I recommend if you are looking for a modern and professional dental experience

I have built my life around the saying “If it sounds too good to be true – it is”. That was my attitude when I first started exploring Dental Tourism. I explored several countries then, through a second hand recommendation I checked Cancun Dental Specialists. I contacted their office through email and Josue contacted me back very soon afterwards. I did not have X-Rays so they requested pictures. I have them a written discription of my main concerns and they sent me an estimate. Their estimate was 1/4 of the estimate I receive from dentist’s in my area so I decided to take a chance on them. I made my reservations and gave them that information. Nelson contacted me and arranged my transportation from the airport to their office and then to the place I was staying. All of ones transportation is provided concerning Dental Appointments. The actual contact with the dentists is relaxing and fluid. From my initial evaluation to createing a plan; through extractions, bone grafts, caps, etc. I have been very pleased. Dr. Galvadon and her team all make you understand that your health and comfort are their main concerns. The staff is courteous and extremely friendly. When I received the billing statement I was shocked to discover that is was even less than their original estimate. If you are looking for a modern, professional dental experience with a company who is on the cutting edge of the latest technology, then I would highly recommend that you try Cancun Dental Specialis. You will not be disappointed.

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