Pulpectomy Mexico

A Pulpectomy is needed in the primary dentition to remove any diseased pulp tissues in the Crown area of the tooth. Once this pulp is removed the Specialists applies a disinfecting agent which acts to calm the nerve tissues still in the tooth and seals the canals. This is a treatment that is done by an Endodontist and is usually followed by a restoration such as a Crown or Composite Resin Filling.

Pulpectomy Mexico

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Pulpectomy FAQ

This procedure involved the removal of certain portion of the pulp that is infected due to a number of reasons. The pulp, which is below the enamel, can get infected as the enamel was affected by decay and this decay has not gone that deep in to the tooth structure and there a chance to save the tooth without having to perform a Root Canal Therapy entirely.

As our standards are aligned globally to the best practices accepted in Canada, US and Mexico, they are performed with the utmost care and always with previous study and analysis by our specialists. The procedure involves administering local anesthesia on the area and the removal of the infected pulp of the tooth. Sometimes composite resin material is set in place after the infected tissue was removed. Some other time, patients would like to have an Inlay, an Onlay or a Crown depending the severeness of the case.

Pulpectomy Treatment Alternatives

Tooth Extraction Mexico

If the tooth has been severely decayed to the gum line or if there tooth is found to be brittle upon physical evaluation we may have to extract the tooth to prevent from further infection.

Root canal Mexico

Perhaps when removing the Amalgam Filling we have compromised the pulp chamber of the tooth. In this case a Root Canal would be needed, likely followed by a Post and Core Build Up and a Crown for the protection of the tooth from further fractures or filtration of bacteria.

zygomatic implants mexico

Zygomatic Implants are Implants that are much longer in length than conventional Implants (40 mm – 50 mm), and are placed in the dense Zygoma bone or otherwise known as the cheekbone. The advantage of using Zygomatic Implants is that it eliminates the need for procedures like ridge augmentation (Bone Grafting) and/or Sinus Lifting, which would require more surgery and longer healing periods before the placement of the final restoration.

Mini Implants Mexico

Mini Dental Implants in Mexico are a great option for patients that are not candidates for normal Implants. It is also a great option for the Snap on Dentures Treatment we offer. The Snap on Dentures treatment in Mexico is a one-trip solution were we will place either 4-8 Mini Implants and a Snap on Denture.

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