Tori Removal

The Mandibular Tori is a series of large bony bumps (Exostosis), that occurs in some patients in the lower mandibular between the premolar and molar areas. These bumps may be the cause of speech problems, diet issues, and overall satisfaction and comfort. For patients who are looking to place dentures, the mandibular tori can interfere with a comfortable and secure fit.

Tori Removal Mexico Surgery is done in our clinic with advanced Laser Technology. Using a hard/soft tissue laser Biolase Waterlase iPlus we can provide a less invasive surgery with cleaner and more precise incisions, fewer vibrations from hand tools, and faster recovery times. Other clinical benefits include less chance for bacterial infection and increased comfort during surgery.

Dr Irma Gavaldon

What to Expect with a Tori Removal

For laser tori removal using Biolase Waterlase iPlus, patients receive a local anesthetic before the procedure. Because there is no heat or vibration, and very little sound, even patients who are anxious about dental work are comfortable with just local numbing. If you are still concerned, talk to your dentist about other options. Your overall comfort is important.

The dentist then uses the laser to access the mandibular tori, adjusting the laser to remove the bone. When the procedure is done, they will use the laser to “bandage” the area to promote fast healing. In rare cases, sutures are not necessary, but most patients do require a few stitches.

Laser tori removal is less invasive and offers the fastest healing times with fewer complications.

Tori Removal

Tori Removal Complications

Laser tori removal comes with few complications, but, as with all surgical procedures, any time you open up the skin there is the possibility of complications. Common side effects may include bleeding, swelling, and some pain. Generally, you can control these with the guidelines above.

If you experience excessive pain, additional bleeding, and swelling that won’t go down, this could indicate a possible infection. If you experience fever and a general feeling of being unwell, call your dentist.

Mandibular tori can (and do) grow back. If there are underlying causes that can be treated (e.g., bruxism), addressing those may help prevent them from re-occurring.

Laser Tori Removal Cost

Tori Removal
$500USD per arch

Tori Removal Surgery FAQs

What is Tori Removal?
How are Tori Removals performed in Cancun, Mexico?
How much time requires this procedure for recovery?
What is Tori Removal?

“Tori” refers to a bone protuberance that may exist in the palate or the mandible which, if not dangerous, is associated with malocclusion (problems with the bite), food build up in the edges of the protuberances, and it may complicate other procedures as the placement of dentures or other prosthetic procedures. If there are several protuberances, they are called “Tori”.

How are Tori Removals performed in Cancun, Mexico?

After identifying the mass that is going to be removed from the study of 3D CBCT Scans and 2D x-Rays, the specialists administer local anesthesia and proceeds to make the incisions necessary with our Biolase Waterlase iPlus machine which helps finish the procedures faster and more accurately, and allow the patients for an expedite recovery after surgery. This Laser reduces also the risk of infection and allows the specialists to remove more bone mass per session as the laser allows virtually pain-free procedures.

How much time requires this procedure for recovery?

After surgery, most possible swelling, bleeding and soreness disappear within the first week after the procedure is done. However, the complete time frame of healing is of 4 weeks, which involves certain medication and the avoidance of certain foods for the time indicated by the specialists.

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