Mexico pricing is far less expensive than the United States

I researched several dental implant facilities in the United States and Mexico over a one year period and quickly learned that Mexico pricing is far less expensive than the United States (30% – 50% of U.S. prices), while offering equal or superior quality in many cases. Cancun Dental Specialists was selected for several reasons:

  1. Best-in-Class Customer Service; second to none. My patient Advisor, David Lambarri, patiently and promptly, answered every single question over a ten month period. Their online chat personnel are available instantly to answer all questions. Their website is very informative and professional.
  2. Transparent Pricing: I was completely clear on their pricing on every procedure and they adhered to that price after my first visit.
  3. Reasonable Pricing (30% – 50% of U.S. pricing).
  4. Cutting Edge Technology: On-site laboratory enabling rapid and less expensive, chairside, point-of care dental services.
  5. Modern Facility: Well-appointed, comfortable clinic at two locations in Cancun.
  6. Excellent Patient Reviews: Hundreds of positive testimonials on their website and verified, neutral sites not affiliated with the clinic (Placid Way, Real Self, etc). I spoke, personally, to current/former patients who all lauded their service.

My treatment plan includes an All on 4 or All on 6, on the upper arch. This requires preliminary bone grafting and sinus lifts. The lower arch includes two implants and several crowns. Together, this represents a Full Mouth Restoration. The restoration will occur in three, 5-10 day visits spanning a one year time frame. My first visit was completed on 01.16.2018. This included extractions, bone grafting, a sinus lift on my right maxillary sinus, disinfections in my anterior, upper arch and removal of a cyst in my left maxillary sinus. The lower arch included two implants, a wisdom tooth extraction and root scaling and planing. It was a delightful experience! No pain, significant swelling or facial bruising were experienced.

All procedures were clearly explained and all questions were answered. Each appointment proceeded like clockwork and there was minimal time spent in the waiting room. I was provided with prompt shuttle service from the airport and car service for every clinic appointment. The staff was warm, attentive, attractive, friendly, hospitable, competent and professional.

I highly recommend Cancun Dental Specialists. They are customer service oriented, warm and friendly, honest, prompt, competent and professional. They provide cutting edge technology in a warm, comfortable clinic in Cancun which offers low cost hotel accommodations in a pleasing environment accessible via a relatively short, inexpensive flight from NYC. I hope this review helps others to select the best dental clinic for their needs.

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