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I too was a tad apprehensive - not only b/c dental...
  Gail   NYC ,USA

I too was a tad apprehensive – not only b/c dental work can be scary in itself, but the whole traveling aspect too. However, the entire team from the get-go was super helpful with their guidance, it was a great way to get my necessary work done for a fraction of what it would cost me here in the states. Not only everyone was kind and helpful, they were so meticulous with their level of care and workmanship. I greatly appreciated and will recommend and will return!

I’m one of the biggest sceptics when it comes to...
  Austten Dru   Edmonton  ,Canada

I’m one of the biggest sceptics when it comes to leaving Canada for health care or dental but, it seem Canada is only interested in their own personal gain without any concerns for Canadians. This is my second visit to CDS over the last 6 months and the the quality of service puts all Canadian doctors to shame. They strived for perfection and legitimately care about their patients unlike Canada, that is only on the get rich now program. Everyone I’ve talked with in the waiting rooms, shuttles to and from the hotel, have always had something great to say about CDS. I’ve talked with people that have been continuously coming back for all their dental needs for 2-8 years (but I’m sure a lot more years) because the personal at CDS stand behind their work. My personal experience has been the same as all these people and as dental work is required for my family, I will be booking flights back to a place I can trust is looking out for their patients best interest. Thank you all at CDS for your superior service, Canada could learn a lot from your personal.

I am truly grateful for finding CDS. I had spent c...
  Jennifer Millen   Hull ,United States

I am truly grateful for finding CDS. I had spent countless money and time at dental offices in the US with less than satisfactory results. I was very hesitant of the unknown. I decided to visit for a consultation first. I was immediately impressed with the technology and sanitation of the clinic. I was given a plan to reach the goals I had. I was shocked at how affordable a total smile makeover was for me. I needed crowns and bridges for 24 teeth. I needed an surgical procedure to correct a root canal done previously and two extractions. I planned my trip for later that year. In 2 weeks time I had a brand new smile. I did however run into a problem after returning home. My gums had been swollen at the time and now had recessed and I had sensitivity. I sent pictures and was advised to return. I returned and to my surprise they 100% warranted their work. They decided to replace all of my crowns at no charge. The entire staff were more than accommodating to me during both trip. All concerns were addressed and I could not be happier with my results. My teeth look and feels so natural. I have been smiling ear to ear since. Thank you Cancun Dental Specialists.

I arrived in Cancun three weeks after a filling in...
  carolyn nesgos   New York  ,USA

I arrived in Cancun three weeks after a filling in New York , that was starting to cause immense discomfort. We were on a short holiday, however the pain increased to ‘emergency dental’ level and after the concierge recommended the CDS group, I was collected by car and they accommodated me immediately. Over days, with two visits, X-Rays, car service, I had a major extraction of a fractured molar, requiring bone graft and stitches, followed the next day by the removal of the New York filling (decay had been left inside the tooth) with a root canal and filling. These two procedures, one by the oral surgeon and the other by the Endodontist Dr. Gomez were both the best dental procedures I have ever had done. My thanks and gratitude to everyone at CDS.

Two years ago, I first became a patient at Cancun ...
  Linda Rone   Vineland ,USA

Two years ago, I first became a patient at Cancun Dental Specialists. I had a periodontal treatment to help save some teeth that were loose and bonded together. I also had my teeth whitened and had one implant in a blank space where a crown had been but had become lose and taken out. My dentist at home said I could not get an implant as there was not enough bone to do the job.
Dr. Oscar said that there was enough bone and we decided to do one implant. I came back 10 months later to get the crown. I was so happy with the results. Everyone at CDS is so professional and all of their equipment is State of the Art.

This year, I had the privilege of working with the team Dr. Salet Cabanbas and Odelia Perez. They cleaned my teeth and did whitening. They even called in Dr. Irma to check my implant and after X-Rays, she was not happy with the crown and ordered a new one free of charge. I was overwhelmed with the professionalism and care given to me as a patient.

I will and have been recommending CDS to everyone, I know who needs dental work. Thank you all for your patience and intense devotion to your profession.

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