Waterlase i-Plus

What is Waterlase i-Plus?

The Waterlase i-Plus laser is a hard and soft tissue laser used to provide a painless, non invasive procedure. This laser works to cut hard and soft tissues quicker, smoother, reduced risk of cross contamination, less bleeding, conserve more of your hard and soft tissues and even increases healing time.

Treatments used with the Waterlase include (amongst others): Root Canals, Periodontal treatments, Cavity Removal, Crown preparation, preparation for Inlay, Implant rehabilitation and even Removal of Torus mandibular.

Any patient can benefit from using the Waterlase Laser, call your Dental Coordinator to discuss the options that you have regarding your case.

Why Waterlase i-Plus?

Preferred Globally

WaterLase technology is the most widely used all-tissue laser in the world. Patients benefit from a positive dental experience every day.


Virtually Pain-Free

WaterLase iPlus can help optimize your patient’s experience by removing the dread associated with dental procedures.


Happy Patients

Happy patients stay with your practice and refer you to friends: 97% of WaterLase patients are very likely to recommend it to their friends and family members


Faster Healing Time

Patients treated with lasers recover more quickly from procedures.

Waterlase i-Plus Mexico


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