Important information for our patients regarding our measures to protect you from COVID-19

Dear CDS patient:

In our current global situation, your health is our primary concern. It is important to communicate with you that we are taking all measures and following all protocols to ensure your dental experience is both safe and comfortable. These include social distancing, temperature check points, private transportation and intense sterilization.

Here at Cancun Dental Specialists we continue to work hard to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and quality that both distinguish us and has risen us above the competition. We look forward to making you smile.


Important information to our patients about our measures against coronavirus pandemic


For our dental instruments, we follow the Tier Sterilization Protocol
that consists of the next steps


cleaning surgical and non-surgical instruments CDS

All the dental instruments, surgical and non-surgical, are scrubbed rigorously with swabs to remove any attached debris.

Liquid Sterilization

Liquid Sterilization in CDS

A concentrated cold sterilizer for heat-resistant and heat-sensitive instruments that provide a complete antiviral action.


Autoclave Sterilization in CDS

A sterilization device that uses high pressures and temperatures of 270 degrees to immerse dental instruments, before we placed them in sterilized packages and then store in a UV chamber.

UV Chamber

instruments with U.V. (Ultraviolet) chamber

This maintains a completely sterile environment which is only broken when we open the sealed packets in front of our patients at the start of every new procedure.


Things you should be aware of:


  • We have begun limiting the number of people allowed in the waiting room. Patients will only be allowed to bring a companion if there are physical, mental, age related or language-oriented assistances required. (Please speak to your Dental/Patientcare Coordinator for further details).
  • Please keep good hygiene at all times. We provide sanitizing hand gel as well as antibacterial hand soap for washing at the clinic. We would also ask that you refrain from physical contact when not necessary especially in the form of greetings.
  • We will be providing all patients with facemasks to wear both inside and outside of the clinic at no charge.
  • If you have a fever, a cough or any flu-like symptoms, we will not be able to attend or admit you. We will help you to reschedule your appointment. In this we make no exceptions and apologize in advance for anyone inconvenienced by this necessary protocol.


If you have any question or concerns, please reach out to us!
Toll Free Line: 1 888 231 8041
Instagram @cancundentalspecialists
Whatsapp / iMessage: +52 998 144 1553


  1. Andy 6 months ago

    Makes Me Feel Better To Come Thank You See You Soon

  2. Samuel Deal 5 months ago

    Can you estimate the cost of an implant for tooth #8 and the replacement of the veneer on #7 which I damaged during a fall during a walk. Thank you very much.

    • fted jeck 3 months ago

      Do you take dental insurance

      • Author
        Víctor López 3 months ago

        Hi Samuel, for more iformation about you can Call Toll Free 1 888 231 8041

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