How does Surgical Guiding Work?

Using our 3D CAD/CAM technology we will mesh your 3D scan with a live model, giving us the exact dimensions of your bone and surrounding vital areas such as the sinus cavity and the mental nerve. Taking into consideration bone density, height and width, we can plan the ideal size implant to place and where.

Based on these precise dimensions we will make a mouthguard or guide that will help the surgeon with the actual placement of your implants. No need to worry about having implants placed crookedly or puncturing any vital signs, Surgical Guiding is perfectly safe and precise. Healing time is also enhanced since we do not have to do flap surgery and cut open your gums, for this same reason the healing time for patients is much quicker and will give less discomfort.

Surgical Guides Bottom
Surgical Guides X-Ray

3D CBCT Scan

A 3D CBCT scan is taken again after surgery to assure that the implants are placed as expected. You can expect a smooth surgery and restoration of your implants thanks to this great tool.

Since your surgery is completely guided, there are is no need to perform a flap surgery so your time of healing will be much quicker and even more comfortable for you.

3D Technology

The Surgical Guide is designed and printed with 3D technology. Everything is done in-house at our Clinic. The Guide itself is made based on 3D Imaging and is very accurate. Small offset pieces are placed to assure that the dentist does not drill too far, or at an unfavorable angle. This is very helpful during the restorative phase of your Implants.

Surgical Guides Model
Without Surgical Guides

Enhances Healing Time

This is a less invasive way of doing implant surgery not to mention it provides fewer risks and enhances healing time for patients.

Here is a picture of the patient after surgery. As you can tell there is very little swelling or annoying stitching. Healing time is enhanced, making your implant experience a walk in the park for many patients and doctors alike!