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Here is a Guide to getting your Tori Removal Treatment with Cancun Dental Specialists. Most aspects of your Dental vacation will be covered. Please call in and let us know more about your case 1 800 278 3215. In order to give you correct information pertaining to your case, we would need your Medical History, X-Rays, Treatment Plan If available, If not Contact our Dental Coordinator Before Coming to Cancun. Below are the most frequently asked questions on pricing, treatment scenarios, aftercare. Please read it so that you are well informed of how we provide the Tori Removal Surgery for you and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Mandibular Tori is a series of large bony bumps (Exostosis), that occurs in some patients in the lower mandibular between the premolar and molar area. These bumps may be the cause of speech problems, diet issues and overall satisfaction and comfort. For patients who are looking to place dentures, the mandibular tori can interfere with a comfortable and secure fit.

The Removal of the Mandibular Tori is done in our Clinic with advanced Laser Technology. Using a hard/soft tissue laser Biolase we can provide a less evasive surgery with cleaner and more precise incisions, less vibrations from hand tools and faster recovery times. Other clinical benefits include less chance for bacterial infection and increased comfort during surgery.

Tori Removal FAQ

‚ÄúTori‚ÄĚ refers to a bone protuberance that may exist in the palate or the mandible which, if not dangerous, its associated to malocclusion (problems with the bite), food build up in the edges of the protuberances, and it may complicate other procedures as the placement of dentures or other prosthetic procedures. If there are several protuberances, they are called ‚ÄúTori‚ÄĚ.

After identifying the mass that is going to be removed from the study of 3D CBCT Scans and 2D X-rays, the specialists administer local anesthesia and proceeds to make the incisions necessary with our Water Lase machine which helps finishing the procedures faster and more accurately, and allow the patients for an expedite recovery after surgery. This Laser reduces also the risk of infection and allows the specialists to remove more bone mass per session as the laser allows virtually pain-free procedures.

After surgery, most possible swelling, bleeding and soreness disappear within the first week after the procedure in done. However, the complete time frame of healing is of 4 weeks, which involves certain medication and the avoidance for certain foods for the time indicated by the specialists.

Implanted Supported Treatment Alternatives

All on 6 / All on 8

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We use the Bicon System of Short Implants in order to take advantage of minimal bone levels and avoid vital structures such as the sinus or mental foramen, which usually require multiple visits.

Zygomatic Implants are Implants that are much longer in length than conventional Implants (40 mm – 50 mm), and are placed in the dense Zygoma bone or otherwise known as the cheekbone. The advantage of using Zygomatic Implants is that it eliminates the need for procedures like ridge augmentation (Bone Grafting) and/or Sinus Lifting, which would require more surgery and longer healing periods before the placement of the final restoration.

Mini Dental Implants in Mexico are a great option for patients that are not candidates for normal Implants. It is also a great option for the Snap on Dentures Treatment we offer. The Snap on Dentures treatment in Mexico is a one-trip solution were we will place either 4-8 Mini Implants and a Snap on Denture.

How can I get started my treatment with Cancun Dental Specialists?

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