followed by an examination. You then have a discussion with a coordinator about the course of treatment and the cost. The cost of the treatment is calculated from a chart of all inclusive fees for different treatments. A root canal is so much, a crown so much, with no extra charges for X-Rays or Lab fees, etc. These set fees are much cheaper than what you would pay at home with the same quality of care. Fees are in USD$ but Canadian clients enjoy a very favourable exchange rate.

    Since most of us only come to Cancun for a week, every effort is made to be able to fit the treatments into the available time period. You are taken to your hotel after treatment and picked up at the hotel for you next appointment. Curtesy of the clinic. As to the treatment, I always felt them professional with emphasis on my satisfaction. On one occasion I was told by my local dentist that a molar could not be saved and the replacing implant would cost $5000.- I went to Cancun Dental Specialists for an implant at a more reasonable price. Instead they saved the tooth with a less expensive and less difficult root canal, while they could have made more by doing the implant.

    I never had the feeling that unneeded work was performed or that I was overcharged. As patient you almost become part of the “family”. They will do everything for you to leave happy and satisfied with the work, at an affordable cost.

  • Jamie McKenzie
    January 25, 2017 8:08 pm
    City: Austin, US

    My husband and I, both had work done. We are both extremely pleased with the experience and care. We would highly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists.

  • City: Red Deer, Canada

    I found CDS in Cancun while researching online and was followed up with a call from Greg who was very welcoming and answered all my questions. A few months later I travelled to Cancun by myself for a week to have a root canal and a cleaning done. The clinic was modern, clean, everyone spoke english and were very nice. I am already planning my next trip back, thank you all!!

  • City: Glenwood Springs, CO, US

    I just completed a process that replaced four lost upper molars (all requiring Sinus Lifts), and one lost lower molar with Implants and Crowns. As the team was finishing this process, they noticed a loose canine tooth that my Colorado dentist had told me I was going to eventually lose. Team members promptly advised me that they could save that tooth with minor surgery and a properly designed Crown. I agreed to that recommended additional procedure and two days later, was fitted with the additional (loose), tooth saving crown.

    I have been very pleased with my total set of experiences with CDS and the resulting “new” teeth. The staff are well trained, use current Technology and approaches not observed with my Colorado dentists, are customer-oriented and provide their services for approximately 1/3 of the costs quoted by my Colorado dentists. In addition, my dental insurer (Delta Dental), has covered these treatments and paid their share of the costs. I highly recommend considering CDS for your future Dental Work.

  • City: Dickson, US

    We were going to Cancun for nothing but relaxing and catching up on reading. A last minute office call connected us to Cancun Dental Specialists. From there they did everything the could do to make the experience as quick and painless as possible, with the utmost professionalism and expertise as we have ever seen. We highly recommend them for all Dental Care you may need!

  • Tracy Thompson
    January 6, 2017 6:05 pm
    City: Prince Albert, Canada

    This is the second visit that we made to Cancun Dental Specialists. The staff are so friendly and caring. When we arrived at the clinic we were met at the door by Janet and each got a hug and a very nice welcome. Dr. Irma is a kind and wonderful lady. Lindsay set up our appointments according to our holiday schedule before we arrived in Mexico and when we needed to come back to finish our dental work, Janet also worked around our holiday schedule. Since we returned home we have had phone calls from the office to see how we are doing. My dentist office here at home never does that! We were staying close to Playa del Carmen and they came and picked us up and took us back to our resort. I can’t say enough about the service that we received. We will definitely be returning in the future. Thank you CDS!!

  • City: Bradenton, Florida, US

    I was very happy with my Dental Work done at Cancun Dental Specialists. All the staff are great. Would definitely go again. I was frustrated on two of my appointments when I had to wait two hours before taken back in the room with my dentist.


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