They will do everything for you to leave happy with the work at an affordable cost

Many Canadians who have never been in Mexico still perceive it as a third would country with lots of crime, keeping them from even considering this country. In fact Mexico is a modern country, with a friendly and welcoming population with strong ties to its history, be it Maya or Aztec or its colonial heritage. You will not encounter crime unless you get involved with the wrong things yourself. Not having any dental insurance, I found the cost of treatment in Canada unaffordable. Then I discovered Cancun Dental Specialists.

I am their patient for awhile now and have the impression of that the welfare of their patients is more important than profit. It begins arriving at the airport where you will have a voucher for free shared transportation to either the clinic or your hotel.

You will find a modern facility with the latest equipment, staffed by competent dentists, supervised by Dr. Irma Gavaldon. Treatment starts with a panoramic X-Ray and special pictures of the areas of concern, followed by an examination. You then have a discussion with a coordinator about the course of treatment and the cost. The cost of the treatment is calculated from a chart of all inclusive fees for different treatments. A root canal is so much, a crown so much, with no extra charges for X-Rays or Lab fees, etc. These set fees are much cheaper than what you would pay at home with the same quality of care. Fees are in USD$ but Canadian clients enjoy a very favourable exchange rate.

Since most of us only come to Cancun for a week, every effort is made to be able to fit the treatments into the available time period. You are taken to your hotel after treatment and picked up at the hotel for you next appointment. Curtesy of the clinic. As to the treatment, I always felt them professional with emphasis on my satisfaction. On one occasion I was told by my local dentist that a molar could not be saved and the replacing implant would cost $5000.- I went to Cancun Dental Specialists for an implant at a more reasonable price. Instead they saved the tooth with a less expensive and less difficult root canal, while they could have made more by doing the implant.

I never had the feeling that unneeded work was performed or that I was overcharged. As patient you almost become part of the “family”. They will do everything for you to leave happy and satisfied with the work, at an affordable cost.

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