I have no problem recommending CDS Cancun

Living on an island in Alaska with only one dentist means that there is no competition and pricing does not need to be competitive. Since I had several time share weeks available to use, I started exploring the possibility of having my work done in Mexico. Wanting to be away from the border areas, I looked at Cancun and found the CDS Cancun practice. The fact that Dr. Gavaldon is U.S. Board Certified helped me make up my mind to have my work done there.

All you need to do is make your initial appointment, obtain lodging and buy your plane tickets, they will do the rest. They will have a driver pick you up at the airport and get you to your hotel, they will pick you up and deliver you for every appointment and get you back to the airport at the end of your stay. All you need to do is tip the drivers!

Once in the office you will have a complete exam with full X-Rays. Expect impressions, pictures of your teeth before and after. To say that it was thorough would be an understatement. My work involved removing four crowns and replacing them with one new one and a three tooth bridge, All of them zirconium. It took several appointments and I saw several different dentists, all with specialties. My fractured tooth removal by the maxfillofacial surgeon Dr. Lugo was as easy as it could be, not that it was easy for him, but I felt no pain, he was very good at explaining what he was doing and got it done.

My bridge and crown were done at the lab that is part of the business. I was told that the practice consists of about 150 employees right now. Coming back from a tour one evening we drove by the offices and the lights were still on as they were still treating patients. They get the work done and get you out to enjoy Cancun while you are there.

I have no problem recommending this group. The bottom line is that I was going to have to pay $4,000 USD to have a tooth removed, a graft and an implant. Instead I have the tooth removed, three old crowns removed and received a new crown and a bridge for $2,150 USD. Go for it!

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