What is CAD/CAM?

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) is vital in today’s Dental Travel world

The ability to design perfectly dimensioned Crowns, manipulate shapes, and guarantee perfectly sealed margins is a comfort that patients can count on. Using CAD/CAM technology we are able to reduce turn-around times on treatments and guarantee our work.

Not to mention, if there is any work that does not come out to your liking, or to our doctor’s standards, we are able to repeat the work at no cost and have another restoration made right away. Most Clinics do not have this luxury.

Best CAD/CAM in Cancun, dental computer
CAD / CAM dental crowns
We are the only Clinic in the Southeast region of Mexico to have its own full-scale CAD/CAM Laboratory and Milling Center
Dental Lab Technician

Our Dentists and Lab techs can work together under one roof to make sure that you receive the quality and aesthetic results you came for. We have taken every measure to is.

CAD / CAM Milled Lab

In our laboratory, we can create Dental Bridges, Crowns, Veneers, and even Titanium Bars and Prettau Bridges for Implant-Supported Restorations.

CAD / CAM allow shoty timeframes

Using CAD/CAM technology in Mexico gives you the peace of mind that your Dental Work will be completed precisely and to your liking and allows you more time to spend on the beach instead of in the office!