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Last year I was searching for a reputable, affordable dental solution to have extensive work done to my teeth. I searched everywhere online, from Thailand, to S. America, read endless reviews and noticed a dental office in Cancun kept coming up highly rated. The place, Cancun Dental Specialists (CDS), offered the procedures and prices I was looking for. I reached out to them with questions. Chris Macias, promptly replied with answers to every question and concern I had. I sent pictures of my smile/teeth, told him what I was looking to have done and received an estimate for the work (which was way less then I was told in the states). His english was excellent too, as he communicated with me via phone & email (they also have toll free numbers to call them from the US). I wanted to go immediately for treatment, but had prior obligations, however Chris still maintained constant communication with me (in a courteous, not annoying way).

While planning my trip to Cancun, I continued my due diligence on CDS. My husband and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to get scammed or have a horrible dental outcome (after all…these were my one and only teeth). We looked up the fb reviews on our own and individually messaged each of them, asking about their experience with CDS. 80% of them got back to us and ALL had nothing but amazing things to say about CDS. They each had work ranging from minimal to extensive, had very little pain & recovery time and months later, were more than pleased. I did a background search on Dr. Irma too. I wanted to make sure her bio was accurate and it was.

In early October 2018, I was finally ready to go to CDS for treatment. I coordinated my schedule with Chris and booked my flights and hotel. My teenage son and I were off to MX (he was getting braces). CDS offers complementary shuttle service to and from the airport and your hotel. The drivers are all contracted by CDS, prompt, and courteous (heads up- don’t forget to tip them, it’s not required, but a couple of notes go a very long way with them and their families).

The airport pick up was very easy to navigate, we had confirmation emails and contact numbers, along with the meeting point at the airport. We arrived early afternoon in Cancun, and were off to CDC for the initial exam. The office was a large, clean 2 story building that stretched back to dozens of treatment rooms. My exam took about an hour to complete. It involved several X-rays (the 3D X-ray was cool), before pictures, and conversations with Dr. Thelma and the dental surgeon. My treatment was discussed with me and set to begin first thing in the morning.

I had a broken upper molar from long ago that was getting extracted and prepped for a bone graft. I was offered gas, along with my local anesthetic (full anesthesia is also an option, but I opted out). The dental surgeon was did my extraction and bone graft perfect. I had no discomfort and he closed my incision with dissolving stitches and medical glue. Next were my front teeth. I ended up getting 7 crowns (one in the back), 5 veneers, and 3 fillings. My Prosthodontist was Dr. Alejandra. Again, their english was second nature to them. She explained everything to me and was constantly making sure I was comfortable. She was conservative in her prep work and VERY thorough. Her personality was professional and personable, making me feel relaxed and confident of my outcome. Because my time in MX was only for 4 nights/5 days, she stayed until almost 9pm each night making sure the work was properly done. The lab made my porcelain teeth in house and they were gorgeous! It took about a day to make them. I chose a natural white, as I didn’t want a fake smile. The shape of my new teeth mimicked my real teeth and I couldn’t be happier.

Throughout the shaping and fitting of my teeth, Dr. Irma came in with Dr. Alejandra as a second set of eyes. She was so sweet and professional. They bounced back different angle ideas for shaping and conturing each tooth, so it would look the most natural. They are truly artists and the mouth is their canvas. I’m not going to lie and say I had no discomfort. My teeth were a little sensitive after the numbing wore off, and I had the temporary teeth on. It was something new in my mouth, and I technically had a lot of work done in a short amount of time. The discomfort was minimal though and lasted maybe a day (I also had antibiotics and pain medicine to take if needed). I was still able to eat and drink at my hotel and go about my business.

Throughout my experience at CDS, Ricardo Miranda was there to help. He was the office coordinator that offered any assistance we may need. He would go get our prescriptions for my son and I, make sure we got our drivers to the hotel, answer any questions, and overall make sure our experience was nothing short of amazing.

Marci, in accounting was also knowledgable with everything at CDS and made sure I was taken care of. She was honest and personable too. 🙂

My son, Dominic’s, orthodontist was Dr. Ricardo Ovando. He discussed a couple of different treatment options for him and ultimately we decided to have his premolars removed and braces applied. His procedure went smooth and with minimal pain, as he was also given pain meds and antibiotics after his extractions.

Overall my experience with CDS was a success. I was initially concerned about the safety of being in Cancun, along with my dental procedures being done right. I can assure you that both concerns were nothing to worry about. Cancun is a tourist destination that is full of security and vacationers. Like any place, there is crime, but in certain areas and CDS isn’t one of them. They are located next to a huge shopping mall and close to the hotels. I was comfortable enough to let my teenager travel with the drivers back and forth to the hotel without me (and I’m an Italian that worries, if that tells you something, lol).

I will be going back in 6 months when my bone graft heals for the implant. My husband will also be getting treatment, along with our friends (I was the guinea pig in this). I, personally, think the dental attention I received at CDS was far more than I would’ve gotten in the states for a much better price point. I also received all of mine and my sons medical records via email.
If you are looking to finally get your teeth done how you want, then I would suggest giving Cancun Dental Specialist a try. I have no regrets!

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