It was one of the best decisions of my life

Hi. It has been 2 weeks since my final examination after having 19 crowns, 2 bridges & 2 implants performed at Cancun Dental Specialists. I knew no one personally who had work performed at any clinic outside of Canada so I was very nervous about selecting any work outside of Canada. This decision was very hard to make but now after treatment I have determined it was one of the best decisions of my life. I would not have afforded to have this work at home. Hopefully there is room here to share an ode I wrote to the great folks at Cancun Dental Specialists.


Should you have an opportunity,
To take a little time.
Maybe you’ll get a chance,
To read my little rhyme.

Never thought I would,
Write about teeth in such a way.
But let me tell you what happened,
Long ago back in the day.

At the age of twelve years,
Back in a coal mining town.
My teeth were a mess,
And my parents they did frown.

No money was available,
To keep them in tact.
The only answer was,
Just to extract.

For years and years of wearing,
Partial plates and such.
All the pain and suffering,
Of which there was much.

Now at this time,
Fifty years have passed.
I have decided to act,
And get a solution at last.

Plenty of research,
For a team I could trust.
And of course these days,
Affordability was a must.

After weeks of research,
I decided to trust.
The pros at Cancun Dental,
And now I know my decision was just.

From day one on,
They took great care of me.
I was very confident,
And felt it was meant to be.

Now down at the clinic,
Dr. Andrea and Brenda are put to the test.
And in my humble opinion,
I believe they are the best.

Dr. Irma comes by,
Because she cares so much.
She’ll make you at ease,
With a smile and a touch.

There are many more names,
I could add to this list.
And I truly apologize,
To those I have missed.

All I’m trying to say,
Is that it has been quite a while.
But the experts at Cancun Dental,
Have finally given me a reason to SMILE.

Dan Leslie
Big Pond, N.S.

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