What to expect from your first visit

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We thank you in advance for your patience as there is an average wait time of 30 to 45 minutes in Reception after your arrival.

What to expect from your first visit

Once in reception you will be asked to register your Personal Information as well as any Medical & Dental History that we should be aware of on a user-friendly computer program. We will also take a picture of you for your file, don’t forget to smile big!

3D CBCT scan taken. This process takes about 5 minutes to complete. You will be taken back to reception.

Once the scan is uploaded into our system you will be called again for your consultation with the Clinic Manager and the Doctors involved in your case. It is pertinent that you share with the doctors exactly what you are looking to have done along with the budget that you are working with. This deters the team from preparing inaccurate treatment plans. Additional X-Rays may be taken at this time, as well as intraoral photographs, along with the fabrication of initial models. Please note that if you are only visiting for a quick evaluation, with no intention of beginning any dental treatment, inform the front desk staff and the doctors involved as to make your evaluation as time-efficient as possible. Full consultations can take from anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. Our time with you here in Cancun is limited and we must ensure that your dental treatment is completed nothing shy of perfect. Consultation fees are waived if the patient decides to move forward with any dental treatment at our facility.

3D CBCT scan
Dental Evaluation

Due to the diversity and multinational training of our doctors and staff please understand that the team will communicate with each other using a multitude of languages such as English, Spanish and French. If you wish to be a part of the conversations a translator can be brought upon request.

Most patients arrive with an idea of what dental treatments they would like to have and fix their minds on the price associated with those treatments alone. Post-evaluation our doctors will review their physical evaluation of you along with your Medical & Dental History. Also, if applicable the following variables will be considered such as but are not limited to: periodontal charts, patient occlusion, bite analyzation, etc.

Treatment plans change a majority of the time due to either incomplete information gathered prior to a patients’ visit or long durations of time between a patients’ visit to a local dentist and then to our facility. Please budget for these unforeseen factors that can alter the total treatment plan cost. We strongly recommend that you maintain frequent and open communication channels with your Dental Coordinator prior to your trip down. The more information our Dental Coordinators have the more accurate their approximations will be.

Lastly you will be taken over to the Administration & Finance department where you will be asked to sign Consent Forms and Privacy agreements as well as make a payment on the agreed upon treatment plan.

If your initial evaluation is on a Monday or a Tuesday, the dental treatment will most likely begin the following day. Most cases require planning and materials preparation, some require surgical guide fabrication hence the 24-hour delay in treatment commencement.

Once your initial evaluation is complete and you have left the Finance office, the Front desk Staff will advise you of your next appointment and radio one of our drivers to come pick you up and return you to your chosen accommodationPlease keep in mind that pick-up times and appointment times are different and due to our facility being in Cancun’s Hotel Zone our drivers may run a little late depending on unforeseen traffic conditions.

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We here at Cancun Dental Specialists thank you for your time, for your consideration and for your understanding in the methods and timelines involved with your Dental Vacation.


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