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I am very pleased with all the work I had done and...
  Robert Marofsky   Fort Myers ,USA

I am very pleased with all the work I had done and I am looking forward to returning to complete the implant process… The dentist’s I worked with were very confident and did a through job!

Although we. Felt we. Had a wonderful experience a...
  Gwen halsted   Okotoks ,Canada

Although we. Felt we. Had a wonderful experience at the dental office, the staff all being so friendly and. Helpful . We were taxied back and forth which was a very nice gesture and made going back and forth very convenient. I have to say when I did my many many hours of research I felt very strongly that I was going to insist Dr Irma was the only person I would let. Work on my teeth . I had checked her credentials and felt confident that all seemed to be in sound order. However once we were there she did introduce herself but that was The last we seen of Her until the end of the last appointment. It was immediately a whirlwind of activity . I was taken from room to room with many “ specialists “, seeing over my care. I was having 12 crowns,3 root canals and crown lazer tooth lengthening.. so a lot of work . My husband was having three crowns. In my heart of hearts I still wanted Dr Irma to do my work but they assured me of their experience and said I was in the best of hands . Once we both had Temporary crowns on we both felt relief that we were near the end . We both lost a.Temporary crown but had read in heir handouts that this May happen . My entire top teeth were crowned in Canada 20-25 years ago , I never lost temporary crowns ( which stayed in for two weeks and looked totally like teeth ) I have never revisited the dentist in all these years with any problems. Once my crowns were in place and we were at our last appointment going over any issues, I kept insisting my bite was not right. The dentist did try to correct it but it just didn’t feel good. I convinced myself I probably just needed to adjust to it . I also had a. Crown that didn’t feel at all normal. It had a missing tooth beside it and the dentist said it had to be.That way ?? It feels Round like a barrel and doesn’t really look like a natural tooth.
So….. to update to now . We have been home 14 days and a crown has snapped off. I am so scared and so disappointed. We went to Mexico looking for a soloution and have come home with likely a bigger problem . Thirteen thousand Canadian dollars spent on our teeth, plus flights and accommodations . I question if we are going to be ahead or are we in for huge problems. I have contacted both our coordinator and the dental office. It is Saturday so I understand why i haven’t heard from them . Come Monday i sure hope they reach out to me as quickly as they did when they they were looking for our business.

Hi there, I waited to do a review a couple of mont...
  Nancy Marie   Lacombe, Alberta ,Canada

Hi there, I waited to do a review a couple of months after having my dental work done mainly as I was burned in the past and had to make sure the review reflected my results. First I recommend Cancun Dental Specialists for any of your dental needs. Customer care and service has been great, all staff I interacted with were wonderful, work long hours, aim to give the best of patient care and are very professional. Pricing too was quite affordable. Secondly, the outcome of my work is amazing. I’ve had a number of compliments of my smile, all from those who knew how badly the previous work was from a different clinic. I love my smile, my teeth are gorgeous and smiling now with confidance has finally been restored. I am not noticing a place to upload before and after but trust me, what a difference. Thank you to all who made my experience a positive one and I will for sure recommend Cancun Dental Specialists to anyone looking. Thanks again!!

I called to book a treatment one year subsequent t...
  Michael Roy   St-Hubert ,Canada

I called to book a treatment one year subsequent to having 27 Crowns installed. The response to my request was warm and extremely professional. The actual subsequent treatment was professional and exceptionally well done. Thank you Cancun Dental Specialists for your honesty and professionalism. I recommend your service to everyone.

Thank you very much for increasing my quality of health and living !!!


I have been hesistent to leave a review because, l...
  Noell    Eugene  ,United States

I have been hesistent to leave a review because, let’s face it I was scarred. I made the decision a year ago to travel to cancun to get my smile fixed. I did a ton of research and decided to go ahead with Cancun Dental Specialist. I arrived in cancun and was greeted with a friendly driver from the practice. I went into my first appointment and felt much relief. The office was nice and modern. Still a bit weary because we have all heard the horror stories. I continued with the treatment plan to get my upper front 6 teeth corrected with veneers. After the process was completed I was very pleased. I had the smile I’ve wanted my entire life , took the vacation I’ve needed for years and recieved amazing care from the team. They made it a streamline process. Even when I stayed half the time on Isla Mujeres they still made the drive to pick me up and take me back to the port for my appointments. The reason I haven’t left a review for now almost a year is because I wanted to make sure everything healed fine and I didnt run into any complications. One year later I can say with confidence that I will be returning to them for anymore serious dental work I want done.

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