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Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude to...
  Angela McClintock    Waite Park ,United States

Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude to the entire team at this amazing clinic. I had previously had composite resin veneers done somewhere else and I was not happy with my results and my experience there was also not the greatest. I came across Cancun Dental Specialists whole doing an online research on affordable and great dental clinics. Once I filled out an online consultation form I got a call back the next day from Greg Sanchez. Now Greg has been beyond amazing, he not only helped calm down my initial doubts, but was extremely helpful in getting me set up with the procedures I was looking to have done, right down to transportation. Once I decided that I was going to them (Cancun Dental Specialists), Greg Sanchez remained in constant communication with me up until my travel date. I had a lot of questions and he always got back to me in a very timely manner. His professionalism stood out to me. Once I arrived in Cancun, I was met with the driver Daniel, who was super kind and funny. I got to the clinic and the first day they did an in person consultation appointment just to get an idea of what exactly I wanted done or fixed. After the appointment I went back to my hotel and the next day they did the first phase of my procedure which was to fix my original composite veneers and the dentist Dr Guillermo Gomez not only fixed my imperfections, but gave me the exact beautiful smile I was looking for to begin with. I also got filler under my eyes again as the original filler had already wore off. Dr Pazz did my under eye filler and was very gentle and did an amazing Job as well. This was on a Saturday. I came back Monday for my final procedure which was an upper lip lift and was done by Dr Omar Lugo and he was super amazing! I felt absolutely zero pain and he made sure to constantly check on me and make sure I was ok as I was under local anesthesia so I was awake throughout the whole thing. Initially I was nervous but soon relaxed when I realized I couldn’t feel anything. Dr Lugo also made sure to explain everything he was doing at each step of the procedure. Also the same day, prior to my lip lift surgery the dentist checked my teeth and tweaked a minor thing on my upper right lateral. The entire team made sure I was satisfied with everything before I left Cancun. They also organized my transportation back to the airport as well. I have honestly never received this level of care and commitment to a clients well being and happiness anywhere in the US. I highly highly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists and to the entire team : Greg Sanchez, Dr. Omar Lugo, Dr. Guillermo Gomez, Dr. Paz, Maggi, Carolina, to all the amazing nurses and staff and the amazing drivers as well, I just want to say Thank You!!! May you be blessed and I look forward to seeing you all in the future again.

I went to Mexico not knowing what to expect. I was...
  JENN   Steinbach ,Canada

I went to Mexico not knowing what to expect. I was nervous and scared. But all I can say is I’d recommend everyone to go here who needs dental work. They’re super professional and friendly. Absolutely nothing to worry about. Highly recommend.

Beyond Excellent! Super friendly and professional...
  Martha Ray   Parker ,US

Beyond Excellent! Super friendly and professional staff.

Guillermo Diaz and Anita are amazing people and exceptional dentist and assistant! I completely trusted them. They were better than any dentist/assistant in the US, by far! I’m pretty sure I can’t begin to say enough good things about Guillermo Diaz and Anita. Dr. Gavaldon is more than lucky to have these two awesome and extremely competent human beings as employees.

Dental work turned out GREAT as I was a difficult situation having been in a car accident many years ago. I was missing a lot of bone in my upper gum and my palate was reconstructed many years ago. They had their hands full and they pulled it off. I was not an easy case at all. My teeth and mouth look AMAZING!!!

Greg, who initially mailed back and forth with me on the CDS site was so engaging and very helpful. Greg made me feel very comfortable about traveling to Mexico during Covid for dental work and also on the dental work itself! He guided me through from start to finish and was always at my service when I needed him. Greg works very hard and aims to please all while making you feel like an individual and not just a number for the clinic. Again, Dr. Gavaldon is very fortunate to have such a hard working employee who puts the clinic and the patients first!

Overall a super wonderful experience. I highly recommend this clinic and especially Guillermo Diaz, Anita and Greg.

Estoy muy agradecida !!!

A hearty thank you to Dr. Irma, Dr. Andre, Master ...
  Chris Marks   Atlanta ,USA

A hearty thank you to Dr. Irma, Dr. Andre, Master Lab Tech Andy and the amazing staff at CDS.

I received my new Crystal Ultra All-on-5 permanent denture a week ago today and so far couldn’t be happier with all that transpired during my recent Cancun visit. I was extremely impressed with the kindness, compassion and drive for excellence demonstrated throughout my series of appointments Leading to my new smile.

The best suggestion I can offer is for you to set aside the obvious cost benefits and consider first the cumulative volume of procedures this team performs each month and the experience it brings to them. Now ask yourself if your dental alternative back home could possibly offer similar hands-on experience? The CDS facilities are also top notch with all the latest and greatest dental technologies available to aid your dental procedures.

Do your research and look at your options like I did. Call CDS and talk to one of the dental consultants (like my new friend Joshua). Let them map out what can be done for you by the CDS team.

I am so grateful for all that happened to make this such a unique experience – with skilled dental work done at a great value and performed in one of the world’s most beautiful beach locations.

Can you say DENTAL VACATION?!?

Cheers to all!

I too was a tad apprehensive - not only b/c dental...
  Gail   NYC ,USA

I too was a tad apprehensive – not only b/c dental work can be scary in itself, but the whole traveling aspect too. However, the entire team from the get-go was super helpful with their guidance, it was a great way to get my necessary work done for a fraction of what it would cost me here in the states. Not only everyone was kind and helpful, they were so meticulous with their level of care and workmanship. I greatly appreciated and will recommend and will return!

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