Very happy about the work and it cost a fraction comparised to the United States

Superlative experience! I was scared that this would be a money grab. The opposite was my experience! They gave me an honest evaluation and told me that the work could very easily be done in my home town. I had a regular dentist look at my 3D Imaging and he offered me his original evaluation and in as little as 5 minutes he had 3 specialists in the room (I think they were also all US trained). They conferenced together and unanimously decided it was a nerve issue and that I could be treated there or if more convenient at home.

Also I spoke to a police officer that had an accident in the lobby and he had to have all his implants done. He was very happy about the work and said it cost a fraction of what it would have cost in the United States. I will be going back to get my daughters implants there soon.

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