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Technology & Equipment

Rated one of the Top Dental Facilities in Mexico and The Top Dental Facility in Cancun. Cancun Dental Specialists proudly shares to its patients the investments it has done in Technology & Equipment in order to provide high-quality dental treatments to patients coming from abroad. Learn more about how we invest to guarantee your dental treatment and provide the best outcome possible.

WATERLASE i-Plus Laser

This hard/soft Tissue Laser is used to provide less invasive treatments to our patients. This means, painless procedures, less bleeding, quicker healing time, reduced post-operative pain & swelling, and less risk of fractures in the teeth.

CBCT 3D X-Rays

Cone Beam Computed Technology (CBCT) is vital for the planning and diagnosis of surgery. CBCT gives our Surgeon the ability to see a complete 3D image of the patient’s dentition allowing for accurate and thorough planning for Implant placement or other oral surgery.

CAD/CAM Laboratory
Cad Cam

Using CAD/CAM Technology allows our Technicians to complete cases in minimal time and reduce chances of open margins for Crowns & Veneers or even Implant-Supported Restorations. A great advantage when we are dealing with patients who have limited time with us.

Intraoral Scanner

Primescan is a decisive leap forward in the optical recording system. With its completely new, patent-pending digital impressioning technology the new intraoral scanner Primescan enables high-precision digital impressions to be taken of the entire jaw.