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I went to CDS by Ocean Dental 10 years ago and had...
  David   Dallas ,US

I went to CDS by Ocean Dental 10 years ago and had 2 crowns replaced by Dr. Irma Gavaldon. Fantastic experience at a great price. I recommended them to several friends and they also gave her 5 stars.

Last week 9/2/19.
We went back to have several more crowns done by Dr. Gavaldon. They are now Cancún Dental Specialists, with 2 offices. Dr. Gavaldon was here in the states with a family emergency, I was told during my through “evaluation” that I basically needed a full mouth restoration due to my grinding my lower teeth. Then l was told Dr. Gavaldon was not there to do the work! I was upset and nervous that I needed extensive work. After flying down and paying for a expensive hotel, I almost walked out.

I’m glad I didn’t! I was introduced to Dr. Rafael Aspirilla who was filling in and is now permanent staff. He put me at ease that he and “his team” would do a great job and consult with Dr. Gavaldon before any work was done. All scans are digital and information was sent by email. They did and she confirmed this was the right course of treatment. After multiple appointments, which they provide transportation to and from the hotel, my initial concerns were unwarranted.

Dr. Aspirilla and his assistant Dr. Salomon Mendozo exceeded my expectations. By the way, who ever heard of an a “assistant” having a D.D.S. Degree. They are professional, skilled and caring. They go over the top to make sure you are happy with the final work. I’m writing this review back home and it was money well spent.

I highly recommend them!

READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO, my wife and I just got ba...
  C Evans   GREAT FALLS ,United States

READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO, my wife and I just got back after having a lot of work done by Cancun Dental Specialists, WE COULD NOT BE HAPPIER, this is the best dental experience I have ever had, AND No one is paying for me to write this. The work they did is first rate bar none, and totally painless, best of all they really care about you, I know that sounds hard to believe, but it is really true. I had just been to 2 dentists in the US and was told that I needed a dental implant and a crown on my lower molar, due to a crack in it, both US dentists said it split the molar in half, it needed to be a the very least crowned and they both wanted to pull the tooth and replace it with an implant. The VERY PROFESSIONAL dentists at Cancun Dental Specialists took complete x rays and showed me that the crack did not split the molar in half and in fact did not even need a crown, THIS IS HOW I KNOW THEY ARE VERY HONEST, the repair was way less than the crown. My wife was informed by her regular US dentist one week before we went, that she needed 6 crowns, and again after a complete examination this turned out to be more than she really needed. After our visit I have complete confidence that they will only recommend what you need and not try to perform work that is not needed. There prices are EXACTLY what are posted on there webpage, not extra surprises. Dr. Imra Gavaldon runs an excellent operation with the latest equipment and a extremely competent staff, you do really get her, she was in my room more that 8 times during the consultation and when the work was being performed, carefully overseeing all the work. The office was extremely clean and in a very safe part of Cancun. They will arrange pick up and delivery from wherever you are staying. I will give my name and contact information with the office and I will be glad to speak to you, try them you will be glad you did.

Good morning everyone, I called to get informat...
  Meloni    Richland ,United States

Good morning everyone,

I called to get information on their full on implants, it’s Sunday and one of the Dentists still answered the phone and took the time to answer my questions and give me the information I need; and without any attitude, hesitation, or irritation.

He was genuinely excited and happy to assist me, which is really a relief because I feel like my teeth are really bad and am embarrassed to talk about it. I just want to say thank you and  I am extremely grateful for your time. I look forward to working with you and your staff 😁😁😁😁 !!!

I have been to Cancun Dental Specialists 4 times n...
  Ruth Lovett    Burleson  ,Usa

I have been to Cancun Dental Specialists 4 times now and it has been a great experience every time. I had a full smile makeover as far as my smile and gum health. Dr. Irma Gavaldon is a great dentist as well as her team. My hat is off to Dr. Oscar and Anita they are experts , kind and gentle. Never have a had a dentist as gentle as Dr. Oscar. Janet always welcomes you with a smile and courtesy and Alex is a great addition. I know I’m the best hands at CDS. Thanks guys for the confidence you give us.

I just returned back to the US after full mouth re...
  Stephanie Stevens   Tampa ,United States

I just returned back to the US after full mouth reconstruction including implants, extraction, crowns, root canals, crown lengthening, bite adjustment and bone grafting. I had multiple specialists working on me all of which were 100% knowledgeable and competent with excellent bedside manner. I was treated with compassion which was important to me during these extremely extensive procedures. I felt like a VIP patient the way I was treated from the moment I began discussing with an online representative until the time I left. They made me feel like family and took care of my family just as good as they took care of me!

I now have a fully functioning gorgeous reconstructed smile and mouth! I waited a long time due to costs here in the US before I found CDS I’m glad I did when I did because I was losing the function of my teeth quickly. Everyone here thought it was risky to go out of the country for such extensive work, but to be honest it put the US to shame. Of course the prices are extremely reasonable but the technology, cleanliness and friendliness of all the staff was extremely impressive.

I recommend CDS to anybody considering dental tourism. My daughter will eventually need braces and I found out they offer these services as well we will definitely be back for her dental needs in the future! Thanks to everyone there at CDS for all your hard work and dedication to patient satisfaction. All the professionals working at CDS went completely out of their way to make sure I had what I needed and all my needs were met. You guys are truly above and beyond what I expected!

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