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A breakthrough in computer-aided implantology, Navident offers dental surgeons an easy to use, accurate, highly portable and affordable way to plan the desired restoration and implant placement on a virtual patient, then execute the plan on the real patient’s jaw.

How Does Navident Work?

The virtual patient’s jaw is created from the CT and, optionally, digital impression data, in seconds. The plan, including crowns and implants, is prepared in a few minutes and can be modified any time. During surgery, Navident shows the advance of the drill tip or implant in the patient’s jaw relative to surrounding structures and the implantation plan.

Navident Implant Therapy

A better job

The dentist plan the restoration on screen, optimize the implant positions, then let Navient guide him to accurately implement the plan in the patient’s jaw.

Reduce harm to patient

Perform flapless surgery, leading to reduced patient discomfort, reduced risk of infection, and faster recovery. Avoid unintentional iatrogenic damage to nearby anatomical structures.

Increase efficiency

Eliminate plaster models, wax-ups and fabrication of guides. Reduce chair time by eliminating raising and suturing flaps.

Reduce treatment costs

Leverage accuracy to reduce the need for custom abutments, bone augmentation and re-work. Used retrievable screw-retained, rather than cement-retained, superstructures.


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