How to prepare for your Dental Veneers in Mexico during the Coronavirus Pandemic (Part I)

How to prepare dental veneers in mexico during covid-19

If among your plans after the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) is get your Dental Veneers in Mexico, this time of quarantine is perfect to make your research and prepare your body for the procedure. Since more and more people are choosing Mexico as a Dental Tourism destination for its location close to the USA and its affordable prices up to 70%, not all clinics offer the same quality, that is why we help you to enlist the most important questions you have to do before you choose your clinic:

Where can I do my research?

Make sure that your consultation sources offer you reliable information about the most professional clinics in Dental Tourism in Mexico. For example, Mexico Dental is a complete website where you can search by region or procedure for the dental treatment you are looking for. It provides a list of the best clinics and dentists in the country, as well as a price list by treatment. You can also compare the cost of your dental veneers in Mexico and even get all the information about this treatment with a complete guide.

Another resource for patients considering their dental veneers in Mexico is the Dental Tourism Association website. It connects you with top dental tourism facilities in Mexico as well as with the best-certified dentists. Here you can also discover the answers to many questions you may have about your dental veneers treatment before heading out of the country.

What are the dentists’ credentials?

You must match the level of complexity of your dental treatment with the experience level and training of your dentist in Mexico. Cancun Dental Specialists, for example, offer all the information about their professionals, and you can check their credentials on its website. You can also find patients’ reviews and testimonials about their dental veneers treatments.

Another point you must have in mind is that you will also need a dental facility English spoken since you are a special patient: a dental tourist. Top dental clinics in Mexico tailor their practice for US and Canadian patients and are 100% English spoken.

Has the clinic a good location?

Dental tourists are mainly looking for clinics located in a convenient place so they don’t waste hours on their appointments, especially when they have reduced time frames. Top dental tourism clinics are mainly located near to the hotels’ area, so you can avoid moving in the streets that you don’t know. Some facilities like CDS offer you pickup transportation from the airport and to your appointments.

How cheap are the prices?

Finding the best prices but at the same time, get better quality work with 70% savings depends on good research. Before you begin it is important that you first define your budget and then have an idea of the costs of your dental veneers procedure, how? Comparing the prices of getting the work done in the US vs. heading over to Mexico.

Does the clinic work with good technology and follow high cleanliness protocols?

We definitely recommend you ask about the technology the clinic uses. For example, Cancun Dental Specialists work with state-of-the-art technology, in which its CAD/CAM laboratory stands out allowing them to reduce turnaround times on their treatments. They also follow cross-infection prevention and hygiene control protocols in each area of the facility as well as in each dental instrument used.


As you see, there is wide information to check before you get your dental veneers in Mexico. Now you have the time to prepare your checklist with these questions and make complete research. Have in mind that after the coronavirus pandemic you will able to get the most of the promotions that airlines and hotels will offer to reactivate traveling.


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