The dental treatment cost in the US would have been 4 times as much

I’m amazed at all the dental work I received from CDS Cancun and Dr. Irma’s staff during my vacation to Mexico. I received great care. I had two bridges, a crown and the start of three implants.. All completed within a weeks. The pain was minimal so I was still able to enjoy my vacation, I even golfed. I returned 5 months later to have my 3 implants uncovered and the teeth placed. I also had my teeth whitened. It’s anazing, transportation to and from the my resort was included, all X-Rays and exams. Everything is done at one place. There is no running around from dentist to specialist. I highly recommend the service. The price is unbelievable too. I couldn’t be happier. This would have taken many months in the US and the cost would have been 4 times as much.

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